Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 5

Marcus was angry. He struggled and writhed in his chair but the chains held him tightly in place. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. But he didn’t care. He needed to be free.

Lisa had broken the connection around twenty minutes ago. At least, that’s what it felt like. Marcus had lost all sense of time. He was guessing it was early morning. Last night, he’d been to the pub, had the conversation with Adam and Martin about his kidnapping, signed the contract, started to walk home, been abducted and lost consciousness somehow, and then woken up here chained to the chair. He couldn’t have been asleep long. He felt dehydrated and if he didn’t take a leak soon he was in serious danger of pissing in his rubber shorts. He briefly wondered what that would feel like.

Adam has disappeared behind Marcus just after the conversation with Lisa. He tried to turn his head to look for the door but was unable to. His upper body was chained tightly to the chair. He could look left and right but no further. And his jaw was aching badly. How long was he going to have this fucking ballgag strapped in his mouth?

He glanced down at his rubber shorts. Chains continued to dig into his crotch and were riding up his butt. His hard dick had softened and the pain had eased. But his balls still ached and it was clear to Marcus that there was something locked around the base of his genitals.

His shoulders ached painfully. His cuffed wrists were placing tension upon his upper arms and shoulders which he could not ease…no matter how much he tried to shift his body.

He heard footsteps. Adam entered the cell and stood at Marcus’s side. Marcus looked him up and down. Adam was still wearing tight black fighting shorts and nothing else.

‘Fucking poseur’, thought Marcus.

‘Hey bro…comfortable?’ Adam laughed.

Marcus glared at him and yanked on his cuffs.

‘No way, bro, those cuffs ain’t coming off yet.’

Adam walked over to the table by the wall. He carried on talking.

‘Damn, that babe of yours is fucking sexy. Imma maybe get a piece of her while we got you all locked up.’

Marcus felt a rush of anger…and then tried to calm himself. This was normal. This was the way Adam talked all the time.

‘What do you think, bro? You think she wanna taste my chocolate sauce?’

Marcus just carried on staring at him. Pointless, really, because Adam was standing with his back to Marcus.

Adam turned round. He was holding a large pair of scissors. Marcus felt a twinge of fear.


‘Oh, shut the fuck up, what do you think I’m gonna do? Cut you??’

Adam walked over to Marcus and began to cut up the seam of his black PVC shirt.

Marcus flinched as he felt the cold metal of the scissors touch his skin. Adam continued to cut along the seams of the shirt and then along the arms and under Marcus’s chains. After a few minutes he yanked at the shirt and it came off Marcus’s body in several pieces.

Marcus was now shirtless. He wore only the skintight rubber shorts. The chains felt cold against his bare skin.

Like Adam, Marcus had spent many hours at the gym and also played football. He was lean and toned but not quite as muscled as Adam.

‘Man, you look good in chains. Real sexy. You think I should cut those shorts off, as well?’ Adam waved the scissors around Marcus’s crotch. Marcus shook his head desperately. ‘Besides, I think you like wearing them.’ Adam grabbed Marcus by the balls and squeezed them hard. Marcus groaned.

‘Awww, don’t fuckin moan. I think you’re getting off on all this shit.’ He looked down at the bulge of Marcus’s dick, ‘Man, you still got a semi, what is going on with you?

Adam disappeared behind Marcus. Marcus could hear the slap of Adam’s bare feet on the concrete floor. It went quiet. A minute or so later Marcus heard the sound of Adam’s feet again. Adam appeared again at Marcus side. He was holding a sealed, clear plastic bag full of ice cubes.

‘You’re gonna hate this, but you’ll thank me in the long run.’

He placed the bag of ice directly on Marcus’s dick and balls.


‘Man up, for fuck’s sake.’ Adam grabbed some duct tape from the table, tore off a couple of longish strips and place them over the bag of ice and then onto Marcus’s rubber shorts. He laughed.

‘Back in a bit,’ Adam quipped before again walking out of the cell.

Marcus tried to knock the ice cubes from his genitals by thrusting his hips. The crotch chains held him firmly in place. The duct tape held the ice firmly in place. The ice was going nowhere.

The freezing ice sent shivers up and down his body. He felt his dick and balls start to freeze and grow numb.

Adam returned. This time he was carrying a large, clear, plastic bottle.

‘You ready, bro, gotta be quick before you start to get excited again.’

What the fuck is he doing? thought Marcus.

Adam quickly grabbed the ice and tape and ripped it off Marcus’s groin. Marcus’s dick has shrivelled up. Adam grabbed the waist at the front of Marcus’s rubber shorts at pulled it down. Marcus’s dick and balls popped out from their rubber enclosure. Adam grinned at Marcus.

‘You ready, bro?’

Adam grabbed Marcus’s dick and slipped it into the top of the bottle.

‘Okay, bro, knock yourself out. Go pee!’

Marcus looked into Adam’s eyes. His sense of shame and embarrassment at what was happening was almost unbearable. And yet…he needed to go…and so he did.’

The large bottle filled, almost to the top.

Daaaaammmmmnnnn…bro…you were bustin’. Why didn’t you say so? Oh yeah, I remember,’ Adam grabbed Marcus’s cheeks and gave his ballgagged mouth a squeeze, ‘you can’t talk for shit.’

Adam put the lid on the bottle and walked out of the room, leaving Marcus chained up with his balls and dick hanging out of his shorts.

As humiliating as this was, another mystery had now been solved for Marcus. Around the base of his balls and dick, Marcus could just make out a large, shiny metal ring. It looked as though both his dick and balls had been forced through it. It didn’t look as if they’d come out easily. The ring looked around six or seven millimetres thick…like a heavy curtain ring.

Attached to the top of the larger ring (closest to Marcus’s bellybutton) by a small hinge was a smaller ring. This had been placed over his dick and rested at the base. It was quite a small ring. At the moment there was a little give between the ring and Marcus’s dick. But all of the sudden, Marcus understood why there was pain when he started to get hard. The double cock rings had the effect of squeezing his balls close together and making both them and his dick stand proud of his body, even now while he was soft.

Marcus suddenly became acutely aware of how he must look. He looked over to the monitor and saw his chained up body lying in the metal frame, his face distorted by the oversize ballgag, his balls and dick hanging out over the tight waist of his rubber shorts. A wave of self loathing rushed through him. How could Lisa let this happen to him?

Adam walked back in and stood directly in from of Marcus. The light from the lamp silhouetted his muscular frame.

‘You look a sight. I bet you’re hating every fucking minute of this.’

Marcus just glared at Adam.

‘Gonna get worse, bro, gonna get worse,’ Adam, once again, glanced into the corner behind him. He looked back at Marcus. ‘You look like some kinda fuckin perv all gimped up like that in your chains and rubber (I’m not the perv here, thought Marcus)…and now you got your tackle hanging out…can’t miss this chance, can I?  Some websites out there would pay cash for pure gold like this.’

Adam lifted up his right hand. He was carrying a small, silver digital camera. He started taking shots of Marcus from all angles.

‘MnnnnMMMMNNNnnnnooonnmmmm. MMMMPPPPHHH’

Marcus started writhing in his bondage. He knew there was no point. But he was angry. His balls and dick flopped around. As he struggled his dick started to harden.

‘Fuck me, Marcus, there really is a part of you likes all this shit, isn’t there.’ Adam started taking close-ups of Marcus’s cock. It continued to grow. Marcus tried to yell but his ballgag was as effective as ever.

‘Here, take a look.’

Adam held up the camera review screen for Marcus to see. He started to flick back through all the images. Marcus’s disgust at the way he looked started to grow again. He felt hot tears burning behind his eyes. In that moment, he hated Adam. He would have killed him. His attention was caught by images from the night before. There he was, lieing in the chair frame, asleep, wearing the rubber shorts and the t-shirt, no chains. And then he saw himself naked, all his clothes having just been removed, ready for him to get gimped up and chained down. And then, there he was, fully clothed and unconscious, lying in the back of the van, ankles and wrists cuffed together behind his back, hogtied, a large hood placed over his head and tied around the neck. He had no memory of any of these events.

‘We’ll use some of the best photos and make you a scrapbook, bro, you’ll like that, won’t you…and Lisa’s definitely getting one…maybe a few other people, as well.’

Marcus groaned.

‘And let me tell you something about the internet. Once you put something out there, you can never get it back. Photos, videos…as soon as you post them you can never be sure where they’ll turn up.’

Marcus looked into Adam’s eyes. He wondered where this was going.

‘You remember what Lisa told me…just before she hung up?’

How could Marcus forget, he couldn’t believe it when she answered Adam’s last question. Fucking bitch. Adam had asked for Marcus’s Facebook log on details…and Lisa had told him.

‘Oh, yeah, I can see you do. So you’re gonna do everything we say now, or certain photos are gonna start appearing on your page. It’s like a guarantee, bro, a guarantee that you obey every single fucking command we give you…without question…fuck me what would your parents say if they saw you all chained up and gimped out like this…or your boss…or your mates at the gym…or the girls downs the club….damn, bro we got you fucked over.’

Marcus knew he was right. There was no way he’d ever live down any of those photos being released.

‘Already updated your status…says ‘tied up right now, back later’. Few people have already commented ‘wtf’ and shit like that.’

Marcus gave another angry pull on his cuffed wrists. It hurt. His wrists were sore now. He suddenly became aware of all the chains holding him in place, again.

Adam laughed, cruelly,’ Blackmail…yeah…can’t think of anyone better I’d like to have in this position. You fucking deserve it, bro.’

Marcus lay back in his chair…defeated. He closed his eyes. He felt the briefest touch of a hand on his dick…stroking it gently. He didn’t respond. A few seconds later he opened his eyes. Adam had gone. The monitor was showing the full length frontal shot of his chained body. His exposed balls and dick right in the centre of the image. He turned his head away and closed his eyes again.

To be continued…

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