Tie ‘Em Up

This is a list of all Tie ‘Em Up videos posted so far on Onlyfans. Subscription is free and all videos are also free.

Chained on a Caravan Site
‘Heavy Bondage’ wanted a period of captivity with no early release…and that’s what he got courtesy of Dave Tie ‘Em Up. Chains, manacles. ballgags, rubber and neoprene hoods and a white noise generator were all used to keep the sports kits clad ‘Heavy Bondage’ subdued for an evening outside a caravan on a caravan park. Local holiday makers passed within feet of the caravan totally unaware they were walking by a chained and totally helpless prisoner.

Double Mummy
Heavy Bondage visited Dave Tie ‘Em Up and was mummified for the first time alongside another victim (I’m the black mummy). An unplanned first time visit to a tight rubber sleepsack combined with tight rubber hood and inflatable gag then followed.

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