Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 85 (Short Shorts Special)

Some guys just know how to wear shorts…and some guys even know how to wear short shiny shorts, even though it’s not fashionably acceptable. They all should, of course, be tied up.

If you go on a train wearing short shorts like these, you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised if people take secret photos of you…

Guys 85a

…short white nylon shorts…watch out when they get wet…all could be revealed…

Guys 85b

This guy is already offering himself up to be tied. Quick…where are the ropes?

guys 85z

Selfie…is he trying to convince people he’s on holiday?

Guys 85c

Look at my balls…er…ball!

Guys 85d

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 78 (Shorts Special 2)

Guys who can wear shorts properly (especially skintight little lycra shorts) deserve to be kidnapped, restrained and then have their shorts clad bodies displayed for all to see…

…when this guy was pulling on his shorts that morning he must have noticed how he looked…and he must have realised that everyone else was going to notice as well…


…in the 80s, everyone wore these little shorts without the slightest hint of shame…they were called ‘nutcrunchers’…can you see why?…


…the express on this guy’s face is clearly saying, ‘Yep, I know I look good in these shorts…and you know I look good as well…’


…I suggest a football kit redesign…boots, socks and shin pads as normal…no shirt and much tighter shorts…something like this…


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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 77 (Shorts Special)

It takes a special talent to wear a pair of shorts correctly…especially if they’re skintight. These guys have that ability. They should definitely be kidnapped and displayed for all to gaze upon their wonder…

…good camera angle…suggests the photo taker was more interested in the shorts rather than the sporting prowess…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


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Story – ‘Dave’s Punishment’

A ticklish straight uncut 19 year old tennis instructor named Dave suffers through an intense tickle punishment and orgasm denial as a lesson for getting to touchy-feely with his male 18 year old pupil.

Dave’s Punishment
by Eddie

The match had left Dave feeling alive and ready for anything. Life was good; he’d recently been promoted to Senior Tennis Coach at the club – at 19, the youngest ever. He loved the game so much that he thought he’d do it even if he didn’t get paid for it – a lot. He was young, good-looking, had managed to buy a nice house in a good part of town and, although he lived alone, he had many admirers and some very interesting friends.

Dave was happy. As he’d been jogging home, he’d been thinking about what to wear when he went out to the club tonight – and it wasn’t until he put his key in the lock of his front door that he realized he was no longer alone. He heard a footstep behind him. Startled, he began to turn, and suddenly everything went black as a loose canvas hood was dropped over his head. His arms were seized and handcuffed behind him and his legs were strapped together – all this before he knew what was happening. He heard the door opening and then felt himself lifted and carried through into his house.

Struggling and shouting, he was taken upstairs and dumped onto his bed. Then, while being held helpless by several pairs of hands, he was strapped spead-eagled and face up, to the corners of the bed. Next, his trainers and socks were removed. All he was wearing now was his jogging shorts – not even underwear (he’d got a thing about shorts and took every opportunity to wear them with nothing underneath).

During all of this, Dave had struggled to get free and shouted blue murder into the hood. Who were these people? What was happening? Was he about to be robbed – or killed? He lay trembling on the bed, unable to see anything and not knowing what was going to happen to him. He was still trying to get free but he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to get out of his restraints. He was stretched out on the big double bed and couldn’t move an inch.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 42

This muscled smooth boy needs to stop playing with his shorts and learn a lesson in restraint…

…perhaps he needs to be muzzled, collared and chained…

…or roped and displayed…

…or maybe he needs to spend a few hours like this…

…how would you restrain him?

Video Updated – Prisoner Compilation 1

Prisoner Compilation 1 re-uploaded to

Click the image below to view the video:-

A compilation of short clips detailing the various forms of captivity and restraint which the prisoner has been made to endure. Over the past couple of years the prisoner has been roped, cuffed, chained, hooded, gagged and has been made to wear a variety of sports gear as well as shorts made from skintight lycra, PVC and rubber.