Tension and the Hogtie

When hogtied, “Tension can be relieved by rolling onto one’s side. However, if the position is sufficiently stringent, the bound person may not be able to roll themselves onto their side at all.”

How can the hogtie be made more effective?

Consent and Mummification

Research suggests that mummification is “a practice that also needs to be completely, 100% consensual, otherwise, it may be even faced as a crime of aggression.”

Can mummification be non-consensual?

Would You Do This?

You’ve been kidnapped and tied up. You’re restrained in a tight standing spreadeagle in a cold garage somewhere.

You’re wearing rugby training gear: boots, socks, shin pads, shirt and tight nylon shorts.

A rubber hood has been forced over your head and a large plug gag shoved into your mouth.

And then the plastic bag is placed over your head…and the air begins to run out.

Could you cope?

Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 83 (Football Special)

There are plenty of fit footballers out there who should be kidnapped, roped or chained and then put on display wearing only their soccer strips…

…full shiny nylon kits are a must…


…although shorts only is always a good look…


…this soccer player fancies himself a little too much…he needs to be kidnapped and roped REALLY tightly…


….Theo Walcott (on the left) would be a prize kidnap victim…


…football shorts tend to be made from thin and revealing material…constant adjustments are required to ensure modesty is maintained…this footballer’s hands need to be tied behind his back…


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