‘Salem’s Lot’

I saw Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’ when I was a young boy and one short section soon became my favourite part of the whole movie. It’s at 5.36 in the Youtube clip.
The equivalent section of the book, although very different, was even better. And descriptions of rope tied painfully tight through the boy’s crotch excited me even though I didn’t know why. The relevant section of the book is reproduced below.

When Mark came to, he was being carried up a flight of stairs – not the cellar stairs, though. There was not that feeling of stone enclosure, and the air was not so fetid. He allowed his eyelids to unclose themselves a tiny fraction, letting his head still loll limply on his neck. A stair landing coming up . . . the second floor. He could see quite clearly. The sun was not down yet. Thin hope, then.
They gained the landing, and suddenly the arms holding him were gone. He thumped heavily onto the floor, hitting his head.
‘Do you not think I know when someone is playing the possum, young master?’ Straker asked him. From the floor he seemed easily ten feet tall. His bald head glistened with a subdued elegance in the gathering gloom. Mark saw with growing terror that there was a coil of rope around his shoulder.
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