‘#blackmail’ the movie – part 2

Here’s Part 2 of The Prisoner’s full encounter with his new captor. This is what happens when self bondage goes badly wrong😉

In this second part, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself still chained to the scaffolding in ever escalating metal restraints. Will he manage to escape before he finds himself in even more harsh and unforgiving bondage? Watch and find out!

Watch the full movie at https://onlyfans.com/62654589/heavy_bondage


Story – ‘Would-be Houdini’ Repost

A good story is always worth a repost…so here you go…

We were sitting in our favorite bar – actually in the basement of a friend’s house – jawin’ about a special on Harry Houdini, you know, the great escape artist. Boy! What a build, and what a slick performer. Now George, the resident loudmouth, said he wasn’t impressed with the man. He was about Houdini’s size and had twenty more pounds of muscle. George can talk a blue streak, but he generally doesn’t have much worth saying, and tonight was no exception. The guy is incredibly built, incredibly defined, and though he is on the short size, about 5′ 9″, he is beautifully proportioned. He is the son of the owner of the best exercise gym in town and works for his dad as a personal trainer. Well anyway, he was on some tack that he could fight his way loose from anything Houdini could have gotten out of. He had had a couple of beers and, short hitter that he was, he was hell bent on making a damn fool of himself. We couldn’t get him off the topic.
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Story – ‘The Favour’

“Won’t you do it, just for me?” she begged.

“I would be too embarrassed,” he explained. “It’s just not something I can do.”

“But it’s nothing really. All you would do is model some clothes and toys. That’s it.”

“And the swim suit?”

“Oh, yes, you would wear your black suit. The one you wear when you race.”

“So,” he said, “you want me to parade around in front of a bunch of strange women wearing almost nothing. I don’t think so.”

“Only five or six women,” she said. “And Mistress Domina. It would mean so much to me. I don’t ask you to do much. What could it hurt?”
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