Would You Do This?

You’ve been kidnapped and tied up. You’re restrained in a tight standing spreadeagle in a cold garage somewhere.

You’re wearing rugby training gear: boots, socks, shin pads, shirt and tight nylon shorts.

A rubber hood has been forced over your head and a large plug gag shoved into your mouth.

And then the plastic bag is placed over your head…and the air begins to run out.

Could you cope?

Halloween III – A Bondage Movie – The Return of the Mummy

The Prisoner has no cause to celebrate Halloween. He’s still trapped in The Captor’s lair. October has become Locktober and a mummification is about to take place.

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Halloween 2017 – A Bondage Movie – Teaser 2

Here’s another look back at The Prisoner facing The Captor’s evil bondage and captivity from Halloween 2017…

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Halloween 2017 – A Bondage Movie – Teaser 1

Before Halloween 2018 goes online, take another look at Halloween 2017. Here’s the first teaser…

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