Video Upload – ‘Thief’ – Complete Movie Edition

An unknowing leather jacket and skintight jeans wearing thief decides to break into the lair of ‘The Captor’ and very quickly comes to regret his decision…

The Captor ensures that the punishment fits the crime and the thief finds that his freedom has been stolen. He faces a future of rope bondage and breath control…

This is the complete movie with both parts edited together.

Watch the complete 81 minute movie over at

Video Upload – Self Bondage Flashbacks – ‘Bath Time’

Over recent years, I’ve had many people ask about all my original self bondage videos which were on Youtube (account deleted by Youtube) then DailyMotion (account deleted by DailyMotion) then Blip.TV (account deleted by Blip) and then Xtube (and we all know what happened there).

I’ve managed to find most of the original files and I’ve started to edit some of them to release here. They’re not the greatest quality videos because I only had one camera and it was Standard Definition Mini DV tape. Remember those? I’ve used software to try and upgrade the image quality.

Nevertheless, the second one is now complete and I’m releasing it here.

Self Bondage Flashbacks – No.2 – ‘Bath Time’

In which I decide to participate in some ill advised watery bath time bondage.

In this seven minute self bondage video, I’m wearing a PVC t-shirt and silky shiny nylon P.E. shorts which were worn by boys at school in the 1980s in the UK. I’ve stuffed my mouth with cloth and tape gagged myself and I’ve put a rubber hood over my head. The rubber hood has nostril holes to allow me to breathe.

I’m lying in a water filled bath. My wrists are handcuffed behind my back and my ankles are tied to the taps. My arms are also strapped to my upper body with an old team band used to tell teams apart in sports activities.

This was not a comfortable position because I had to spend most of the time lying on my cuffed wrists. I did turn over onto my front at one point but this made the bondage even more ill advised and difficult because I had to work hard to keep my hooded and gagged head above the water level.

There is an unfortunate leg pull at the end of the video resulting in my head submerging and panic kicking in. I’ll leave it for you to decide whether I ‘slipped’ or whether there was interference from a third party grabbing my ankles and pulling me under…

Let me know if you like these little flashbacks into my self bondage past. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

Watch the full self bondage video at

Video Upload – The Delivery – Full Movie Edition

Parts 1 and 2 of ‘The Delivery’ have now been edited together so the complete movie can be watched in one sitting.

The Delivery – A Bondage Movie

‘The Prisoner’ finds himself rubbered up, tied up, wrapped up, parcelled up and then delivered to ‘The Captor’ for a period of full enclosure rubber bondage, electrotorture and inversion therapy.

Watch the full movie for only $5 at

No Sex Bondage

Tension and the Hogtie

When hogtied, “Tension can be relieved by rolling onto one’s side. However, if the position is sufficiently stringent, the bound person may not be able to roll themselves onto their side at all.”

How can the hogtie be made more effective?