Halloween 2017 – A Bondage Movie – Teaser 2

Here’s another look back at The Prisoner facing The Captor’s evil bondage and captivity from Halloween 2017…

Watch the full video at https://thisvid.com/videos/halloween-a-bondage-movie-part-2/

Halloween 2017 – A Bondage Movie – Teaser 1

Before Halloween 2018 goes online, take another look at Halloween 2017. Here’s the first teaser…

Watch Halloween 2017 – A Bondage Movie at https://thisvid.com/videos/halloween-a-bondage-movie-part-1/ and https://thisvid.com/videos/halloween-a-bondage-movie-part-2/

Alone III – ‘X’ – Teaser

Bit of a blast from the past…here’s a teaser for the first time ‘The Prisoner’ wore a skintight rubber suit…

Watch the full video at https://thisvid.com/videos/alone-iii-x/

Prisoner returning soon…

The skintight lycra shorts are being worn, the ropes are tied tightly and the rubber hood and ball gag are strapped firmly and painfully in place. The prisoner videos will be returning soon. I just need to find a video editor which can cope with the HD files from my little Toshiba Camileo. My copy of Adobe Premiere CS4 crumbles and weeps when faced with the little handheld’s HD format. Looks like Windows Movie Maker may be the only answer!!

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Look how the victim’s arms are chained so closely together. Is that painful??

Prisoner 26 Part 8 – ‘No Release’

Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 8 – ‘No Release’

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This video follows directly on from ‘Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 7’. The prisoner was released from his chain hogtie and his wrists were tightly handcuffed behind his back. He was placed back in the door frame where his initial period of captivity had taken place. A long length of chain was padlocked around his neck, attached to the frame behind him and then down to his wrists where it was padlocked to his handcuffs. A set of arm weights was placed between his legs and connected to each knee with a length of chain and a padlock, his ankles were also loosely chained together. A short length of chain was attached to the prisoner’s neck chains, passed down the front of his body and between his legs and up his back where it was connected to his handcuffs. Prior to this period of captivity the prisoner was allowed to change out of the tight white PVC shorts and into a small pair of 80s style child size black silky nylon soccer shorts. The duct tape and skin cap was removed from his head, the head harness and ballgag was locked into place and the tight black zip-up rubber hood was again placed over the prisoner’s head. The rest of the prisoner’s soccer gear remained in place. The prisoner was then left to contemplate his continued imprisonment. This video features footage from this session as well as highlights from all the previous sessions leading up to this point.

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Prisoner 26 Part 7 – ‘Reverse Chain Hogtie’

Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 7 – ‘Reverse Chain Hogtie’
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This video follows directly on from ‘Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 6’. The prisoner’s strappado restraints were removed and he was placed on the floor and his ankles were chained together, lifted up and attached to the top of the metal frame at the base of the bed. The prisoner’s wrists were then chained together and attached to the same point at the base of the bed. This reverse chain hogtie position prevented the prisoner from completely lieing back and placed considerable strain on his abdominal muscles. Prior to the prisoner’s previous period of captivity the rubber hood had filled up with perspiration and was removed. It was replaced with a latex swimming cap. Further layers of duct tape were used to reinforce the prisoner’s gag. Tape was also passed up and over the top of the prisoner’s head and down under his chain to also create an extremely effective muzzle. For this session further tape was placed over the prisoner’s face nose and mouth. A small gap allowed him to breathe through his nostrils. His eyes were not covered initially but after a short period it was decided to blindfold him with more tape. The prisoner’s clothing remained the same – skintight white PVC boxer shorts, soccer boots, shin guards and soccer socks and an Adidas hooded training top.

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