Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 4

Lisa looked at her computer screen and laughed…hard. She suddenly stopped. She gazed at Marcus’s chained body. This seemed a little…extreme.

‘Wow…just…wow…’ she murmured. She had not quite known what to expect when Adam and Martin had rung her late last night and told her of their plans for Marcus. When they’d talked about kidnapping him, she’d thought they’d just grab him and tie him up for a few hours before letting him go when he’d sobered up. She’d seriously thought they were joking when they said they had somewhere where they could keep him hidden away for the next couple of weeks.

She was angry with Marcus, that was for sure. He was sick of the way he treated her. The way he took her for granted. The way he assumed she would always be there when he needed her. And when they’d argued last night, she honestly thought she’d walk out and never come back. He was cocky…and arrogant…acted like he didn’t give a shit…and maybe this was just what he needed.

‘Are you sure he’s okay?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, yeah, babes, he’s just fine,’ replied Adam’s voice over the Skype connection, ‘maybe a little uncomfortable but there’ll be no permanent damage…trust me.’

She watched as Marcus struggled in his chains, desperately trying to free himself. She watched him lift his head up and was genuinely surprised at the size of the ballgag filling his mouth.

‘Can he breathe okay?’

‘Course he can,’ came Adam’s reply, ‘use your arrow keys to flick through the cameras, take a closer look.’

She pressed the right key and immediately the view of Marcus shifted. She clicked once and saw him from his left side. She saw his reflection in the mirrored wall behind him. She clicked again and the view shifted to his right side. This time she noticed the grey breeze block wall with the hanging chains and shackles. A further click and she was rewarded with a close up of his ballgagged, sweat covered face. She clicked again and Marcus’s rubber covered crotch filled the screen. She hadn’t really noticed what he was wearing, she’d just assumed he was wearing a black t-shirt and shorts. But now she realised his shorts were rubber…skintight black rubber. Nothing was left to the imagination. The outline of his dick and balls were clearly apparent. And his cock was hard and big.

‘What have you made him wear?’ Lisa asked, intrigued.

‘You like them?’ replied Adam, ‘Marcus seems to. We noticed straight away what was going on.’

She watched as Marcus struggled against his chains again. She clicked back to the full length view. He could clearly hear every word which was being spoken.

‘Do you know what? I do like it. This is exactly what he needs. A bit of humiliation…putting him in his place.’

‘Cool, cool,’ replied Adam, ‘and you trust us to look after him’.

‘Totally,’ responded Lisa, ‘can I talk to him?’

‘Go ahead,’ came Adam’s reply, ‘he can hear every word you say’.

Lisa thought for a second.

‘Marcus. Listen to me.’ She saw his body relax. He lifted his head and looked towards the monitor.

‘I’m going away for a few days. You don’t need to know where…and you don’t need to worry.’

She saw him desperately start to shake his head. She heard a desperate, ‘MMMMMMMPPPPHHMMM….AAAGAGAAGGHH,’ over the speakers. She continued, ‘I’m leaving you with Adam and Martin. They’ll look after you until I get back.’ She heard Adam laugh at this comment.

Once again, Marcus tried to call out. He looked desperate. She could see him struggling against his chains. She ignored his pleas and continued, ‘No-one will miss you. I’ve told my mother you’re coming with me. She’ll come over and make sure the house is okay. I’ll come and fetch you when I’m ready.’

She stopped for a second. This was exactly what Marcus needed. She realised that now. It wasn’t a normal course of action…and she had been a little freaked when she had first seen him chained in all the bondage gear…but it would teach him a lesson.

‘Adam, take care of him.’

‘Oh, don’t worry, babes, we’ll look after him just fine. We’ll leave the connection open. Any time you want to see him, just log on and he’ll be there. He’s not going anywhere.’

‘No, he’s not, is he,’ Lisa studied Marcus’s chained body. Deep inside, a little part of her was beginning to like what she saw, especially those skintight, shiny black rubber shorts. She briefly wondered what she would do if she was there with Marcus right now…and his chained up body was lying directly in front of her…

‘Adam, do what you want to him, just give him back to me in one piece…’

‘That’s just what I wanted to heard babe…oh, and babes, one more question…’

Lisa listened intently to the question…to the request…and the reasons given for making the request. She considered, briefly, before giving an answer which would place Marcus firmly under the control of Adam and Martin.

‘Thanks babes, that’s really gonna help,’ she heard Adam say.

Lisa stared at Marcus’s chained body for a final few seconds. He was panicking, shaking head wildly and trying to shout something, although his ballgagged mouth was preventing him from making any sense. She leaned forward and clicked the mouse on ‘disconnect’. She switched her monitor off. The screen went dark.

To be continued…

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