Story – ‘Speedo Bound’ Part 1

I agree to play a game involving “a little bit of bondage” at the home of a guy I had met over the Internet, and since my host phrased his invitation by saying, “Let’s tie each other up,” it never even occurred to me to think that I should worry about anything. When I arrived he said that since he has done this before and is more familiar with bondage, I should go first – and I agree, thinking he means I will tie him up. But then he surprises me by suggesting that I get undressed. I respond that I would never let someone tie me up naked and I will let him tie me up only if I can wear clothing. I had mentioned earlier that I was going for a workout after we’ve done, so he suggests that I put on my workout clothes. I respond that I am actually going for a swim, and all I have in my bag is a swimsuit. He says “that will be fine,” and since I don’t want to offer too much resistance I agree to go first – in my swimsuit – and he leads me into a room in which I can change.

I change into a Speedo that, while my favorite workout suit, is made of sheer nylon and almost obscenely tight, which makes me suddenly very self-conscious. I leave my clothes in the other room, and then I follow him into what he calls his “play area.” I’m now feeling slightly funny about allowing some strange man tie me up while I am wearing nothing but a Speedo, but after we have tried several poses and he’s tied me up in several different ways I cease worrying. After a while I suggest that we switch roles, and he says, “Okay, just after one more quick position that I want you to try.”

He tells me to sit down in the middle of the room, which is empty of furniture (although it has some hooks on the walls and on the ceiling). Sitting upright on the floor, he tells me to pull my feet in towards my body, spread my legs and place my arms in between the parted knees. Then he tells me to reach my arms underneath my calves from the inside of my parted legs, and bending forward, to twist my hands around and grab the front of my ankles. At this point he binds my wrists to my ankles.

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Story – ‘The Swimmer’

Luke was a swimmer. He loved the water and loved swimming in the ocean. He loved the feeling of the water stirring around his body. He especially loved swimming in as little as possible. He usually wore a skintight black latex Speedo, but he loved skinny-dipping too. He swam at night, usually by himself.

One night he was swimming, he pulled up to the secluded beach, on a warm summer night, the moon lighting his amazing, 6’3” bronzed body as he walked to the waters edge. He got a sudden shiver down his spine, he could swear someone was watching him; he always got that shiver every night he went to this beach specifically. He shrugged it off like normal and got out off his pants and tank top revealing his Speedo and giant bulge. He liked the feeling he got when he thought someone was watching him. The Speedo stretched to his bulge making it tighter. The black latex shined against the moon, his cute bubble butt being enhanced. He got into the water and started to swim, he would swim a distance out to where it was hard to make out the lights. As he looked back he thought he noticed a guy walking to his things. He couldn’t make it out, and decided it was the waves playing tricks on him. He swam for a while, as he swam back to shore he didn’t see anyone around. He was exhausted he just lay on the sand for bit, breathing hard, his body flexing with every gasp. He couldn’t put up a fight even if he wanted to. He finally got up and grabbed his things and walked slowly back to his car. When he got there, he noticed he left the doors to his Nissan Altima unlocked. It wasn’t like him not to lock his car. But he just got in and started his car. The lights went out when he started it, like most cars, and when it was finally dark he looked in his rear view mirror. Everything went black…

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 17

They had been collected. They’d been taken from a variety of places:- swimming pools, the local beach, a party on a luxury yacht. The request had been clear. Five swimmers were required. Their bodies had to be taut, toned, muscular, no excess body fat. And they had to be clad in speedos, tight revealing speedos. No other items of clothing were allowed. And all had to have a certain arrogance…that certain self confidence that comes from knowing that they look good when wearing only a pair of tight, wet speedos.


The process had been simple. Wait for them to separate from everyone else, grab them, strap on the ballgag and then duct tape the mouth, duct tape the eyes, stuff them into the tight leather sleepsack and fasten the straps as tightly as possible and then slide them into the tiny metal chamber hidden below the floor off the van. The chamber was just wide enough and long enough to contain a six foot body, there was no wriggle room…and once the chamber was closed and the carpet placed back onto the van floor, there was no sign that the chamber existed. And any noises or grunts which each speedo clad swimmer would make would be totally obscured by the solid walls of the metal coffin.

The van would then drive to the abandoned factory. For one lucky captured swimmer the drive had only been a matter of minutes. The final swimmer – a young, black diving instructor – had endured three hours locked into his own personal bondage hell before he’d arrived at his destination.

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