Skintight Rubber and a Suspended Hogtie

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Rubbered Up! Tied Up! Hung Up!

Private Andrews especially enjoyed making Heavy Bondage suffer with a suspended hogtie. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he decided to do it all over again…only this time, Heavy Bondage was made to wear skintight rubber sports gear…and so his suffering continued…

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Mighty Morphin’ Rope Bondage

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And then watch the tied up victim left alone to cope with his captivity.

Bondage and the Ballgag – Part 3

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And if you’re interested in drool, watch this…

Bondage and the Ballgag – Part 1

If a ballgag is very large, it may be difficult to insert behind the teeth or to remove it. The wearer can still be heard, but it renders speech completely unintelligible, distorts facial features and causes drooling if the wearer attempts to talk. How big should a ballgag be?

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Struggle or Give Up?

At what point, when faced with genuine and inescapable bondage and captivity, does the victim give up struggling and simply accept that he is a prisoner?

How much does the removal of communication and senses i.e. gagging and blindfolding reinforce the complete loss of freedom?

After an hour of being tied up, gagged, hooded and blindfolded like this, would you still be struggling?

Adidas Bound

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Heavy Bondage is wearing his best shiny Adidas gear and is visiting Private Andrews.

Private Andrews decides that lots of rope need to be added to the Adidas ensemble. Heavy Bondage is made to endure strappado imprisonment, a lengthy chair tie and then a spell of bagging breath control.

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Warning…this video contains lengthy sequences of pure bondage and imprisonment with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you, go elsewhere!

Straight Jacket – A Bondage Movie – Part 2 – Extended Edition

BB05 Part 2 Video Thumbnail

‘The Prisoner’ has become a bondage object and play thing for ‘The Captor’. A tight fitting, rigid PVC straight jacket has been used to restrain ‘The Prisoner’ along with a rubber hood and ballgag…and he has now been heavily chained. However, ‘The Captor’ feels that he can restrain ‘The Prisoner’ even more securely with rolls of pallet wrap which he has lying around…

This extended edition of ‘Straight Jacket’ features longer scenes of ‘The Prisoner’ being chained up, wrapped up and left alone to endure his captivity.

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This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere. If you’ve enjoyed this video then please ‘like’ it and leave a comment.

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