Superman and Jimmy Olsen Bondage Games

Okay…take a look at this…

…now…here are a few questions:-

Why is Jimmy Olsen wearing Superman’s skintight suit?

Why is Jimmy Olsen sleeping in Superman’s skintight suit?

Why does Jimmy Olsen keep ‘heavy rope’ amongst his Superman souvenirs?

What is Superman doing in Jimmy Olsen’s apartment?

Why does Superman want to tie Jimmy up while he’s sleeping?

What is Superman going to do to Jimmy once he’s tied up?

Anyone care to provide answers which don’t involve a lycra/spandex fetish and/or bondage?


And judging by this cover, the writers of the Jimmy Olsen comic certainly enjoy a bit of tight lycra/bondage action…

Bieber Bondage: The Justin Bieber Final Solution

Is this the end for Justin Bieber? Has he finally been kidnapped? Is he destined to spend the rest of his days tied up, gagged with red duct tape and locked up? Or is he merely enjoying a few hours downtime in rope bondage with a ballgag strapped firmly into his mouth? Who knows? Who cares?

And for those of you that like to see shirtless film stars tied up and gagged…
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Bieber Bondage: The Justin Bieber Solution Part 1

There’s a lot of Justin Bieber love in the world at the moment. But equally, there’s a lot of Justin Bieber hate. Some people would just like him to quietly go away. Other people would like to kidnap him and keep him locked away somewhere. Type ‘Justin Bieber kidnapped’  into Google to see how many hits you get.

Here are a few artistic solutions to the problem of Justin Bieber…
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