Prisoner 26 Part 5 – ‘Well Hung’

Prisoner 26 – Football Player In Bondage Part 5 – ‘Well Hung’

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This video follows directly on from ‘Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 4’. The prisoner’s wrists were untied and uncuffed from behind his back and chained together in front of his body. The remainder of his restraints were removed and the prisoner was placed standing against a door. His chained wrists were then pulled above his head where they were attached to the door frame. His ankles were loosely chained together. The prisoner was then left to rest in this position for a short period of time. It was then decided to place further chains on his body not to add to his restraint but simply to cause discomfort. A long length of chain was padlocked around his waist. The ends of the chain were then passed down between his legs either side of his crotch area, pulled extremely tight and then up together behind his back where they were attached to his waist chain. A chain was then attached to the prisoner’s neck, pulled down his chest where it was padlocked to his waist chain and then down between his legs and up his back where it was also padlocked to his waist chain. The chain was pulled slightly too short meaning that the prisoner could not straighten his neck without causing the single chain between his legs to pull very tight and dig into his body. The painful effect of the three crotch chains can clearly be seen by looking at the prisoner skintight white PVC shorts. The rest of the prisoner’s clothing also remained the same – soccer boots, shin guards and soccer socks and an Adidas hooded training top. The duct tape and ball gag mouth restraint remained in place as did the tight black zip-up rubber hood. The prisoner was now facing a second evening of uncomfortable captivity in very tight and revealing PVC shorts.

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