Self Bondage Flashbacks – Video No. 1

Over recent years, I’ve had many people ask about all my original self bondage videos which were on Youtube (account deleted by Youtube) then DailyMotion (account deleted by DailyMotion) then Blip.TV (account deleted by Blip) and then Xtube (and we all know what happened there).

I’ve managed to find most of the original files and I’ve started to edit some of them to release here. They’re not the greatest quality videos because I only had one camera and it was Standard Definition Mini DV tape. Remember those? I’ve used software to try and upgrade the image quality.

Nevertheless, the first one is now complete and I’m releasing it here.

Self Bondage Flashbacks – No.1 – ‘Rubber Orgasm’

I’m wearing a PVC t-shirt and skintight rubber cycling shorts. I’ve tape gagged myself and I’ve put a rubber hood over my head. The rubber hood has nostril holes to allow me to breathe.

I’ve chained and padlocked my ankles, my knees and my crotch. I’ve roped my upper arms to my upper body. I’ve padlocked a chain around my neck which then runs down my back and is padlocked to my ankle chains creating a loose hogtie of sorts. A pair of handcuffs is attached to the chain at waist level which runs down my back.

As you can hear from just the description, this is some pretty serious self bondage…especially when combined with a gagged mouth and rubber hood. The key to the cuffs is hidden somewhere within the scene but I defy you to figure out where.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes, the excitement of the self bondage overwhelmed me and I had a slight accident. I tried to disguise it as struggling but the pelvic thrusts and bed humping gave away what actually happened. This wasn’t the only time I had an ‘accident’. I may release others in the future.

Let me know if you like these little flashbacks into my self bondage past. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

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No Consent Bondage

“It isn’t bondage until you want out.”

At what point has bondage become real for you?

When does bondage stop being ‘fun’?

How many of you have stories of being kept in bondage longer than intended…either for better or for worse?

Who has experienced a non-consensual situation?

Relaxation and the Hogtie

From the New York Post, “My favourite thing is to be hogtied then left alone. After my movement is taken away, troubles & worries fade. I come out of it & feel completely rested as if I’ve had a deep sleep. It goes beyond sexuality – way beyond it.”

Would this hogtie relax you?

Vulnerability and Rope Bondage

Rope bondage causes “a feeling of being restrained & not having any control, of not knowing what will happen next. There is fear & anticipation & a vulnerability which is both scary and appealing.”

Why do you like rope bondage?

Mighty Morphin’ Rope Bondage

Watch all of this rope bondage being applied in real time for free over at and

And then watch the tied up victim left alone to cope with his captivity.

Struggle or Give Up?

At what point, when faced with genuine and inescapable bondage and captivity, does the victim give up struggling and simply accept that he is a prisoner?

How much does the removal of communication and senses i.e. gagging and blindfolding reinforce the complete loss of freedom?

After an hour of being tied up, gagged, hooded and blindfolded like this, would you still be struggling?

Wrapped and Trapped! – Teasers

Private Andrews needs to keep Heavy Bondage quiet and stored away for a while…and so pallet wrap and duct tape seems the obvious solution…

…coming soon to