Mighty Morphin’ Rope Bondage

Watch all of this rope bondage being applied in real time for free over at https://onlyfans.com/104790465/heavy_bondage and https://onlyfans.com/108152558/heavy_bondage

And then watch the tied up victim left alone to cope with his captivity.

Struggle or Give Up?

At what point, when faced with genuine and inescapable bondage and captivity, does the victim give up struggling and simply accept that he is a prisoner?

How much does the removal of communication and senses i.e. gagging and blindfolding reinforce the complete loss of freedom?

After an hour of being tied up, gagged, hooded and blindfolded like this, would you still be struggling?

Scally Pole Tied!

PA10 Video Thumbnail

Private Andrews has Heavy Bondage tied to an upright wooden beam. However, he still has lots of rope left. What should he do with it??

This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere.

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Scally Hogtied!

PA08 Video Thumbnail

Heavy Bondage has dressed up in his best Scally gear for his visit to the seaside…but, once again, Private Andrews decides that Heavy Bondage is best kept tightly tied up, gagged, hooded and stored away from everyone.

This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere.

Watch the video at https://thisvid.com/videos/scally-hogtied/

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Tied Up, Wrapped Up, Locked Up! – Video and Photo Gallery

Heavybondage went to the seaside for a relaxing break. Unfortunately, thanks to Private Andrews, instead of seeing the beautiful coast, the only things that Heavybondage got to see were the stone walls of an underground prison cell and the inside of a blindfold and hood.

This is an special edition extended video which shows the effects of very restrictive bondage and imprisonment in a very small cell.

IMPORTANT NOTE…this video shows approximately two hours of a captive tied to a chair. If that doesn’t interest you then please look elsewhere for your entertainment.

Special thanks must be given to Bondage Pieter and M. for the use of their underground cell.

Watch the full FREE video at https://onlyfans.com/84053735/heavy_bondage


Story – ‘Bondage Marathon’

OREGON. My reason for writing is that I am obliged to tell you my story as part of my payment for services rendered. I’ll begin by telling you about my companion, Clifford. Cliff and I have lived together for about five years, and we very much enjoy each other. I am thirty-two, Cliff is twenty-seven. We both play at active sports and hobbies and I teach physical education in a local high school. Although it is not a problem, I have harbored a fantasy for some years, and up until now Cliff has protested that he was either unable or unwilling to fulfill it. He, however, offered to help find someone who might do the job. We asked around discreetly and after a year or so, through a friend where he works, Cliff learned about a man who also lives in this part of the city. The man, whom I’ll call Adam, is a professional architect who, as a hobby, apparently enjoys being a bondage top; something that I understand is unusual as most like to be the bottom. Both Cliff and I do. But that’s his reputation as we heard it. If he finds a subject or proposition for a scene interesting, he will undertake to execute it. Much in demand, as you can imagine, he is quite choosy.

I called Adam, explained how I had learned about him, and told him that I hoped he would be willing to help me. Reluctantly, after explaining that he had all of the subjects he really wanted, he suggested that we meet the following Friday at an upscale restaurant for dessert and conversation. I agreed. He described himself, and I did likewise. We had no trouble identifying each other, and he was better looking than he admitted; about five-ten with dark hair, beginning to thin at the temples with a touch of gray; probably about forty. Well built, he complemented his clothes. But most of all I noticed his soft brown eyes and his very mild manner. I had trouble imagining such a reserved man being much of a bondage aficionado. After some small talk, he asked what I wanted.

“My fantasy is prolonged bondage,” I began. “I want to spend a minimum of forty-eight hours tied up and gagged. Not just tied up, but strictly tied up and effectively gagged.”

“Oh,” he sighed. He explained at length that most let their fantasies outrun their real ability to endure strict bondage, or any bondage at all. “So many people think they want an all night session, or even more, but most are demanding release after two or three hours. Are you sure about this?”

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 85 (Short Shorts Special)

Some guys just know how to wear shorts…and some guys even know how to wear short shiny shorts, even though it’s not fashionably acceptable. They all should, of course, be tied up.

If you go on a train wearing short shorts like these, you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised if people take secret photos of you…

Guys 85a

…short white nylon shorts…watch out when they get wet…all could be revealed…

Guys 85b

This guy is already offering himself up to be tied. Quick…where are the ropes?

guys 85z

Selfie…is he trying to convince people he’s on holiday?

Guys 85c

Look at my balls…er…ball!

Guys 85d

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