Face the stress…face the stretch!

The Captor decides that The Prisoner needs to face some medieval style strappado suffering…and so The Prisoner is chained up…gagged…hooded…gas masked…and restrained in a very painful stress position!

Available now at https://justfor.fans/heavy_bondage

Tighten Those Chains

Halloween – A Bondage Movie – Part 2 (38 minutes)

In a cold, damp dungeon, a fully rubbered up Prisoner now has a chain hogtie to face…with his chained wrists and ankles pulled ever higher and higher…

Available now at https://justfor.fans/heavy_bondage and https://onlyfans.com/220967784/heavy_bondage

How Long Could You Last?

Realistically, how long would it be possible to keep a prisoner standing chained, ballgagged, hooded and gas masked in this position? How long could you last?

Halloween – The Dungeon – Part 1 (34 minutes)

Now available at https://justfor.fans/heavy_bondage or https://onlyfans.com/218023656/heavy_bondage