Videos Uploaded at JustFor.Fans Account

OnlyFans has now named ‘hardcore bondage’ as something which is not allowed on its site. I’m not sure how much longer my account will last.

Check out the Terms of Service section 5b at

Should my account disappear, I have already started to re-upload my videos at

I should really have opted for JustFor.Fans in the first place due to the fact that it was set up by a couple with a much more relaxed attitude to fetish in all its various forms.

You can preview the trailers for my videos for free or you can opt to subscribe for a reasonable fee and view the full length videos. Unfortunately, JustFor.Fans doesn’t allow for a free model.

Drop by and take a look at

Rubber Convert – A Bondage Movie – Part 2 Re-Upload

All of my movies are now being re-uploaded to my OnlyFans account at

All of the videos remain free and subscription is also free although there is the option to tip if you are enjoying the content.

See posts below to understand why I’m doing this. You can see all the videos which have, so far, been uploaded by clicking the My Videos tab at the top of the page.

The latest video to be uploaded is the second part of the popular ‘Rubber Convert’. You can watch the full FREE video by clicking

The Evolution of this Blog

If you’ve visited this blog regularly then you’ll have noticed that it’s evolved slowly over the years but much more quickly over recent days.

When I first set this site up, many years ago, it was designed to be a pool for photos and stories which I’d trawled from the internet and which appealed in some way. It would also contain links to many of my early self bondage videos which were hosted on various platforms such as Youtube, Daily Motion,, Vimeo etc.

Those early links, photos, stories and blogs are all still here and are a record of how many times my videos and accounts have been deleted by the various hosts over the years. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m trying to update those early video links to reflect where the videos are currently hosted.

However, today I have taken the step to upgrade the site from a freely hosted WordPress site to a paid for model. This means I have more behind the scenes functionality and a brand new domain name. This site can now be reached using the site address:

I think you’ll find this a lot more catchy and easier to remember than the old website address (which still remains in use, by the way).

You’ll have noticed that I have incorporated all my social media links under the menu tab Social Media. But, most importantly, as from today, you’ll see that the My Videos tab now drill downs to the three people who have restrained me over the year: Bondagebait, Dave Tie ‘Em Up and Private Andrews.

If you click on each of the three names, you’ll be taken to a page detailing all videos currently uploaded. However, to take things one step further, each of those three names will now have a sub-menu listing all of the videos which are currently uploaded on my new OnlyFans page at Click on any of the video titles and you’ll be taken to the relevant blog page with the links to the videos.

I’ve made this sound very complicated. It isn’t. Try it.

I may have a complete rethink on this blog in the future but, for the time being, I’m happy with the way it works and I think it’s quite simple to use. Please note that the menus are not yet complete and do not show links to all uploaded videos yet.

As mentioned above, I now pay for hosting of this blog. It isn’t a great amount but, unfortunately, because of health issues, my financial circumstances have changed drastically over the last 18 months. If you have subscribed to my OnlyFans page at then I please ask that you consider using the Tip feature if you’ve enjoyed the content.

My OnlyFans page seems to be quite rare in that I do not charge for subscription and I do not charge to see the videos which have, up until this point, been free to view on various hosts/porn sites. However, I do ask that you consider cost of all the equipment and software which is used to produce these videos…and also the time and effort which goes into making them and editing them together. A small tip on my OnlyFans page at would help with the hosting of this blog and would also make me feel that it’s all worthwhile. It’s nice to feel appreciated.

Thank you.

Kink Radio – Kink Has Its Own Radio Station

Established only eight days ago as of this post, Kink now has its own radio station.

Taken from the Kink Radio website:

Sometimes you just want to listen to kinky, fun music that represents your ideas and beliefs. Kink Radio is a radio designed from the ground up to bring those ideas to life in a creative and resourceful manner. We established Kink Radio with the idea of bringing in creativity and versatility at the highest possible level.

Listen to them on the web at

Follow them on Twitter at

Frustration and Video Links

I appreciate that using this blog to try and find my videos must be a very frustrating at the moment.

Some of the blog posts still link to my old Vimeo page which was deleted because Vimeo didn’t like bondage.

Some of the blog posts link to ThisVid which I am gradually closing down because ThisVid have ridiculously small (for this day and age) upload limits and they also refused to let me upload one of my newer videos a year or so ago.

The most recent blog posts link to Xtube and we all know what’s happened there.

I am gradually updating past blog posts to reflect links to newly re-uploaded videos on my OnlyFans page at However, this will take time and it will also be a while until I have re-uploaded my complete back log of videos.

If you click the My Videos tab at the top of this blog then you’ll see a set of thumbnails and videos descriptions which link to uploaded videos on the OnlyFans page. I will aim to keep this up to date so you can see what’s been newly re-posted. Or you can go straight to my OnlyFans page at to see what the latest posts are.

But, in the mean time, please be patient…and I’m sorry.

Pornhub (Xtube) Chaos and My Social Media Links

In light of all the self destructive behaviour from the Pornhub groups of websites, I just want to remind everyone of my social links to you can keep up my all my bondage adventures.

You’ll find most activity on my Twitter account so following me there is a good starting point:

Twitter –

Facebook (very muted activity so I don’t fall foul of their deletion tactics) –

Recon (rarely used) –

Fetlife (very rarely used) –

And my current home for my videos is at

OnlyFans isn’t popular with some people because you need to give it payment card details even if you don’t intend to pay for anything. However, my OnlyFans page has been set to free to subscribe and I am currently uploading all of my old content and setting it as free to view. No payments required.

It does have the advantage of allowing me to upload in full 1080p at a decent (low compression rate) quality. My videos will look as good there as opposed to having to comply to restrictive uploads limits on porn sites. And you don’t get those annoying pop ups or adverts at the start of every video.

If OnlyFans should fail, I have a back up account created on JustFor.Fans at

It’s ridiculous that I’ve had to keep jumping from one platform to another but so far I’ve been let down by Youtube, Blip.TV, Vimeo, Xtube, Pornhub, ThisVid and another platform which I’ve completely forgotten the name of. I’ve tried Xvideos and Xhamster and there’s always something dubious or restrictive about the way in which their platform works. So, for the time being, it’s OnlyFans. And, even there, I find it really frustrating that you can’t bring up a detailed thumbnail view of all the posts. That’s why I’m creating one under the ‘My Videos’ tab at the top of this blog.

Perhaps something better will emerge from all this chaos and censorship at some point in the future.

All My Videos…

BS05 Video Thumbnail

…have been gathered together in one place. They’ve been categorised and tagged to make it easier to find something which might appeal. If you like mummification, click on the ‘mummification’ tag. If you like spreadeagle bondage then click on the ‘spreadeagle’ tag…and so on.

All the new videos will have links as soon as they’re available. Please visit or click the image above if you’re interested in viewing my bondage adventures!!

The Exchange & Other Stories (Robert Payne Collection Book 1)

This is worth a look if you have an interest in leather BDSM erotica.


Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer Magazine, a publication that brought gay leather culture to a new level of prominence in the 1970s. This magazine was the first publication to feature Aaron Travis, John Preston, and many other classic writers of leather bdsm erotica. But Robert Payne’s fiction has long been out of print. The new Robert Payne Collection will make many of the author’s most memorable stories available for the first time in decades.

It also features an intro by my good online friend MetalBond. You can visit his blog at

Click cover above or go to if you’d like to find out more!