Story – ‘The Swimmer’

Luke was a swimmer. He loved the water and loved swimming in the ocean. He loved the feeling of the water stirring around his body. He especially loved swimming in as little as possible. He usually wore a skintight black latex Speedo, but he loved skinny-dipping too. He swam at night, usually by himself.

One night he was swimming, he pulled up to the secluded beach, on a warm summer night, the moon lighting his amazing, 6’3” bronzed body as he walked to the waters edge. He got a sudden shiver down his spine, he could swear someone was watching him; he always got that shiver every night he went to this beach specifically. He shrugged it off like normal and got out off his pants and tank top revealing his Speedo and giant bulge. He liked the feeling he got when he thought someone was watching him. The Speedo stretched to his bulge making it tighter. The black latex shined against the moon, his cute bubble butt being enhanced. He got into the water and started to swim, he would swim a distance out to where it was hard to make out the lights. As he looked back he thought he noticed a guy walking to his things. He couldn’t make it out, and decided it was the waves playing tricks on him. He swam for a while, as he swam back to shore he didn’t see anyone around. He was exhausted he just lay on the sand for bit, breathing hard, his body flexing with every gasp. He couldn’t put up a fight even if he wanted to. He finally got up and grabbed his things and walked slowly back to his car. When he got there, he noticed he left the doors to his Nissan Altima unlocked. It wasn’t like him not to lock his car. But he just got in and started his car. The lights went out when he started it, like most cars, and when it was finally dark he looked in his rear view mirror. Everything went black…

He woke up to a thud as his head hit the roof of his car. He tried to look for a light but his hands wouldn’t move. He tried to get up but his feet were bound to the side of his car, he realized he was laid down. He tried to speak but something was intruding in his mouth. He felt it with his tongue and was shocked to find out there was a cockhead in his mouth. He finally got all his senses back to comprehend he was bound with latex straps, around his big toes, ankles, below and above his knee, around his waist that tied his fists to the small of his back. His hands were forced into fists somehow; he felt latex preventing his fingers from moving. He also knew why he couldn’t see; he was wearing a latex hood, forcing the penis gag into his mouth and preventing him from seeing or speaking. Another bump and he recognized he was in his trunk. He had been kidnapped! Kidnapped by some maniac and was being driven somewhere he didn’t know.

He screamed and struggled but only gave muffled moans. He worked up a sweat trying to get free and all the rubbing against the trunk made his bulge grow again. The car drove for hours it seemed, and he knew it had to be morning. When the car finally stopped he heard the engine shut off and the car door open. His heart was beating so fast. He heard footsteps getting louder and heard the trunk pop open. Light shined through the trunk and the hood had pinholes to see out of. Luke saw a black figure, and knew it was the same figure at the beach. Luke screamed and bucked as hard as he could.

“Ah, someone’s having fun I see, hopefully not to much, I want to have fun too.”

The black figure massaged Luke’s giant bulge before he dragged the bucking Luke out of the car and tossed him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He started walking and Luke could only see the little light from the small holes in the hood, he saw that he was being carried and a gravel road, through a house and down stairs, all the while the figure groping Luke’s shiny black ass. He was thrown down onto a padded floor and left; Luke struggled as best he could bucking and rolling all over the floor. He stopped finally and breathed hard trying to grasp the air. The strong smell of latex is all he tasted. He heard footsteps again and started rolling around again; the figure grabbed him by the feet and dragged him across the floor to a corner. Holding his feet with a strong grip, he untied his ankles and toes and threw them into stocks and locked them in.

“Now quit moving around slave!”

Slave? What the fuck? Luke wasn’t a slave he was swimmer. Luke needed to get out of where ever the fuck he was.

He twisted and turned as much as the stocks would allow trying to break his hands free. He finally stopped and looked around the room the best he could. It was a big room, a disgusting shower stall in the other corner; the ceiling was mirrored, with hooks sporadically placed. He looked at him self, the hood made him unrecognizable. He looked HOT!! And the longer he looked the hotter he got, his bulge stretching the latex Speedo again, and then he heard the footsteps again.

The figure walked over to the panting, bound Luke; Luke scared for his life, and horny as hell.

“Still enjoying yourself slave.”

Luke screamed bloody murder through the gag, how could this person do this to him.

“You have something to say, let’s here it.”

The figure bent down and moved the hood up to Luke’s nose, the eyeholes moved too, blinding the swimmer. The figure removed the cock gag out of his mouth. Luke worked his jaw, which ached a lot.

“You son of a fucking bitch, where the fuck am I and who the fuck are you, you sick pervert, you don’t think people will look for me, let me go you bastard, what the fuck is wrong with you, you mhmmmm..”

“ Now there will be none of that,” as he hand gagged Luke’s gorgeous lips, “Well let me just some ground rules since you’ll be staying here for a while. First, you will never speak unless I tell you to, and it will always be, Sir, yes sir know matter what is asked, if I have nothing to ask you will always be gagged. Second, you will never touch your cock and balls again, if you ever get to let your juices go, it will be a painful experience. Third, you will do everything I say, if you don’t or hesitate you will be punished. DO you understand?”

“You sick bastard! HELP ANYONE? HELP ME PLEASE??”

”See already breaking the rules, let’s show you what happens when you break my rules.”

Luke was quickly gagged again and the hood removed, blinding Luke with the bright lights. Before he could adjust a rubber blindfold was slid on covering his eyes and nose. Then Luke heard a chain move and his legs grow farther apart till he was almost in pain. WACK!!! Luke heard the sound and then a pain shot through his inner thigh. WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Three more hits to the inner thigh, calf and cock. Luke was screaming into the gag, biting down on the head trying to escape it, only being able to move a few inches in either direction. Five more whacks on his chest and Luke was balling in tears, crying into his gag.

“Do you understand now slave? What was the first rule?” Whack! “You may only say SIR YES SIR.” Whack!

Luke screamed through his gag as loud as he could sir, yes sir over and over till the whacks stopped. When they did, the stocks were pulled together and unlocked, Luke was stood up and a 1-inch thick collar was locked onto his neck with 4 D hooks surrounding it. A leash was fastened to a D hook and Luke was lead over to an area. Luke felt cold tile on his feet and knew he was in that disgusting shower stall. His black Latex Speedo was pulled down to his ankles and he was forced to sit onto a toilet.

“You have 3 minutes to release anything in your system.”

Luke needed to piss real bad so he was happy to be able to piss. He didn’t want to shit in this place not wanting to embarrass himself.

“I’m telling you to shit so start shitting you filthy dog!!”

Luke jumped as he felt another whack hit his thigh; he tried his best to let out anything. When he was done he was stood up and the kidnapper bent him over to clean him. Luke was so embarrassed; he couldn’t believe this was happening. The leash was tugged and Luke stood up, it was attached to the ceiling and Luke was forced onto his tiptoes. The blindfold was removed. He looked around but couldn’t see his captor. Then he felt extremely cold water hit him from every direction. He tried moving but only got a few inches, not being able to avoid the freezing cold water. The water was shut off after a minute or two. He looked at the three walls that he could see, dirty blue tile with mold. From behind he felt his kidnapper feeling his ass, he was scared of what this freak would do to him. He felt him rubbing something all over his body, massaging him as he went, Luke’s prick stood to attention. It felt so good to him; he didn’t understand how he could be horny in this situation. He couldn’t look down, but whatever was being put on him was being applied everywhere from the neck down. Then he felt a cold razor against his back. He was being shaved!

“Hold still or I might cut you.” He said with a giggle.

Luke stood as still as he could as he was shaved, down his back over his butt and down his legs, then his front paying close attention to this pubic area, Luke stood perfectly still for that part. After he was done he walked away and the shower came on again. Luke wasn’t ready for that again, or what came next.

The shower turned off and he was rubbed down, with a towel, dry. Then he felt him fondling his ass again, than he felt him pushing his finger up his hole. Luke screamed, and clenched his ass tight. After a few hard spanks he let go and allowed him to penetrate his ass with his fingers. First just one, then two, then three, then four, Luke was in pain as a hand was raping his virgin buttock. Once he had four fingers in Luke’s ass he started opening his hand and sliding something in his ass.

“Oh shit!” thought Luke.

A long plastic thing was forced up his butt as the fingers slid out, then he heard something then felt a very warm liquid filling him.

“You enjoy you enema, I’ll be back in an hour to get you ready for the night.”

AN HOUR!! An hour with him being cleaned out by this protruding thing coming out his ass filling him. As time passed his stomach started to ache as it was filled, Luke was in pain.

He came back and ripped the plastic tube out his ass, he felt him emptying onto the floor.

“You’ll clean that later but for now…” He said and jammed a large butt plug up Luke’s ass. Luke screamed his usual muffled moans. No one was coming, Luke started giving up hope, his Dick still rock hard, he felt the kidnapper reach around his waist and then felt an ice cube against his cock, it was real cold. His dick went limp and the figure manhandled it into a device so it was pointing down and locked it with a small padlock.

“That cock cage should keep your little buddy out of the way.”

Luke was done with this, he was plugged in every hole, couldn’t move his hands, or cock and was at the mercy of this fucker. Luke began struggling, squirming in his bondage.

“Aw, getting spunky slave, you wanna play, ok let’s play.” Speaking seductively. The man pulled his Speedo back up and he pulled the leash down and started tugging on the rope. Luke now being able to see the back of his captor in plain view could see him standing at about 6’3” and made of pure muscle. He was wearing tight black leather pants, a crisscross leather harness, and a leather cap. He was hairy too. Luke was still struggling and decided his only chance was to tackle him and run for his life. He ran at the back of the captor hit him as hard as he could and was knocked back onto his ass. His captor just kept walking, now dragging the straggling Luke behind him, Luke got up and tried again, the same thing happened.

“I know you want in my pants slave, but hold on we’ll get there.”

Luke was dragged to a weird wooden contraption. He was stood on a platform, made to kneel, his ankles forced into stocks, and locked. His arms were released and his neck and wrists and forced into stocks and locked, he was in a “Z” shape now with his head at perfect level with his captors pants. He came around fornt and blindfolded Luke, he removed the gag.


“Quit your bellyaching.” He said with a slap to his face. Luke shut up right away.

“Now find my zipper and pull out my cock, or else.”

Luke was scared and decided to listen he reached out with his neck as much as he could and found the zipper and pulled it down with his teeth, his captor pushed his face into his crotch, Luke tried not to breathe but he wouldn’t let go till he took a deep breathe. Luke inhaled a fume of musk and leather, his cock tried to get hard but hurt him instead. He lifted his head back.

“Take my cock out.”


“How do you think you stupid prick, just do it.”

Luke reached into his crotch with his face and tried nudging it out with his nose, when that didn’t work he had to use his mouth, he took the head in his mouth and sealed his lips around it, and pulled it out of his pants. Luke let go and started gagging, thinking that was the worst of it. His captor took his cock into his hands and pissed all over Luke’s pretty face. Luke started crying, why was this happening to him, how could it happen to him? He dropped his head in defeat as his captor laughed at the piss stained face of the beautiful Luke.


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