Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 17

They had been collected. They’d been taken from a variety of places:- swimming pools, the local beach, a party on a luxury yacht. The request had been clear. Five swimmers were required. Their bodies had to be taut, toned, muscular, no excess body fat. And they had to be clad in speedos, tight revealing speedos. No other items of clothing were allowed. And all had to have a certain arrogance…that certain self confidence that comes from knowing that they look good when wearing only a pair of tight, wet speedos.


The process had been simple. Wait for them to separate from everyone else, grab them, strap on the ballgag and then duct tape the mouth, duct tape the eyes, stuff them into the tight leather sleepsack and fasten the straps as tightly as possible and then slide them into the tiny metal chamber hidden below the floor off the van. The chamber was just wide enough and long enough to contain a six foot body, there was no wriggle room…and once the chamber was closed and the carpet placed back onto the van floor, there was no sign that the chamber existed. And any noises or grunts which each speedo clad swimmer would make would be totally obscured by the solid walls of the metal coffin.

The van would then drive to the abandoned factory. For one lucky captured swimmer the drive had only been a matter of minutes. The final swimmer – a young, black diving instructor – had endured three hours locked into his own personal bondage hell before he’d arrived at his destination.

Each had then been taken into the old factory and into the holding chamber – a solid metal prison cell of a room with thick metal walls and a solid metal door. Each speedo clad captive had then been removed from the sleep sack. Wrists would be bound and cinched tightly behind their backs. Their elbows pulled painfully together and roped tightly…further ropes wrapped around their upper bodies and arms. Their thighs, knees and ankles would then be bound tightly…a long length of rope would then be tied around their necks, down their backs and around their wrists, through their legs then back up their chests and around their necks again before being reversed and taken and tied in the opposite direction. The tight ropes would dig into each swimmers speedo, highlighting their crotch area before being pulled tightly between their speedo clad buttocks giving each a painful wedgie. This final stage wasn’t necessary, but their captors found it amusing.

The duct tape and ball gag remained in placed. Their eyes also remained duct taped. But onto each swimmer, a full head coverage gas mask would then be strapped, completing the head restraints. Each eye piece had been painted black, preventing any light from entering the gas mask prison.

And finally, thick and heavy chains were padlocked around the ankles of each swimmer. A further length of chain was then used to connect each swimmer’s ankles to a motorised pulley system contain in the ceiling.

A green button in the wall had then been pushed and each speedo clad prisoner had then been slowly lifted completely off the floor by their chained ankles.

And that was how they had been left. Each swimmer now hung from the ceiling by their ankles. Each swimmer wearing only their tight (and still wet, in some cases) speedo. Each bound tightly, wriggling and writhing in their desperate attempts for freedom. But there was no chance of escape, their captors had seen to that…and so their tight and muscled bodies had to endure their painful bondage. And beneath the dark, stifling darkness of the gas mask…each speedo clad victim would be wondering how long they would remain in this bondage hell…

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