Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 85 (Short Shorts Special)

Some guys just know how to wear shorts…and some guys even know how to wear short shiny shorts, even though it’s not fashionably acceptable. They all should, of course, be tied up.

If you go on a train wearing short shorts like these, you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised if people take secret photos of you…

Guys 85a

…short white nylon shorts…watch out when they get wet…all could be revealed…

Guys 85b

This guy is already offering himself up to be tied. Quick…where are the ropes?

guys 85z

Selfie…is he trying to convince people he’s on holiday?

Guys 85c

Look at my balls…er…ball!

Guys 85d

He’s very comfortable wearing short shiny shorts…just a hint of bulge there??

Guys 85e

Shiny and black and just a little bit too small. Perfect!

Guys 85f

He definitely looks ‘perky’.

Guys 85g

Questions would definitely be asked if these tight white shorts were worn in public. Is he ready for a game of soccer? Is he going commando? Questions questions questions!!

Guys 85h

Tight and white. Pleasant. Is he running for the bus? Where will he put his small change?

Guys 85i

Tight, shiny and wet. Nice.

Guys 85j

Seriously…wear a bigger pair.

Guys 85k

For sheer arrogance and blatant exhibitionism…all of the above guys needs to be kidnapped and restrained. They should be tied up…

Guys 85l


Guys 85m


Guys 85nGuys 85o

…spreadeagles are always good for that sense of vulnerability…and for exposing the short shorts…

Guys 85pGuys 85q

…this guy looks like he’s regretting letting himself get tied up in tight denim shorts…

Guys 85r

…he’ll probably complain…and so the gag will have to go in…

Guys 85s

…with a tight latex hood for breath control as punishment…

Guys 85t

…or maybe try on a gas mask for size…

Guys 85u

…or a good solid metal hood…

Guys 85v

…and sensory deprivation…

Guys 85w

…guys in short shorts should be encased in rubber…

Guys 85x

…and then stored away…

Guys 85y

…that’ll teach them to look so good in short shiny shorts!!

One Reply to “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 85 (Short Shorts Special)”

  1. Good work! I agree they all need to be tied up! Then toss those silly short shorts away, sock gag and punishment should follow! mmmmm
    I can help if you want.

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