Tied Up, Wrapped Up, Locked Up! – Video and Photo Gallery

Heavybondage went to the seaside for a relaxing break. Unfortunately, thanks to Private Andrews, instead of seeing the beautiful coast, the only things that Heavybondage got to see were the stone walls of an underground prison cell and the inside of a blindfold and hood.

This is an special edition extended video which shows the effects of very restrictive bondage and imprisonment in a very small cell.

IMPORTANT NOTE…this video shows approximately two hours of a captive tied to a chair. If that doesn’t interest you then please look elsewhere for your entertainment.

Special thanks must be given to Bondage Pieter and M. for the use of their underground cell.

Watch the full FREE video at https://onlyfans.com/84053735/heavy_bondage


5 Replies to “Tied Up, Wrapped Up, Locked Up! – Video and Photo Gallery”

  1. WOW!!!!!
    This was truly remarkable. I could feel the desperation from the captive throughout the video. The feeling of hope each time the door would open and then despair when he realized he was being bound tighter was intense.
    I also loved the captor. What a treat to be held captive by a nice chubby guy. Waiting helplessly for him to decide what he has planned for you.
    Can’t wait to see your next treat.

  2. What was the rule of safeword or was there even one? Just curious lol
    Any way awesome video as always, keep them coming

    1. There was a safe signal. If it was used, the gag would immediately come out so any issues could be shared. Issues would be resolved and the bondage would continue. The safe signal was not a signal for release from the bondage. The safe signal wasn’t used during this period of captivity.
      Thank you for commenting!!

  3. If there was a medal awarded for the proficient execution of bondage layering then Private Andrews certainly deserved it!

    Loved all the layering, I have been mummified in black pallet wrap so found it very satisfying to watch Heavy Bondage wrapped up so tightly. The head layering was also delightful, the tight cleave gag followed by electrical tape and then the white sticky bandage was belt and braces, just how I like it!

    The confined cell the prisoner was kept in also added to the scene, with the heavy wooden door. Yummy!!

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