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Not sure where videos can be posted now. Any suggestions??

Christian Bondage Games!!!

Here’s an interesting and slightly odd article that I found whilst ferreting around on the internet. It’s on a Christian Youth Group blog.

Take a look and see what you think.


Here is the text from the article:-


Have three pairs (boy and girl) come to the front of the group. Give each girl a 20-foot-length of rope. The girls have three minutes to tie up the boys as tightly as possible. After they are tied up, the guys race to see who can get completely out of the rope in the fastest time. The guy who gets untied the quickest wins a prize for his group. Encourage the girls to tie up the guys as tightly as they possibly can, by having the guys, perhaps, lie down on their stomachs and then tying their hands and feet together. Remember; don’t tell them the boys are to get loose by themselves when introducing the game that will be done after they must have been tied by the girls.

I think I may have attended church a little more frequently when I was younger if this sort of thing went on!