Frustration and Video Links

I appreciate that using this blog to try and find my videos must be a very frustrating at the moment.

Some of the blog posts still link to my old Vimeo page which was deleted because Vimeo didn’t like bondage.

Some of the blog posts link to ThisVid which I am gradually closing down because ThisVid have ridiculously small (for this day and age) upload limits and they also refused to let me upload one of my newer videos a year or so ago.

The most recent blog posts link to Xtube and we all know what’s happened there.

I am gradually updating past blog posts to reflect links to newly re-uploaded videos on my OnlyFans page at However, this will take time and it will also be a while until I have re-uploaded my complete back log of videos.

If you click the My Videos tab at the top of this blog then you’ll see a set of thumbnails and videos descriptions which link to uploaded videos on the OnlyFans page. I will aim to keep this up to date so you can see what’s been newly re-posted. Or you can go straight to my OnlyFans page at to see what the latest posts are.

But, in the mean time, please be patient…and I’m sorry.

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