‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Story

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments on the ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ story. It will continue. But, at the moment, my own real life is intruding a little and so Tom will have to remain chained in his current predicament for at least the next couple of days. Nevertheless, Part 5 will appear, so thank you to all those who requested that I continue to write the story. Watch this space…

11 Replies to “‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Story”

  1. At some stage, fit Tom with a mechanical fucker/spanker and a mechanical wanker, and force him, on pain of electric shock through the balls, to watch naked boys his age having sex. Within 24 hours, he will be one of us.

  2. Keep the sadism and erotic torments constant and stimulating on Tom he deserves it and the sexual pressure needs to mount and stay CONSTANT on his writhing bondage nakedness

  3. Wish somebody would do to me what “Tom Daley” is going through!!
    I have dreamed for so long about certain situations like the gym at school, where a “sadistic” teacher loves to tie me (and other boys) wearing only shorts or just naked, to several gymnastic equipments forcing me in painfull stretches and positions, like the splits, stradle, bridge, and the likes till we can perform them effortly for hours. If we try to object, we get caned, whipped or the likes till we beg him to tie us up again.
    For one thing: I would love to be tied up in a extreme hogtie where my arms are tightly tied together behind my back at the wrists and just above the elbows (till they are pressing painfully together) and my legs tied at the ankles (and maybe just above the knees to make it even more intense). Secondly my legs are to bend underneath my arms and pulled over eachother till my feet press against the back of my head, then my ankles are firmly tied onto my tied elbows. (Also, while being naked, to hurt me more the teach then ties a rope around the base of my penis and genitals with a painfull boa-constrictor knot and pulls it as tight as possible. Then he threads the rope-ends between my legs and ties them onto my wrists.)
    As i am (in my dream) in the situation where i won’t be missed for weeks, maybe months (like the other boys), the teach forces me to wriggle (which will hurt badly of course) to try to escape my bondage by tickling, dripping wax onto several bodyparts, slapping me, belting, paddling, caning or whipping me on the thighs, putting needles into my limbs and body, putting clothpins onto several body-parts like nipples, earlobs, chest, belly and arms and legs every hour. Like this he keeps me tied up for days and just retie me every now and then in other positions and to prevent permanent damage to my body.
    If somebody feels willing to make me undergo this or something like this, please contact me!! Also if you like me to tie you up, please contact me.
    Of course i will only do this after you specified what you like and for how long. I am quite experienced to fullfill everyones tie-up-dreams!! 🙂

    1. Hi Handenbinder,
      God, your post was good! I’d love you to tie me up and make my bondage fantasy come true. I want to be stark naked, bound hand and foot and gagged so tightly all I can do is “mmmph” “mmmph” “mmmph”.
      I’m from the Southampton, Hampshire, UK area so if you’re anywhere me get in touch and we can discuss some more….

  4. hi, i love the story line alot. yes tom looks great in speedos . and i was wondering if later on in toms kidnapping will he be chloroformed out striped of his speedos and slowly dressed in a suit and tie and nively polished dress lace up shoes re handcuffed blindfolded and left ungaged so his kidnapper could kiss him and then unzip his suit pants and suck toms cock milking him of his cum. ? john in florida

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