Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 5

Here’s Part 5 of the Tom Daley story. Once again, please let me know if you’d like me to continue. Drop me some comments and rate the piece. Sometimes, this blog seems to be a very lonely place. And if anyone can think of a more imaginative story title then let me know. If someone comes up with a really good one then I’ll rename all the story entries so far. Cheers. Pete.

Tom Daley hung from his chains – his body stretched out like an X. He wore only a skintight black latex speedo – his erect, engorged penis held firm in its rubbery embrace. A gas mask was strapped tightly to his head, its eye pieces were blacked out. A large ball gag fixed to the interior of the mask was lodged firmly into Tom’s mouth. Tom could breathe if he sucked air through a small internal tube…but he couldn’t communicate. Ear pieces which were fixed deep into his ears played never ending white noise straight into his brain. His balls and penis were locked in the firm grip of three small cock rings. The cock ring around the base of his dick dug into the chemically swollen flesh. His genitals felt like they were on fire.

Tom’s world had become tiny. He couldn’t see. He could only hear the non-stop roar of white noise. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move. His body ached as it protested against the harsh pull of his metal restraints. His penis felt like it was being cut off.

Only a few hours ago he had been free – a famous athlete with the world at his feet. Now he was a prisoner – locked into a world of restraints and bondage. And now he was at the feet of the world. His imprisonment and torture was being streamed live over the internet to those who could afford to pay for such treats. His near naked, chained body was entertainment for those who had coveted him over recent times. People had waited until such a time as he had ripened, until his body had matured into that of a man, and then he had been taken…chained…caged.

Time stretched. Tom was aware only of his torment. His perfect body strained against his captivity…but it was no use. At some point during his never ending torment, Tom felt a sharp prick in his right bicep…and then…his pain seemed to recede into the distance…the never ending white noise seemed to fade…and…he passed out.

Tom woke up. He was lying on a single bed sized mattress. His mask and ballgag had been removed. The white noise had stopped playing through his ear pieces. His wrists were now chained in front of him. His manacles were still locked around his wrists but they were connected by a length of chain perhaps twelve inches long. His ankles were chained in a similar manner. The heavy metal collar was still locked in place around his muscular neck. He still wore the skintight black rubber speedo. His penis was still erect but seemed less painful – aching rather than burning.

Tom pulled down the front of his rubber speedo. A large, heavy ring still gripped the base of his genitals, there was still a smaller ring around the base of his balls, but there was nothing around his penis.

His erect penis sprang out and up from its rubber enclosure. Tom forced it back into the left side of his speedo and pulled it back into place.

He reached up to his blocked ears. He felt the ear pieces held in place by some sort of now hardened putty.

‘Leave them,’ a voice suddenly commanded in his ears.


Tom sat up and crossed his chained legs. He realised how much his body was aching.

By the side of his mattress was a tray of food. There was a bowl of sliced fruit, a cereal bar, a glass of orange juice and what looked like a protein shake.

‘Eat,’ the voice commanded again.

Tom was ravenous. He was unsure how long he had been unconscious. His body needed fuel. He ate and drank. He finished everything. He sat cross legged and waited.

He looked around the room…the vault…his prison cell. The heavy metal door was closed. Restraints of all kinds still hung on the wall. The cages waited patiently for an occupant. He saw cameras in every corner of the room, all placed at various heights. A small red light shone from each camera. Tom was being filmed from every angle. He wondered who was watching.

Tom continued to wait.

‘What now?’ he suddenly blurted out.

‘Do not speak!’ replied the voice through his ear pieces. ‘If you speak again then you will be punished.’

Tom sat and waited. His rubber speedo was tight and uncomfortable. It made his balls ache. His penis was still erect and still painful. Tom wondered how much longer he was going to have to suffer from the effects of the Cialis. He wondered how long it had been since he’d first put himself into bondage at the swimming pool. He grabbed his dick bulge and tried to manoeuvre it into a more comfortable position.

‘Do exactly as I say.’

Tom was startled by the voice in his head.

‘At the top of your mattress is your rubber hood. Place it back over your head and zip it up.’

Tom looked to the top of the mattress. There lay the rubber hood. He reached over with his chained wrists and picked it up. He held it up in front of him. The last thing he wanted to do was put it back over his head.

‘Wear it.’

Tom just sat and looked at it.

‘Tom, do as you’re told. I think you understand, now, the consequences of your misbehaviour. Now wear it.’

Tom looked to the centre of his prisoner cell. He looked at the chains hanging from the wall. He assumed they were the restraints which had held him firmly in place. His arms, shoulder and thighs still ached badly from is earlier bondage. He didn’t want to be chained like that again.

He pulled the tight black rubber hood over his head. He made sure the mouth and nostrils holes were in the correct place and then he pulled the zip down at the back. The latex clung to his face. Once again, he was in a world of rubbery blackness.

‘Now, lie face down on your mattress. Place your wrists high above your head and stretch your legs out straight. Then wait. Do not move. Do not talk. Nod your head if you understand.’

Tom paused a second and then nodded.

‘Good boy, Tom. Let’s keep this nice and easy.’

Tom knelt up. He turned so that he was in the middle of the mattress facing upwards and then he lay face down, as instructed. His erect penis and balls were crushed beneath the body but the mattress cushioned them slightly. He reached his chained wrists out above his head and straightened his chained legs.

Seconds passed…a minute? And then he had the sensation of footsteps close to his body. Although his ear plugs prevented him from hearing, he could sense the movement.

His wrists were roughly grabbed. He felt a vibration through one manacle and then the other. He felt the chain fall away from the manacles. His wrists were then roughly pulled down behind his back and then placed directly next to each other with palms facing up. He felt the vibration again in each manacle.

Tom tried to pull his wrists apart. His manacles had been locked together. They were rigid now. There was perhaps two inches distance between them, not two inches of chain but two inches of rigid solid metal.

Tom knew what was coming next. The chain was removed from his leg shackles and they were also locked closely together. His ankles had also been locked into rigid restraints.

Tom then felt his legs being bent at the knees and his ankles and feet being brought towards his restrained wrists. His ankles were pulled right back towards his wrists until Tom realised he could touch his toes with the tips of his fingers. He felt something being locked between his wrists and then between his ankles.

Tom tried to move. He was locked in a hogtied position with solid rigid restraints keeping his wrists and ankles firmly in place. His body ached and complained at the manner in which it was now restrained. He felt stress on his legs, on his back, on his wrists and arms. The metal dug into his wrists and ankles.

‘What the fuck!’ Tom exclaimed.

‘Gag him.’

Tom’s hair was suddenly grabbed and yanked backwards. The oversize ballgag was forced between his teeth and into his mouth. The straps were pulled and fastened tightly around, above and below his head.


‘Shut the fuck up, speedo boy.’

The voice was angry.

‘Put him in his cage. Bring him.’

Tom felt his body being picked up, carried a short distance and then dropped again face down in the cage in which he had previously been held prisoner.

He felt the vibration of the cage lid above him being closed and locked. He then felt a chain being attached to his collar. He assumed that he was being chained to the bars again. Did they really need to do that? Did they really think he had the slightest chance of escape?

Tom remembered some of the first words spoken by his captor, ’You will constantly be restrained… sometimes you will have a certain degree of movement. Other times, you will be allowed no movement at all and your restraints will be very severe.’

Even dangerous criminals weren’t kept in such restrictive bondage…so why were they doing this to him?

Tom felt a further chain being attached to the rigid restraints which kept his wrists and ankles locked together and his body in such a tight hogtie position. The chain was then pulled hard, pulling his restrained wrists and ankles up and away from his body. Again, it was pulled, increasing the pressure upon his already stressed body…pulling his wrists and ankles even further away from the small of his back. And then it was locked in place.

Tom’s knees were currently splayed out. It helped eased the pressure upon his wrists and ankles and his back…but Tom suddenly felt his knees being grabbed and forced together. He felt a length of chain being wrapped once…twice…three times around his legs just above his knees. It was pulled tight and then locked in place. This made his hogtie even more painful. The manacles dug painfully into his flesh. Tom had no choice but to try and lift his head and upper body and arch his back to try and relieve some of the stress on his body.

Why were they doing this? He was in a fucking cage, for Christ’s sake. They didn’t need to chain him.

His still erect penis and balls were crushed between his body and the floor of his cage. More pain.


There was a pause for a few seconds and then Tom felt the unmistakeable vibration of his cage being moved. It was on wheels. He was being transported…somewhere…

‘Time for a change of scenery, Tom.’

There was an audible click in his Bluetooth earpieces and then the white noise erupted into his rubber hooded head again. Once more, Tom was blind, deafened, chained and caged like a wild animal.

He screamed with anger and frustration and pain…but the ballgag did its job. And no-one cared, anyway.

To be continued…

45 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 5”

  1. This story is so perfectly done, I actually come here everyday and wait for the next part, thanks for such a horny story can’t wait for the next part

  2. Really great story, very arousing and imaginative. Being a massive fan of rubber I love the thought of him in latex and bondage. I too have been visiting your blog each day for an update, thanks again. And your vids are great too!

  3. Loving this story! Keep the posts coming.

    Just wanting to know why he’s so willing to put himself in bondage at the pool. Blackmail? Coercion? A secret fetish he let slip? Will we be finding out some where in the stor\y?

    A title? ‘Diving into deep water’ is one suggestion. Or at least a place to start for ideas. A play on words is always fun.

  4. Hello,

    Your work is very erotic…please don’t stop what you are doing with Tom boy…very hot boy to imagine in these positions….

  5. Great story, gets me hard every single fucking time. I know personally how hard it is to write stories that can get sometimes boring for the writer himself. Please write in these stories what gets you hard as a rock, cause trust me, us readers get the same feeling you do. Thanks so much, looking forward to the next!

  6. Just wondering what happens when he has to piss and shit? He has been locked up overnight, and he hasn’t done either yet. Have you thought about a diaper, catheter, etc?

  7. OMG THESE ARE SO AWESOME. keep reading them over and over. PLEASE DON’T STOP!!! can’t wait for part 6 and more!!

  8. Awesome! I can’t wait for the next part! I hope his cherry gets popped with a massive dildo. Maybe he got into this situation as he was threatened that his girlfriend would be harmed so he listened to these difficult instruction sent to his house with the rubber speedo? I would love to hear more of toms thoughts as he gets tortured. Again this is the best story ever!

  9. I think Tom needs his ass reddened with a flogger, he has been disobedient after all. Is he a straight boy? He would hate being edged by a man,such exquisite mental torture, to add to his physical pain.

      1. I’m not sure what his orientation is, which is why I asked. I’m hoping he is straight, he would hate getting jerked off by a man. More fun to watch as well.

        Do you know which way his wind blows?

  10. Yeah. Wish to know the reason why he put himself through this? Blackmail? Or… the torture seems… like he did something damn wrong.

  11. Please never stop continuing to publish this series. I can’t wait for him to be sexually abused by his captors, maybe a little nipple play and tickle torture thrown in?

  12. AS always awsome^^ can’t wait I am planing on doing a film of this a fan made film of this story if you’d be okey with it^^

  13. How about “Tom Daley in Training”? Sort of double meaning there. Great stories. Can’t wait for the next one.

  14. Has this site been abandonded?

    If it’s just RL intruding, let us know. Don’t know what the others think, but it’s annoying not even getting a “I’m busy, back later” message.

      1. Sorry to hear you’re ‘tied up’ with real life.Is it too much to hope that you are conducting research for the next chapter? Or have you signed up for the 30 day bondage that’s being offered on another site?

  15. Love to se him gagged and naked and sweaty in gut punching -while strung up over head and his briefs whipped off of him by many of his captors

    1. It’s part written. I’ll publish it eventually. I’m really busy in the real world. Thank you to everyone for your interest and patience. Be comforted by the fact that, whilst you’re waiting for the next part, Tom remains well and truly chained up and is still wearing his tight black rubber speedo…and things aren’t going to get any easier for him.

  16. hate to bring this up again but it has been almost two months since the last installement. i dont know how much more i can wait.

  17. you are doing a great job ,I ,as always, can’t wait to read what ever you plan on using to teasing we your reader.

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