Video – Prisoner 13 ‘Wetsuit Captivity’

The prisoner was forced to undergo several sessions of restraint and captivity whilst wearing a skintight Gul shorty wetsuit. The prisoner was also made to wear a ballgag with head harness and a tight rubber zip-up hood.
The final period of captivity shown in this video proved extremely stressful and uncomfortable for the prisoner. It was designed to emulate stress positions which prisoners of war are forced to endure. The prisoner’s wrists were handcuffed in front of him and his ankles were chained together. The prisoner was then forced to crouch down so his cuffed wrists could be attached alsmost directly to his chained ankles. Two chains were then attached to the prisoner’s neck. The first chain pulled his neck forward and was padlocked to his ankles. The second chain pulled his neck backwards and was attached behind him to a fitting on the wall. The effect of these two chains was to prevent the prisoner either from sitting down or standing up straight. Thus, the prisoner was unable to free himself from the stress position and relieve the pressure on his legs. As the prisoner’s breathing quickened it also became more difficult as the rubber hood would cling to his face and form a vacuum.

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