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As consciousness returned, I remembered what had happened and tried to sit up – I couldn’t. I found I could barely move a muscle. My arms were tied tightly behind me; I felt something tied tight around my ankles, my knees and even my thighs. My wrists were secured and my elbows were pulled painfully tight together in the small of my back. My head was enclosed in something, the smell was familiar, but I couldn’t place it. My mouth felt stuffed full of something soft, springy but tough and I could barely swallow. The contraption blindfolded me – it must have been a hood of some sort over my head.

As I grew more aware, I felt the strain of the bonds around my body, everything was painfully tight and my muscles ached from the strain of the unusual position my limbs were forced to adopt. I was lying on my side and couldn’t straighten my legs without pulling on my arms. I was hog-tied, I’d seen it before but I’d never thought that it could be this painful. My skin felt strange, I couldn’t work it out but I knew that every part of me was covered in some way. I must have the uniform on, but I knew how that felt and this didn’t feel the same, besides, I knew that the motorcycle boots were not on my feet – that much was clear.

I couldn’t help but try to relieve the strain on my limbs, I moved as best I could but could do nothing to relieve the pain. I realized that my arms were secured to my body and that bonds were secured around my chest and torso in some criss-cross fashion. I could feel them biting into my flesh and restricting all movement. I tried in vain to speak but couldn’t make myself understood, I heard gurgling and rasping and realized that it was me. Saliva was running from the side of my mouth and pooling at the side of my face and chin, held in place by the hood that was so tightly wrapped around my head. There was no light to relieve the darkness in which I was held. I didn’t know if it was day or night.

My body cried in pain. My 6’4″, muscular frame was not built for this type of punishment, and I could do nothing but try to move a little. My efforts paid off and I suddenly rolled onto my chest, pulling my legs up behind me still attached to my wrists as they were. As I settled into this new position, the pain eased slightly and I felt my cock and balls crushed under me, pinned between my body and the surface on which I lay. I sucked on the gag in my mouth as a sharp pain crashed through my body. I’d never been so aware of my equipment in this way, I wondered what those bastards had done to me.

I knew that the drug dealers had captured me, the sting had gone drastically wrong and I had no way of knowing where I was or who was holding me. As the head of the division, I was supposed to have been anonymous in the motorcycle copes uniform and just one of the guys, as it were. I was in serious trouble – that much was sure. I thought that I was finished when they shot me, but I didn’t expect to be drugged and captured. They must be after something and I was in no position to put up much resistance. The pressure was already too much to bare, I don’t know if I can put up with this much longer, but I can’t even talk to them. What the hell do they want? Why hasn’t someone realized that I was conscious; what’s going to happen next?

I tried to flex my fingers and found that my hands were enclosed in something like a mitten, they kept my hands tightly trapped and useless, I couldn’t feel anything through the material, it seemed so thick. Over all of this, I felt hot, my body was sweating and the perspiration wasn’t going anywhere, it seemed to make my body wet, the heat was at every part of my body, from my fingers to my toes and even my head. I couldn’t make it out, what the hell had they done to me? As I tried to clasp the material surrounding my mittened hands I suddenly realized what the smell was and suddenly knew the texture of the material that covered my entire body – it was rubber.

With this realization came another thought. What type of villain kidnaps a cop and then dresses him in rubber and keeps him tied up like this? Some perverted and demented bastard. I couldn’t believe it. I knew that some people found rubber a turn-on and I’d seen films where they used this type of situation for brainwashing and sensory depravation. Oh Jesus, what’s going to happen to me? Where are they, why haven’t they come for me? I can’t stay like this… “Come on you bastards, get started”, were the words I shouted, but they were not the sounds I heard, I couldn’t make a single clear sound. The bonds cut into my flesh, the hood was stuffy and I noticed that I was only breathing through my nose. From the feel of it, there were tubes or something in each nostril and the air whistled in and out of the tubes. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I can’t stand this shit; I’m going to die in here. Even though I knew it was a waste of time, I began to thrash around, looking for some form of escape, some sliver of hope – there was none.

I only succeeded in exhausting myself and I could hear my breath whistling harder in and out of those devilish tubes. I panted with the effort and the saliva continued to leak from my mouth, pooling around my face and mixing with the sweat. I felt terrified and wanted them to get on with it, to do whatever it is they are going to do. Why don’t they come? Have they forgotten about me? Have they been caught and no one knows I’m here… like this? All these thoughts flashed through my head, will I see my friends again? I began to cry; to plead; to demand my release; to escape; to survive; to live. Nothing.. Nothing but the void, no response from the outside world, no one came to laugh at me – the big dumb cop blubbering like a baby – nothing!

I felt a tingling at the soles of my feet; it was like ants marching over my skin and irritated the hell out of me. I flexed my toes and feet, feeling the rubber slide over my skin a little with each flex. The sensation grew stronger and rather than irritate, it became quite pleasant. The sensation grew a little stronger still and I jerked as my feet were tickled. I pulled my feet to avoid the sensation and only managed to jerk on my tightly bounds wrists. I wriggled and squirmed in a vain attempt to avoid the tickling, but it followed me and I could not avoid it. I needed to laugh, but I couldn’t laugh, not here, not now, not like this. But the sensation grew worse and as each wave washed over my feet I jerked and began to giggle into the gag. I could barely breath, I can’t giggle at this sensation, but I had no control and I had no choice and the waves broke down my resistance until I was thrashing helplessly around as best the bonds would allow in a state of uncontrolled laughter.

Then it stopped…. I was panting through the nose tubes and screaming for release as the same sensation began just behind my balls. First the marching ants, then the tingle, then the incessant tickling which seemed to travel through my balls and up the shaft of my cock. I couldn’t believe it, I can’t stand this. Suddenly, the connection between my ankles and my wrists loosened and I had a little more movement. The tickling grew and I was screaming again into the gag, howling and cursing, fighting for release from the bonds and the sensations. I had a little more movement, but it got me nowhere, I couldn’t put an end to the sensations coursing through my cock and balls. Then it began again under my feet and I jerk hard enough to throw my restrained body through the air and I couldn’t stand it.

As suddenly as it had begun, it stopped. I lay in a heap, panting and wheezing through the tubes and around the gag. Sweat made the rubber slide across my body and no matter how hard I tried, I could still find no release from the bonds that held me. I screamed through the gag for the ordeal to end and sank down sobbing and cursing myself. I lay there and shamefully realized that my cock was rock hard and that I had cum during the ordeal.

“Did you enjoy that”? A voice said in my ear. I jerked my head up but could see nothing of course. The darkness in which I was trapped remained constant and I could only gurgle and grunt through the gag. “What the fuck do you want, you perverted bastard” is what I wanted to say and what came out was unintelligible.

“So, my friend. You thought that you could outsmart me”, the voice continued. It was a deep masculine voice and not one I recognized at all. Under the circumstances, I don’t think I would recognize my own father’s voice. “We needed information… The best way to get it was to set you up and have you pay us a visit”, the voice broke into laughter at it’s own joke. I was in no position to appreciate the humor and I simply growled through the gag and hung my head as I realized that I had been set up and that the sting, so carefully planned, had failed before it had begun and there was an informer in our midst and I had walked into a trap.

As the head of the drug operations, it would take special circumstances to put me out in the field and into a situation where I would be vulnerable. This took special knowledge of the operations within my division. There were only a few men who might have set this up. It was clear now what my captive wanted and information; information only I could give him.

“Ah, your silence may mean you begin to comprehend my friend”; the mocking voice interrupted my thoughts and brought me back to my predicament. The rubber surrounding me suddenly felt very heavy; the heat that permeated my body was suddenly overpowering and debilitating. The tubes up my nose suddenly seemed very small and I held back my panic as I realized the seriousness of my situation. “You have information which I want and you will help me by providing it”. I shook my head in the negative. I couldn’t give information to this freak.

“I want the names of all your operatives. The undercover operatives who have infiltrated my organization and who undermine my productivity”, again the sick humor touching the edges of his voice. My worst fears were realized, I couldn’t give this bastard the names of the undercover operatives; it would mean certain death for them all.

My body already felt tortured, I was painfully restrained; I was enclosed in thick rubber; I was breathing through two small tubes; some fiendish device over which I had absolutely no control had tickled me beyond my ability to cope. I was in some unknown location, held by some unknown lunatic and I could see no means of escape and there seemed to be no opening in this prison, no ray of hope. I didn’t think I could cope with any more, yet I felt that they had not even begun their interrogation of me. I was afraid; afraid I couldn’t hold out; afraid I wouldn’t survive.

As if on cue, I suddenly felt my legs being drawn back up towards my wrists. There was some mechanism at work, pulling my bound ankles closer and closer to my wrists. It hurt badly and I struggled to make it stop. I screamed though the gag as the pain increased; my muscles were strained and as my ankles drew closer to my wrists, the bonds around my knees and thighs and around my body grew tighter. I could barely breath and the pain was unbearable. I pulled as hard as I could to stop the torture, but I could make no impact. For the first time in my life, my 6’4″ muscular frame was working against me and the pain was unbearable and my strength was as nothing.

Suddenly a strange smell hit me and my head began to reel and the pain receded a little. I moaned in pain and rolled on my stomach a little trying to find relief. As I rolled, I suddenly became aware of my cock trapped under me and it was rock hard and I was shocked to find that I was turned on and horny. I was aware of my situation; I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. What was that smell? They were using something on me and some drug. Oh shit, what’s going on. I continued to roll slightly, trapping my cock and almost humping the surface against which I lay. I couldn’t stop myself, yet I knew that I shouldn’t be feeling this way and not like this. Suddenly the marching ants started again on the soles of my feet and I knew what was coming.

I screamed through the gag as the tingle turned to the tickling sensation again. I couldn’t stand it all, the feelings, the bondage, the pain, and the smell of the drug being fed through the nose tubes. I was helplessly bound but I was turned-on. The sweat within the rubber suit acted like lubrication making my body slide against the rubber material; my cock was sliding, caught between my sweating body and the rubber covering. The tickling sensations became worse and I began to laugh around the gag; the laughter mixed with the screams; the pain mixed with the pleasure; I was helpless, I was gagged, I was in darkness and I thrashed as best my bondage would allow and only made the pain greater. I slumped in total exhaustion as the tickling stopped and the pressure on my legs and arms was released and I was able to actually straighten my legs for the first time since waking. I stretched my legs in relief, still laying on my stomach and conscious of my cock still throbbing beneath me. I rolled onto my side, my breath whistling through the nose tubes and the gag still filling my mouth. I was bathed in sweat and my entire body ached and was wracked with pain. Suddenly that smell again; the light-headed feeling which blurred the barriers between pain and pleasure.

My cock sprang to attention again and I automatically drew in great breaths through the nose tubes. I began to float in another world, the drug causing my unwilling self to enjoy the pain I was in. I drew the next breath and there was nothing… I could not breath, the air was gone and I sucked on the rubber gag filling my mouth and pulled with all my strength at the nose tubes trying to get air into my bursting lungs. I screamed silently as a greater darkness began to descent upon me. I writhed and thrashed, my hands locked behind my back and my fingers grasping within their rubber prison for something to grab onto. I heaved my body, the bindings cutting deeper into my rubber-covered flesh. I could find no escape; I was going to die yet the drug that still gripped my mind kept pushing me to focus on the throbbing between my tied and useless legs. As darkness finally descended my cock exploded in an orgasmic frenzy and as I slipped into darkness, the final thing I heard was my own silent scream within my head and the final feeling I had was as if my prostrate was being ripped from my body by the orgasm which assailed it; then…. There was nothing.

I awoke. It was light. There was no pain. It was a dream; but what a dream. I had never experienced anything like it. I tried to sit up but couldn’t. My arms were at my side and I could not raise them. I looked for the first time and found an odd quality to the light I was seeing, my sight was veiled in some way, I could see, but the images were foggy. I tried to focus and saw that there was a transparent film in front of my eyes, surrounded by blackness. I tried to swallow and found that there was something in my mouth and realization; it wasn’t a dream but a nightmare and it was real. I was still gagged, my body lay flat and as I flexed, I could feel that there were straps holding me down. I could see through the transparent material covering my eyes. I could not move my head, straps across my forehead and neck made sure of that.

In despair, I looked towards the ceiling and was shocked to see an image of what must have been me, reflected in a mirror. Though fuzzy, I was able to make out the details of the image above me although it was difficult to realize that a man was under the black rubber coverings and it was only the definite head shape, which made it clear. Black rubber covered every part of my body; only the clear plastic eye ports gave evidence to the man inside the rubber cocoon. Straps were wrapped along each limb and around the torso. Each wrist, above and below the elbow and around each bicep. Each ankle, above and below each knee and around each thigh. Across my hips, my waist, below and above my pecs and straps held me completely helpless. I flexed at each point as if to punctuate what I saw above me.

As I looked closer, I grew concerned at the tubes that seemed to bristle from my body. In particular, there was the narrow tube coming from my nose. I knew that those bastard tubes were still in place, I could feel them but only a single tube came from the hood, the two tubes joined in a “Y” configuration. A wider corrugated tube came from my face and it followed a parallel path to my left ending at an ominous looking machine standing next to me. Another tube was attached at my groin and as if by noticing these things, I became aware that my cock must have been inside that tube. A black bag beneath the tube must have contained my balls and I felt vulnerable at the thought of my jewels exposed to the demented shit that had captured me.

Tubes went to my chest and must have been lined up with my nipples. Suddenly I noticed another wide tube that came over the end of the table like a black snake. It disappeared in the region of my arse and I could only guess that it gave some form of access to my arse. My feelings sank as my imagination gave rise to wide and perverse possibilities. I was totally cut off from the outside world, each tube ended at a machine or disappeared out of site. I could only guess at the purpose of other tubes, which seemed oddly placed. I didn’t guess that some of those tubes hid wires attached to pads placed against my skin. I couldn’t feel these pads within the sweaty environment of my rubber prison.

“We meet again” said a voice in my ears. That same sarcastic humor still touched the edges of the voice. “I think that your first experience will convince you that you are completely within my control and that it’s a waste of time and effort to resist”. “You know what I want, and I always get what I want… in the end”. The man seemed so sure of himself and I felt so unsure of myself after my first experience at his hands and when was that, today, yesterday, last week and I didn’t know how long I had been here, time has stood still for me and I might already have been given up for dead by my superiors.

Depression set over me and I felt that I couldn’t resist any more of the treatment I had received. I wanted to go home, to escape, and to end this nightmare. No avenues were left open for me and the bondage was as secure as before, and being inside that rubber cocoon seemed to sap my ability to think. This was not normal, I’d never seen or heard of this type of interrogation technique before. I had to confess to being concerned and anxious and I didn’t see any way to escape from this; I could only try and hold out against what was to come.

The gag filling my mouth suddenly began to deflate with a hiss of air. The rubber bulb deflated and retracted automatically. It was disconcerting that this happened without anyone having come near me;

I flexed my jaw thankful that I was free of that vicious gag at last. “Now, my friend. I have some questions for you”. “Who the fuck are you”, I shouted. My anger suddenly surfaced and I strained against the bonds. I couldn’t move, but it felt good to finally hit back at my unknown kidnapper.

Laughter filled my ears. I opened my mouth to shout again and the gag dropped back into place and quickly inflated to fill my mouth once again. “You bastard”, I shouted through the wet rubber balloon, only unintelligible noise escaped past the rubber. It continued to inflate and I struggled against the invader in vain. My head was held firmly in place as the rubber bulb filled my mouth completely. I began to choke and I couldn’t breath and I struggled against the straps and panic filled me and overflowed wrapping itself around my mind. I screamed, but couldn’t scream, I fought for air that wasn’t there. When I thought that I would lose my mind, the rubber inside my mouth shrank to its former size. I gulped air through the nose tubes as best I could and fought to steady my heart and my breathing.

The panic slowly receded and I sank back against the table sucking air deep within me. “You will learn that I control every aspect of your life now, my friend”, the voice vibrated in my ears. “Learn this lesson and you might yet live through this”, he continued. “You will speak only to answer my questions and do you understand?”. I thought about the situation and I made a noise that I hoped sounded like “yes”. The bulb inside my mouth deflated and retracted once again. I made little difference to the amount of air available, but it still felt good to have nothing filling my mouth.

“Let’s start again”, the voice said. “I want information pertaining to your undercover operatives, names, addresses and their identities within my organization”, the man continued. “I don’t know anything about undercover operatives”, I said. “I’ll let you off that one but don’t insult my intelligence, my friend. I know more about you than you think. You are Head of Operations and responsible for placing undercover operatives”. The man knew more than he should. It was obvious that the informant had passed on a great deal of information.

“I want the username and password of the file where the information is kept at Headquarters”, the voice went on. “Wha… how do you know ab…”, I bit my tongue realizing that I had given something away. That fucking all knowing laughter again and how I hated that laugh and the unknown man who owned it.

It was useless trying to fool this man, he knew too much. Maybe there was a chance but I had to play along else he’d think I was giving up too easily. I didn’t relish being subject to his interrogation, but he’d smell a rat if I didn’t put up some resistance. “I can’t tell you”, I said. “Oh come now, you can tell me” again that hateful tinge of humor in his voice. “No, I mean that I don’t have the information on me”, I continued. “Look, Mr. Hightower, if you continue to piss me off with these attempts at deception, I will have no choice but to do…”.

As his words swept over me, the gag had dropped back into place and forced itself home by inflating quickly to fill my mouth once again. “… THIS!”, the voice finished. I felt something deep inside me begin to stir. There was something inside me and it was growing. My arse had been invaded and whatever was inside me grew bigger. Motors began to hum, and I felt a tingling at the base of my cock, which grew at the stimulation that assailed it. My 9″ cock had rapidly risen to its full height and side easily within the tube that held it. A rhythmic pulsing began to ripple along the length of my cock and I gasped around the gag as waves of pleasure rushed through me. Suddenly, that smell again, the bastard was using that drug and the pleasure continued to build. It didn’t make sense, interrogation usually meant pain, not pleasure and who was this demented fucker anyway? These thoughts flashed through my mind as the pleasure continued to build. I tried to shake off the feelings, I knew it was not right, but I could do nothing to stop it and I shouldn’t be feeling this way in these circumstances, there was something perverse about it.

I shouldn’t be enjoying these feelings. It must be the drugs…. Aaahhh, I was getting close to cumming and I strained with all my strength as the pressure built up. Suddenly it stopped, the smell was gone, the rhythmic dance along my cock ceased and the pressure in my arse dropped away. I lay there gasping for air and sucking on the rubber filling my mouth. I was bathed in sweat and I screamed as the waves of pleasure ceased completely. I was so near to a wild orgasm and it was snatched from me at the last moment. I then realized that pain was not the only type of torture and I was trained to deal with pain, I was totally unprepared for this type of situation.

“Did you enjoy that Dan? You don’t mind me calling you Dan do you?”, more of that mocking tone that I had grown to loath. “Perhaps you now realize what will be in store for you if you refuse to co-operate”. I was sobbing silently around the gag. My heart rate returned to normal and I did my best to compose myself. I looked up and saw the same image as before and nothing I saw reflected the torment within the rubber cocoon. I felt nothing but despair as I stared into the reflection of my own eyes. Two orbs of intelligence within a shiny black rubber prison. There were no bars on this prison, but it was the most effective confinement I could ever imagine.

The gag deflated and retracted once more and I flexed my mouth and jaw trying to get rid of the ache that now seemed a permanent fixture. “Dan, I will ask once more. Give me the details I need”, now a more serious tone had taken over the voice and I shuddered at the icy edge. “Okay, okay. I’ll co-operate, I can’t stand any more of this”. I almost shouted the words and even though the hood and its attachments muffled them, they reached my tormentor. They obviously had me wired for sound, as the voice was always clear in my ears. He was right; they had control of every aspect of my body and the realization made me even more depressed than before.

I couldn’t afford to give in to despair. “Well, Dan?”, the voice broke through my self-pity. “All right, the information you need is in the top draw of my desk at headquarters. Release me and I’ll take you there and hand it over”. “Very clever, Dan. Your help won’t be required, we have our own resources”.

“Fuck”, I thought. “Okay, the username is ZEBEDEE and the password is FLORENCE. You can access the files you want from that account and it’s all laid out for you. I don’t understand how the information will help you, no one can get to my computer without me”, I flung at him. “Don’t worry Dan, it’s all in hand and you’ll have to remain our guest while we check your information”.

The gag dropped into place and inflated as I opened my mouth to respond. “MMMMmmmmmhhh”, I shouted. “No, you bastard let me go”. I struggled to get free as I realized that my bluff had been called. Once they found out the information was false. More importantly, the information would lead who ever tried to get to it to be arrested. It was a set-up and the trap would catch whoever sprung it. What would happen when they realized it was a trap.

The lights in the chamber went out and I was plunged into darkness. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t see. I suddenly felt something against my skin. Something like liquid was flowing next to my skin, or creeping against my skin to be more accurate.. It was a terrible sensation, lying alone in the dark unable to move or cry out. What ever it was touched me at the points of those other tubes I had been unable to identify. I didn’t know that a thick green liquid was being pumped into the rubber suit that encased me. It filled every available space around my body and covered my skin in its viscous touch. As the liquid completed its task I suddenly felt a rippling wave rush along my body. I jumped in anxiety.

“Dan, you wanted to say thank you for being co-operative today. As you may have realized, you are completely enclosed in a rubber suit of my own design. It is completely watertight and the only opening is the single tube that connects the nose tubes together. Within that suit, I can control every feeling of touch you receive. The liquid which has just been pumped into the suit will conduct small bursts of electricity from one point to the other, touching every part of the skin in which it is in contact.”. The man is sicker than I thought. “By the way, Dan. You may not get much sleep but you will certainly enjoy yourself”, the humor had returned to the voice but it didn’t make me feel any better.

Another wave ran along my body. From the tips of each toe to the tips of each finger. It was like a feather being drawn across my entire body, missing no part of my and top and bottom were equally affected. I tensed as the feeling shot across my body. Again and again the feeling ran the entire length of me increasing each time in intensity. I tried to tense as the waves passed along but I could do nothing to stop the sensations. I began to giggle as the feather-like touch continued to increase in intensity. I writhed and tried to thrash against the bonds but I could do nothing. I was completely helpless in the grip of this unlikely torture. It continued and I couldn’t help but laugh around the gag.

Then the sensations returned to my cock, the stimulation it had received earlier returned. My arse was again invaded and I could feel these points punctuated as the wave ran its course along me. As the wave crossed my cock and balls, additional sensations assailed them that left me gasping. It passed my cock and it felt as if it was being sucked; it passed my balls and it was like having a feather brushed across them; it passed my arse and it was like being fucked; it passed long my body and it was as if fingers were racing down my sides and under my arms; it passed my nipples and there were explosions of sensation which made me strain against the bonds holding me firmly.

It was relentless, it never tired, it never stopped for breath and never allowed me to fully catch my breath. I had never experienced such pleasure before and I found it soon became unbearable. I screamed as the tickling continued; I thrashed to stop those unseen fingers from ever touching my skin again but it kept on.. and on.. and on. I soon became exhausted and still it continued. As each wave passed along my body, I involuntarily tensed my aching muscles. My muscles burned more than if I had over done it at the gym, yet all the while I was held helpless in the grip of the rubber and bondage; gagged so that my screams and agonized laughter were stifled and subdued. I suffered unbearably in that dark cocoon; that rubber prison.

My screams went unheard and my halting laughter turned to agonized tears. It went on and on and I felt that I was losing my mind when suddenly the lights came on and the tickling stopped. “Well Dan, I hope you enjoyed the last four hours. It gave us time to check your information and I don’t suppose you will be at all surprised to know what happened”. The voice had returned and there was no hint of amusement in it even though the words were delivered in level tones. “You’ve spent the last four hours being rather pleasantly amused, my friend. Now its time for me to be amused because I don’t find your deception at all amusing and I lost one of my own operatives in the process”.

“One operative”, I thought, then there was more than one informer in the section and I couldn’t believe it, we were so careful to screen everyone. I tried to talk through the gag that still filled my mouth. “I don’t understand”. I couldn’t make myself understood. The gag deflated and retracted. “What is it you wish to say, my friend”, said my captor. “I was going to say that I didn’t understand, but I have the feeling that you wouldn’t believe me” I said. “You are, of course, correct Dan. You knew that the information you gave us would lead to the capture of my man. You must then, understand that I am not best pleased with you”, he said. “Don’t get me wrong, Dan. It’s not as if I don’t understand, you are protecting your own operatives and I can empathize with that. Don’t run away with the idea that I will let you get away with it though, because like you, I have to protect my men. You do understand, don’t you?”.

I opened my mouth to ask what he was going to do and the gag dropped back into place and inflated quickly to shut me up. I groan and tried to make myself understood. “Save your breath, my friend, you’re going to need it”. The cold humor had returned to his voice and I shivered in fear. I didn’t know what to expect and his last comment gave me the creeps. I wriggled and strained against all the bonds but nothing had changed and there was no escape and I could do nothing to stop what was about to happen. I screamed for mercy through the gag but only the usual unintelligible gurgling came through.

The lights went out and I heard the slight hum of machinery. It felt as though more of the liquid was being pumped into the suit although there didn’t seem to be anywhere for it to go. Suddenly the lights were on again and I blinked at the change. Something was different but I couldn’t immediately tell what it was. I looked above me and the mirror was gone. In its place I saw a man shaped object descending from the ceiling. My first impression was of those domes, which cover food trays at posh parties, but it was black on the inside and a dull grey metal around the rim. I saw tubes and wires looping into it. As it descended slowly towards me, I suddenly realized that it was going to cover me completely. There seemed to be latches around the rim that were obviously meant to lock this thing against the table upon which I was strapped. This was going to seal me in, like some metallic coffin. “Fuck” I thought, the bastard is going to bury me alive. Is that what he meant by that reference to breathing. I was scared, really scared and I shook and fought against the bonds which refused to give in the slightest.

I screamed in fear as the now black shape descended to enclose me. There was a dull thud followed by several metallic clicks as the locking mechanisms found their places and closed. My scream rang in my own ears and all other sounds were suddenly gone. There was no background noise… nothing. This was a soundproof coffin and I would die here, suffocated to death by the sadistic bastard who had kidnapped me. I shouted as best I could but I knew that nothing was going to save me. There was a slight vibration and the now familiar smell of the drug being fed through the nose tubes. I tried to hold my breath but it was only a minute or so before I had to inhale a deep breath and take that gas into my system.

Immediately, my head began to swim and the feeling of euphoria swept over me. As if on cue, the tube up my arse came to life and was joined a second later by the action of the tube which still clung to my cock. The familiar cycle of pleasure began to increase and I was gasping for air as my prostrate was ravaged by the mechanism embedded inside me. My cock had quickly swollen to its full size and the tube began to suck the head while stroking the shaft. The vacuum surrounding my cock increased and I felt my cock swell up even further. I struggled in vain as the drugged pleasure began to draw me into its depths. I tried to bite down on the gag but could only suck on its wet bulbous mass as it impassively filled my mouth.

The pleasure was building and I knew that I would soon cum in yet another explosive orgasm. Suddenly the air ceased, I couldn’t breath. The manipulations of my body increased and I sucked greedily at the gag in a vain attempt to get some air. I knew there was no air from that source and tried to inhale through my nose and still nothing. I tried to scream but there was no sound. The rhythmic manipulations of my cock continued as I struggled to live. The climax continued to build and seemed to intensify as I pulled and struggled for breath. I was flexing within the bonds but was still secured down. Even as I thought that I would pass out, my tortured cock exploded and shot its load of white sticky cum into the waiting tube. I was suddenly able to breath again and I pulled mightily at the air that came through the small tube and it wasn’t enough, but it was all I had.

As I inhaled the air into me, the drug hit me once again. The sensations around my body had not ceased or faltered but I had been too distracted to notice, but I began to notice as I felt my cock surge and my prostrate vibrate. I was so sexually stimulated; it was impossible to feel anything else. I felt another orgasm rising within me and as it got closer the air was shut off again. I was in a panic, pulling against the straps, which held me, unable, to scream and fighting for my life and the drug already in me continued to force my attention to the building climax. I fought for air once again as the climax hit and I once again shot my cum into the tube which still sucked greedily on my shaft. The air returned once more and I pulled it into me with as much force as I could muster.

My body was wracked with spasms and my muscles twitched and jerked with the effort they had been put through. I couldn’t stand this torment. I felt that I would die at the hands of that perverse and sick bastard who controlled all this. Again, I noticed that the stimulation of my body had not ceased but continued uninterrupted by the fact that I had cum again. Suddenly, his purpose was clear. The term “milking” came to mind and I knew that he meant to force me to cum over and over again. With the help of that drug of his, I couldn’t prevent myself from being aroused. With the incessant stimulation, my cock continued to respond.

That bastard was a devil. There were no whips or implements of pain at his side. His tools were he sick mind and his devices that brought pleasure and over stimulation. This was worse than any flogging or beating that I might have received and those I could cope with, but not this unending stimulation. My cock remained hard and continued to slide up and down with the pumping of the tube attached to it. The vibrating within me also continued unabated. Suddenly the sucking of my cock stopped although I felt a sharp pain as something metallic gripped it about midway. I jumped so hard that the leather straps creaked and the rubber within my mouth went further down my throat for an instant.

Something was circling the sensitive part of my cock head. It felt like a brush tracing circles around the exposed crown and round and round it went forcing a shudder from me at each revolution. This was agony and I strained mightily for release to put an end to this. I jerked as the rotating device continued its work. I had no control but was forced to jump each time the device hit its mark. I screamed and cried through the gag but could do nothing to prevent the torture from continuing. I wept and moaned and cursed through the rubber in my mouth. I pleaded and begged for mercy but still it continued. I felt myself nearing another orgasm, but this would take much longer than the others. The drug kicked in and I felt myself flying. I knew what was coming and I dreaded it. “No more”, I cried but the words were already lost by the absence of air. As the circles continued around my cock head, I sucked by reflex to get air that wasn’t there.

The sensations grew and the drugs emphasized them while I lay like a third party unable to control events and seeking only to draw air into my bursting lungs. My cock jerked and for the third time I shot cum into the impassive throat of the rubber tube. As I shot, air was pumped back to me and I drew great rasping breaths though that one tiny tube. The orgasm was almost dry and I felt as though my prostrate was trying to crawl up my shaft and down the tube. Still the stimulation continued and I could do nothing but weep, the tears going nowhere because of the rubber surrounding my head and face and rubber already soaked with my sweat, my tears and my saliva. I cried as I tried to move my head; I cried as I tried to move my hands to wipe the tears. I cried as the stimulation continued and I cried when the next hit of the drug suddenly surged into me and I knew what was going to happen next. I couldn’t stand it any more. I tumbled blissfully into unconsciousness.

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