Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 7

Marcus couldn’t breathe. Adam was smothering him. He could feel Adam’s hard, muscled body weighing heavy on his own. He desperately tried to move his head but Adam was way too strong. He started to see stars. Time began to slow down…


Adam held Marcus’s head rock steady…gripped in his strong hands. He enjoyed this feeling of power. His dick was as hard as rock. He continued to stare straight into Marcus’s fear filled eyes. He released both his hands at the same time. Marcus sucked in great rasping breaths.

‘Now, we’re gonna try that again, bro. Don’t FUCK me around!’

He reached behind Marcus’s head and unfastened the straps. The ballgag and head harness came away from Marcus’s head in one piece. A great pool of saliva poured out of his mouth. Marcus closed his mouth and swallowed. His jaw ached badly.

This was a new side to Adam that Marcus had never seen before. Normally, he was so laid back he was nearly horizontal. Even when he was in the cage, fighting, he was a great mass of seething controlled power. But something about him, at the moment, was dangerous. Or maybe Marcus just felt more vulnerable because he was chained and helpless. No, Adam was definitely different. There was an uncontrolled anger showing which scared Marcus. Marcus had been on the edge of blacking out because of Adam. Would Adam really have let it go that far?

There was a ring tone. Skype. Adam looked at the contact name on the PC screen.


Adam turned and looked at Marcus. ‘Don’t you make a FUCKIN’ sound, bruv.’

Adam clicked connect. Marcus couldn’t see the screen, but he could hear a voice…similar to Adam’s.

Adam spoke first, ‘You okay, ‘Keem?’

‘Yeah, yeah, bruv, what you doin?’ came the reply.

‘Nothin’ jus chillin’, doin’ ma weights, usual shit.’

‘Yeah, mighta fuckin’ guessed. See you got your shirt off as usual, you’re so fuckin’ gay, bruv.’

‘Yeah, yeah, ‘Keem, whatever. What do you want? I’m busy.’

‘Adam, you remember I’m comin’ stay with you the weekend, yeah? Cos’ mom goin off with her fam for few days’

‘Fuck!!’ thought Adam. He had forgotten. This made things complicated.

‘Yeah, yeah, course, bruv.’

‘Mom won’t leave me on ma own in the house anymore. Not after last time.’

Adam laughed, ‘Yeah, bruv, course, you still payin’ for the damage, yeah??’

‘Hopin’ she might let me off for good behaviour, innit.’

‘No fuckin’ way, bruv, take your punishment, man up,’ laughed Adam.

‘Anyways, I’ll be round ‘bout 5. Gonna pick up ma shit straight after school then come over.’

‘Yeah, yeah, cool, cool.’

‘And tidy dat fuckin’ shit hole up, don’t wanna be sleepin’ in no fuckin’ empty pizza boxes. I might wanna bring some pussy over, you get me.’

‘You bringin’ pussy, you gonna share with your bruv, yeah.’ Adam replied.

‘Fuck off. Laters.’

The Skype connection went dead.

Adam’s fifteen year old brother, Ackeem, was like Adam in most respects apart a couple of important differences. Ackeem was totally straight. Adam would fuck anything that made his dick hard. Ackeem also spent all of his life in trouble of some sort. Adam had also spent his life getting into trouble…but he’d done time for it…Ackeem was going that way. Adam was into his cage fighting in a big way. Ackeem was into his football in a big way. Both of them were ‘fit’ or ‘peng’. Both of them really appealed to the opposite (and the same) sex…because of their looks and bodies…and because they were bad boys. They had different dads. Adam had never really known his dad. He’d left a long time ago. Ackeem’s dad was in prison – drugs and assault. Because of this, the brothers had different natures. Even though Adam was the cage fighter, he was softer. Ackeem had a harder edge which sometimes worried Adam – even scared him sometimes. No-one was quite sure was Ackeem was capable of – good or bad.

This was going to be trouble. Ackeem was coming over tomorrow (today was Thursday) and Martin was coming over as well. Martin was coming over to help ‘look after’ Marcus. Ackeem hadn’t a clue about dungeon in his brother’s cellar, he certainly didn’t know about its current occupant. Aww fuck it, thought Adam, things would work out, they always did.

He switched his attention back to Marcus

‘Okay bro, first we gonna feed you then we gonna give you some free time. You been chained to that chair long time. You need to move.’

Marcus went to speak.

‘Don’t you fuckin’ say a word, man, otherwise the gag goes back in and I leave you all day.’

Marcus closed his mouth. He was in no position to argue. Adam moved around the back of Marcus and the chair frame. He pushed the top of the chair and the upper half moved forwards and clicked several times, the bottom part of the frame also moved in, drawing Marcus’s legs into a vertical position. Rather than lay back in a reclining position, Marcus was now in a seated position. A tingling sensation ran through his body as his muscles expanded and contracted. It felt good.

Adam collected a large glass of water and stood by the side of Marcus.

‘I’ve told you what will happen if you speak, bro. Open.’

Adam placed the water to Marcus’s lips and Marcus started to drink greedily. He’d forgotten how dehydrated he still was.

‘Wait,’ Adam took the glass away from Marcus’s mouth and grabbed something off the tray, ‘vitamin tablets. Open.’

He placed the tablets on Marcus’s tongue and then allowed him to drink the rest of the water.

Adam deposited the empty glass on the tray and picked up another large glass. This seemed to contain a thick, brown liquid.

‘Protein shake,’ explained Adam, ‘gotta keep you in shape.’

He placed the glass to Marcus’s mouth. Again, Marcus suddenly realised how hungry he was. Marcus drank the thick liquid down quickly.

Adam placed the glass on the tray. ‘Right, we’ll let that work its way through your system then we’ll discuss what we gonna do about that later.’

Adam walked over to the wall behind the computer and grabbed something. He turned around. He was holding a metal bar, about a metre long. And at each end…more manacles. Heavy, thick rings of steel…each one locked shut with a padlock. A spreader bar.

‘Okay, I’m doing this for your benefit so don’t fuckin’ try anything. And if you talk, the gag goes back in.’

Adam grabbed a small key and knelt down in from of Marcus’s ankles. He unlocked the padlock from the left ankle and the chain fell away. The first manacle was locked in place around the ankle. Marcus could feel the cold metal locked around his leg. Adam unchained his second ankle and pushed Marcus’s legs wide apart.  His other ankle was locked into the remaining manacle. His feet were now manacled a metre apart, held firm by the rigid metal bar.

‘Okay, bro, that was the easy part. Now I’m going to grab you and stand you up.’

Adam walked behind Marcus and grabbed his shackled wrists and lifted them.

‘Aaaaaagggghhhhhhh….fuck….,’ grunted Marcus.

‘Shut the fuck up…and stand up.’

Adam lifted Marcus’s wrists higher. Marcus couldn’t help but lean forwards away from the chair. His chained arms lifted over the top of the chair frame and Marcus was able to stand up. He stood, unsteadily, with his ankles spread wide apart and his wrists shackled behind him. Once again, waves of pleasures swept over his body at the change of position. His dick hardened.

Adam stood in front of Marcus. He lightly pushed Marcus on the chest. Marcus lost his balance and fell backward, sitting down abruptly. His manacled wrists crushed behind him between his body and the metal chair frame.

‘Aaaaggghhhh…what the fuck….you bastard,’ Marcus couldn’t help himself.

Immediately, Adam punched Marcus in the balls. He grabbed the ballgag from where he had dropped it. Marcus saw what was going to happen and closed his mouth…tight.

This wasn’t a problem for Adam, he flat palmed Marcus hard on his solar plexus. All the air rushed out of his body and his mouth opened. Adam quickly rammed the ballgag into Marcus’s mouth and pulled the straps tightly around his neck and fastened them round the back. He pulled the remaining straps over the top of his head and under his chain and fastened them tight. The small padlock was locked in place. Adam stepped away from Marcus.

‘MMMMMMPPPPHHH….AAAAAAMMMMMPPPPHHH!’ Marcus struggled violently. Other than the manacles and the spreader bar there was little holding him firm.

‘I fuckin’ told you, bruv, you gotta learn to do as I fuckin’ say. Now you gotta learn a lesson…’

Adam collected a long length of chain from the wall. He passed the chain through an eye bolt fixed into the ceiling directly above Marcus. He forced Marcus’s head and body forwards exposing his shackled wrists. He padlocked one end of the chain to the middle of the chain connecting Marcus’s manacles. He grabbed the other end of the chain hanging from the ceiling and pulled. It clicked as it passed through the metal eye hole bolt. Marcus’s wrists started to pull up in the air behind him.

‘You better stand up real quick, bruv.’

Marcus had no choice. He struggled into a standing position…but Adam continued to pull the chain. Marcus’s wrists were pulled further into the air behind him. His upper body had to lean further and further forward to compensate. He struggled to keep his balance on his spread legs. And then Adam stopped. He connected his end of the chain to another eye hole bolt fixed in the concrete floor directly behind the chair frame…and then walked round in front of Marcus.

Marcus’s shoulders began to feel like someone had lit a small fire in each one of them. He gently rocked backwards and forwards on his feet trying to find the best position. Adam hadn’t pulled Marcus up on to his toes…but it was close. He felt tension in his calves and thighs. His head hung forward…it was painful to lift it. The metal collar hung heavy on his neck.

‘Trust me, bruv, you’re gonna start hurting soon…but you need to listen…take some good advice…and do as I fuckin’ tell you.’

Adam grabbed Marcus’s face in his hand so that he could see into his eyes. He smiled.

‘I ain’t gonna put the hood back on you, bruv, you can thank me for that later…’ he looked between Marcus’s legs at the bulge in his rubber shorts, he grabbed Marcus balls and dick, ‘…damn, bro, you as hard as a rock down there.’

Marcus felt the flush of shame, again. His body clearly responded to all this torture.

‘Imma come back later to take some photos…might be five minutes…might be five hours…’

Adam walked out of the room, turning off the lamp first. Marcus was plunged into darkness…dimly aware of the red lights observing his struggles. He wondered what Lisa was doing. He shifted his weight gradually, trying to find the best position with the least pain. He took several small steps forwards and backwards…all the time aware of the ever increasing pain in his shoulders, thighs and calves…and the manacles were digging painfully into his wrists as well.

Despite the oversize ballgag strapped into his mouth, he yelled as loud as he could, angrily, but only the darkness was listening.

To be continued…

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  1. i know i already said this, but im really excited for the next one! I re-read all your stories, and i loved them all so much, i cannot wait to see what happens next in this one!!!!

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