Story – ‘Homecoming’ Part 2 from

I awoke with subdued lights around me. I sat up in bed, white sheets covering my naked body. I looked around and there were no restraints and no rubber suits. I swung my legs to the floor and walked to the window where twilight was beginning to wake the nighttime city. I was in my own bed, in my own apartment. I didn’t understand what was going on. I went to the bedroom door and into the lounge. The kitchen light was on I could hear voiced in quiet conversation. I’d forgotten my nakedness and went to the kitchen quietly and looked around the door.

“Dan, you’re awake. How the hell you doing?”. It was the Chief and Hank, my buddy and colleague. “What’s going on”; I asked of them both. Hank looked concerned, but the Chief simply told me not to worry about what had happened, it would all be explained to me after I’d taken a couple of days to rest. “What crap is that”, I said, “I want to know what happened to me and where did you find me, who the fuck kidnapped me in the first place?”. “Look Dan, you’ve had a real experience and you need to rest before we go into explanations. Hank is gonna stay in your spare room. Keep you company while you recover”, was all the Chief would say. “I’m off home. Hank will begin to explain things when you feel better. Get some rest and that’s an ORDER”, he said as he walked from the kitchen and left my apartment.

“Hank, what the fuck is going on here”. Hank looked down at his feet and looked forlorn. “Dan, let’s get you back to bed and I promise that I’ll explain things after you’ve rested up a little”. He got up from his seat and put his arm around my naked waist and guided me back to my room. I was surprised that I allowed him to do that. He was a great guy, 5’11”, stocky and being smaller than me, I usually managed to get the upper hand and dominate the situation. I was surprised that I had allowed Hank to put his arm around me. In fact, I liked the feeling of his warm, hairy arm against my cooler flesh and his short sleeved white shirt contrasted so well against the tanned skin and dark fuzz which had always covered his body. His hairs tickled my skin and I shivered with goose bumps. “You’ll catch a cold like that”, said Hank smiling and cocking his head at my naked form.

I smiled back at him as he put me into bed and drew the sheet over my body. Was it my imagination, or did his eyes look at my body longer than was necessary? For some reason, I didn’t mind. I raised my leg under the sheet in embarrassment as I realized that I was getting a hard-on. Hank didn’t seem to notice and told me to get some rest as he left the room. I touched my cock with the tip of one finger and sent sparks shooting down its length; I gasped in pleasure and, throwing back the sheet, grabbed my shaft in my fist. I opened the bedside draw and pulled out a tube of lubrication. Squirting a liberal amount on my hand, I began to rub it along the length of my cock in slow easy strokes.

As I stroked harder and neared an orgasm, I had to stop. Something was wrong, I couldn’t continue. I lay there in darkness and tears rolled down my face. I threw my arm across my face and sobbed against the hardness of the muscle. The door opened and Hank put his head around the door, saw me crying and rushed in. “Dan, are you okay”, he asked. I couldn’t speak but his concern opened the floodgates and as he sat down on the bed to comfort me, I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his naked hairy chest and I had obviously disturbed him from his bed. I sobbed against him and he cradled my head and stroked my hair, making soothing noises. I pulled closer to him and found comfort in the strength of his masculine arms. I moved over on the bed and pulled at him so that he had to swing his hairy naked legs up beside me. As his warmth washed through me, I became aroused again, my cock growing harder and longer as we lay there. Even though it was dark, Hank must have noticed, yet he said nothing.

I snuggled against his warm body and took in his masculine smells and the hardness of his muscles beneath the tanned skin. His hand continued to stroke my hair and as I moved my arm, I bumped into his rock hard cock standing at attention between his legs. “I’m sorry, Dan”, he said. “Don’t be”, I sniffled as I took his hand and put it onto my own hard member. “But you’re straight” he said in a small voice. “I know”, I replied. “I don’t understand it myself, but I find holding you close like this to be a real comfort and sexually arousing”, I finished.

Hank drew a deep breath. “Dan, I’ve always considered you to be my best friend which is why I have only admired you from afar. I’ve been in love with you for years, but couldn’t do anything about it”. I was silent; I never knew my best buddy was gay. “I appreciate you telling me Hank. I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather cuddle up with than you at this moment”. His arm drew tighter around me and although I was 5″ taller than him and a great deal heavier and muscular than him, I felt like a little boy held in the comfort of his father’s lap. I felt safe for the first time in many years. Certainly, I felt safer than I had during the last period and Jesus, I didn’t even know how long I’d been kidnapped for.

“Hank, I need a favor”, I said suddenly. “What is it Dan?”. “I need to have you fuck me” I continued. “WHAT!”, Hank almost shouted. “Really Hank, I need to feel something inside me, but there’s more”. “Dan, I don’t … you can’t mean it.” Hank stammered. “Hank, I need you to fuck me, but I need you to tie me up and gag me first”. Hank sat bolt upright. “Dan, you don’t know what you’re saying”. “I know exactly what I’m saying Hank… please”. “But why, Dan. I don’t understand”. “Nor do I, but my whole body is screaming out for this, Hank. Will you do it and for me”.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Dan”, Hank was anxious as I returned to the bedroom with the things I’d found around the apartment. Some rope, some athletic tape and a firm but squashy tennis ball sized toy that was left behind by my sister’s kids some time ago. I also brought a pair of scissors, which I used to cut the rope into lengths suitable for my needs. “Hank, this is exactly what I want, or rather what I need”. Hank looked at the lengths of rope, the ball and the tape. “What do you want me to do” he said at last. “First tie my wrists behind my back”. Hank stood up next to me and looked up into my eyes. “You’re serious, aren’t you”, he said. “Very”.

He picked up the piece of rope I indicated and began to loop it loosely around my crossed wrists. “Hank, it has to be tighter than that. Tight enough so that I can’t get free unless you set me free”. Hank groaned. “Okay buddy, if you’re sure this is what you want”. “I’m absolutely positive”. Hank jerked the rope tight and cinched my wrists behind my back. I pulled and found that I couldn’t get loose, my cock jumped in pleasure. “Now use that longer piece to tie my arms behind me”, I said, cocking my head at the length of rope in question. Hank grabbed the rope and pulled my arms up so that he could slip a coil under them, just above the elbows. “Make it tight, Hank”, I said. He looped the rope a couple of times and pulled the ends forcing my elbows closer together in the small of my back. “Ah”, I let out a sigh. The rope was tight, it cut into my muscular flesh and I began to feel satisfied.

“To fuck me, you are going to have to pull my ankles apart and secure them to the foot board of the bed”, I said. “I know, I know and I have done this sort of thing before you know”. I turned to look at him and we grinned at each other. “You’re a real dark horse, buddy of mine”, I smirked. “just lay down and shut up” he said. I climbed onto the bed and fell onto my front, trapping my cock against the bed. I felt Hank’s hands pushing my legs apart and I shivered in anticipation. Suddenly, I could smell rubber again and my cock jumped. Hank did a great job securing my legs to the bed and I lay there unable to move. “Now the gag. Once you’ve fucked me, I want to sleep next to you all night tied and gagged. Release me from the bed, but rope my legs and keep me tied all night”. “This is a pretty big ball, are you sure you want this in your mouth”, Hank was looking at the ball held between his finger and thumb. “Yes, please don’t worry. I need to have that rubber ball in my mouth”. Hank climbed on top of me and pulled my head back. Taking the ball in his hand, he squeezed it together and began to force it between my teeth. I began to worry that I’d made a mistake with the ball and it seemed too big and I began to moan. “There’s no point moaning now. You insisted on having this in your mouth, so in it goes”. Hank continued to squeeze and force the ball into my mouth. One last push and it was in. I moaned against the intrusion. It was too big and I wanted it out. Hank took the athletic tape and pulled the end free. He stuck the end to my cheek and pulled it tightly across my mouth, sealing the ball in place. He continued to wind the tape around my face until my mouth was completely sealed, with the ball locked inside.

I flexed my hands and tried to reach a knot somewhere but there were none within reach of my fingers. I snorted through my nose and lifted my head in time to see Hank pulling more tape from the reel and plastering the sticky substance over each of my eyes. “There now” he said. “Does that feel good?” I snorted again and shook my head “no”. I felt him reach to the side for the lubricant. I heard the top pop open and felt the cold gel hit my arse. Hank’s fingers began to slide the gel around and push it between my arse cheeks and into the waiting, hungry hole. I squirmed beneath him and groaned through the gag as his fingers reached the opening and began to explore deeper, using the lubricant to ease the path.

First one finger, then two followed by a third. I squirmed in my bondage as Hank’s fingers went deeper and faster. I groaned in pleasure and pressed my cock into the bed beneath me. I didn’t understand what had happened to me and why I wanted to be tied up and gagged, but the effect on me was incredible. Hank lay on top of me and I felt his rigid cock begin to go where his fingers had just explored. I didn’t know that Hank was gay, but I knew how gay men made it with each other and I wanted some of that. I wanted to feel his cock slide up my arse and fuck me. I was not disappointed as Hank’s cock found its mark and began to push its way inside me. I hissed through the gag as his fat cock slid inside and filled me. I’d never had another mans cock inside me before so I couldn’t understand why I wanted Hank’s cock inside me and it didn’t make any sense but I couldn’t imagine not having his cock thrust deep within my rectum.

Hank had begun a rhythmic thrusting that sent waves of sensation through my entire body. It reminded me of the device that had invaded my arse during my kidnapping. I shouldn’t want this, or need it but every fiber of me cried out for this abuse. I craved it, I needed it and I didn’t understand why but I knew that I couldn’t live without it. As his cock plunged in and out of my arse, my cock grew more rigid beneath me. I was snorting through my nose and I could feel the saliva building up around the gag and there were flashbacks to my kidnapping and I felt a strange kind of fear and longing. I was afraid of what had happened to me and I was afraid of what was happening to me now but I had asked for this to happen and what was wrong with me?

I began to struggle beneath Hank and my grasping fingers, locked together behind me touched his hairy stomach. As I made contact with his hot flesh, I wanted him to work me harder. I wanted to feel his masculine strength in and on me. I panted with lust and passion and started to hump the bed to complement Hank’s own thrusts. Suddenly his full weight was on top of me and I felt his hands slide under my chest and his fingers found their targets and he gripped both my nipples between the finger and thumb of each hand. Despite his weight on top of me, I lifted us both off the bed with my head buried into the mattress and my widespread knees taking the strain of us both. The sensation of pain and pleasure that had coursed through my chest was incredible and I moaned noisily through the gag that filled my mouth. My jaw ached, my muscles burned and the ropes cut into my flesh but my pleasure would be incomplete without any of these sensations.

Hank continued to hump my arse as I slumped back onto the bed. I raised my head and tried to look at him over my shoulder. Sweat covered both our faces and he stared into my blue eyes with his deep brown orbs burning deep into my soul with passion and lust. “You don’t know how many years I’ve dreamed of this moment”, his voice was husky with emotion and his jaw set as he continued to fuck my arse. I could feel things coming to a head. My cock began to pulse beneath me and I could feel Hanks cock throbbing inside me. We had both passed the point of no return and our passions were beginning to overtake us. Suddenly Hank roared and thrust deep inside me, pinning me to the bed with his shaft causing a fire deep within me.

We both exploded as one, my man-juiced forced between my body and the bed, Hanks seed buried itself deep within my arse and, it seemed, within my soul. I screamed with passion and only managed to gurgle through the gag filling my mouth. I had never felt such sexual stimulation or passion before, the feeling of man-to-man sex coursed through my body. The strength of each of us, mine subdued by tight bondage, Hanks free to take charge of my body. His rough, masculine hands touching and holding me like no one had ever done. His knowledge of where to touch and what would cause the most pain and passion in me and this was how sex should be, fulfilling, hard and masculine.

Hank rose from me, pulling his still rigid cock from my arse with a moist and reluctant slurping sound. I felt him releasing one ankle from the bed and pulled my legs together. Surprisingly, he tied my feet together before releasing me from the bed completely. He removed the tape from my eyes as he helped me turn over and reached for another length of rope that he used to tie my knees together. I was surprised by his actions and gave him a quizzical look and mumbled through the gag. I shook my head “no”. I wanted to be released now, to talk and to hold him but he had other ideas. He had be tied tightly and securely yet he reached for another length of rope and used it to connect my wrists to my ankles. It was not tight, yet it prevented me from stretching to my full length.

“Dan, this is a dream come true for me. I don’t understand why you wanted me to do this to you but I do know that I’ve wanted you like this since we met at High School.”. I just looked at him over the tape tied tightly around my face. My cheeks bulged with the ball contained within my mouth and I could not shift it. I looked down at his body and sighed with renewed passion. I wriggled my hands behind my back and I wanted to touch his hard, hairy body but was frustrated by his effective bondage. I looked up into his eyes and could only flex my chest towards him as a means of getting him to touch me. His eyes were smiling as his hands reached towards me. “I never once imagined that I could have a straight stud like you tied and gagged and helpless at my hands. I’ve always been into bondage scenes and love it when I can take control of a big man like you. It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, once you’re tied and gagged, you are helpless under my hands”.

Hank took each nipple again and began to twist them. I drew a sharp breath as the pain coursed through my chest. It was a nice pain and I wanted more. “You like that, don’t you Dan”, I nodded my head in silent confirmation. He stood and left the room. I struggled to free myself, but he returned within a minute. He had something in his hands. “I always have a couple of toys with me to help with jerking off” he smiled. He dropped the items onto the bed. Leather, chrome and a small brown bottle and I didn’t recognize anything although I could guess. Hank picked up the leather straps and proceeding to secure the device around my cock and balls and a cock-strap, I’d heard of such things but never worn one before. Immediately, my cock sprang back to life and the leather straps bit deeply into my hot and sticky flesh and it was a fantastic feeling.

Hank then picked up a short length of chain and brought it into proper view for the first time. On each end was a clip with sharp looking teeth. He took one end and approached my left nipple and suddenly I understood the purpose and struggled in vain to avoid the clip and prevent him from attaching it to my tit. It was useless and the clip found its target. I cried out in pain as the clip bit into my sensitive nipple. The second clip was attached before I realized what was happening and I cried out in pain a second time. “I know, they hurt at first, don’t they” Hanks eyes showed concern but he also looked determined. While tears of pain escaped the corner of my eyes and I struggled in my bonds, he took the chain that connected the clips and pulled a little. Pain coursed through both nipples and I screamed through the gag. Hank dropped the chain and picked up the small brown bottle. Removing the lid, Hank brought the bottle towards me and placed the open top under one of my nostrils while holding the other nostril closed.

I drew back but couldn’t avoid breathing in the fumes from the bottle. I suddenly felt very hot and the blood began pumping through my head. The bottle was placed under my other nostril and I inhaled the fumes again. My head swam and I found my attention drawn to my throbbing nipples and my still hard cock. Hanks hand reached for the chain once again and pulled slightly. Instead of unbridled pain, this time the pain was also pleasure. I drew in a deep breath through my nose and sank back onto the bed as the pain and pleasure. The next thing Hank did shocked the hell out of me. He lay down beside me on the bed and leaned towards me and he took my gagged face roughly in his hand and planted a kiss on my gagged mouth.

I tried to pull back, but he followed me backwards placing an arm behind my head and pulled me back to make contact with his mouth again. His hairy, hot thigh pushed against my swollen cock, rubbing and pushing, making me squirm with passion and lust. My breath rasped through my nose and I pushed myself against Hank. My arms were pinned underneath me and I wriggled my hands trying to free them so that I could hold Hank. To my own surprise I pushed my face to meet Hank’s mouth and I wanted to kiss him; I wanted him to kiss me. Hank leaned back and brought a pair of surgical scissors from the bedside cabinet. He cut away the tape and pushed his fingers into my mouth to remove the saliva covered ball at last. I gasped and pushed myself towards Hank once more. Our mouths met and our tongues writhed together in lust and passion.

“Jesus Hank, what’s happening to me”, I gasped between passionate kisses. “You’re a man Dan, and only another man can satisfy your needs and emotional and physical”. I looked deep into his eyes and finally understood what had been missing from my life all these years. Oh, I like to fuck women, but I was tired of having to take charge. I wanted someone to take charge of me for a change and to take care of me; to dominate me; to subdue me. Hank brought his lips to my left nipple and began to suck and lick the brown nub and I gasped and strained against the ropes and I’d never had these feelings before and had never been stimulated like this. I’d never thought it possible to feel this way but I knew I wanted more.

Hank moved to my other nipple and began to work there. I squirmed and gasped in ecstasy and lust and I wanted Hank to never stop. I wanted to stay like this forever. He ran his tongue down my body and I gasped as I strained against the bondage. He reached my cock and slowly took it into his mouth. I arched my back, thrusting my cock as far from me as possible and the feeling was sending me wild. My muscles rippled under my skin and sweat bathed my body as I strained and groaned. Hanks mouth and tongue worked on my 9″ rod and his hands gripped at my body and held my balls, pulling them and squeezing them. They were vulnerable with the cock strap lifting my cock and separating my balls. The feelings were unbelievable and I growled with lust. Hank continued to suck and lick my cock and he sensed that I was near cumming so he increased his efforts. My cock exploded and shot my cum into Hanks waiting mouth. I flooded him and white spunk escaped from the corners of his mouth as he tried to take it all in. His hand had moved from my body to his own cock and was pumping with frantic motion as I neared my climax. He gripped my cock as hard as he gripped his own. His hand was a blur of motion as he enticed his cum from deep within his groin. Letting go of my cock, he shifted position and quickly pushed me down and straddled my chest. His other hand didn’t seem to leave his cock and he continued his pump action. Then he released his grip on his rod and positioned himself closer to my head. He gripped my head on both sides and pulled my mouth up to encircle his rigid and pulsing cock. He shoved it in my mouth and my own cock exploded once again behind his, covering his back in my sticky cum. He grinned down at me and used my mouth to continue pumping his cock.

He face-fucked me and I loved it. I could taste the sweat and dry cum of this virile man and his balls knocked against my chin as he thrust in and out of my mouth. Hanks body went rigid and he impaled my face to the bed as he threw his head back and roared with animal passion and lust. I could feel his cock throbbing and pumping in my mouth and throat and I couldn’t draw breath. I begun to struggle beneath him and he simply looked down at me with a wicked smile curving the corners of his mouth. I pleaded with my eyes but his cock continued to pump and his body remained rigid. His hands found my tits again and twisted them with force. I struggled more as I tried to avoid the pain and draw a breath. Then he was spent and he relaxed and pulled back and I drew a shuddering breath and gasped, coughed and swallowed all at the same time. Hank looked at me again and I saw compassion and concern. I knew then that he would never have let me come to any harm and I loved him for it.

Hank stood up and released all the bonds from my body. I sighed with relief and rubbed the rope marks around my wrist and arms. Hank sat next to me and rubbed the marks around my ankles and knees. I felt happy and fulfilled. I felt spent and satisfied. The feeling that something was missing was now gone and for the first time in my life I had inner peace. I smiled at Hank. “Can you explain what’s happened to me”? I asked him.

He looked unhappy and stared down at the floor. “I owe you an explanation and an apology” he said quietly. “I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for what I’ve done.” and his voice was barely audible. “What you’ve done? What have you done?” I was puzzled. I looked at him and said, “Will you tell me what the hell you mean? What’s going on? For fuck sake, tell me.”

“Dan, you’d been kidnapped by the drug barons who wanted to get information only you could give them” he began. “They had you captive for a month”. “A MONTH” I couldn’t believe I had been interrogated by that demented bastard for that long. “I don’t believe it. I couldn’t have survived what I was put through for that long and there was just no way”. “Believe me, Dan. You were missing for a month and I knew where you were all along” his voice trailed off. “Wha… you knew”. “Yes!”. I couldn’t believe it. “Dan, we knew about the facility you were kept in and I was….”. “You can’t have been under cover, I’m head of the division, I know the location of all our operatives” I interrupted him. I didn’t understand.

“Not all of them Dan. The FBI recruited me last year and I’ve been a special agent since then. You see, we knew that there were moles in the department but we couldn’t trace them, they were too careful. I was placed under cover in the department and at the drug baron’s facility. It was my job to unmask the moles by whatever means possible.” It was a lot to take in but I saw the sense of a good plan under any circumstances.

“I knew they had captured someone, but I couldn’t show my hand. When I realized it was you I almost blew my cover but I couldn’t afford to show my hand otherwise we would both die. I had to wait for the right time. I knew they wanted information that only you could give them and I knew they had very persuasive methods of getting information”. Hank paused and I kept quiet allowing him to continue. “Security was tight and I couldn’t get a message to the department. I was the only one who knew exactly where you were but I wasn’t able to sneak away”.

“I watched what they were doing to you just after they brought you in. I saw the techniques they used and I knew that the guy in charge was dangerous. He too is gay and I’ve heard of him on the leather circuit”. “The what” I asked. “The leather circuit. It’s a sub culture of men who are into SM, bondage, leather and rubber”. “How do you know about such things” I asked. “Well, I’m part of that scene too Dan. You noticed that I had no problem tying you up and keeping you subdued. I was no accident that I had tit-clamps and a cock strap in my pocket. These are tools of my trade Dan, I play heavy and I play rough”. I looked at Hank in surprise. In all these years, I had never guessed these things about him. I knew such things existed, I’m not dumb, but it had never been part of my world and it was a shock to learn that it was a part of Hanks world and a secret part. A part about which I had never suspected.

“You’re a part of this ‘leather circuit'” I asked. “Yes, and to an extent you have experienced a part of the scene yourself”. I looked at the ropes lying on the bed and the clamps still attached to my nipples. I reached down to remove the clamps as by paying attention to them had reminded me of their presence and they stung like crazy but I had been too busy to notice. Hank stopped me. “It hurts to take them off” he said. “Let me do it”. Picking up a piece of rope, he motioned for me to turn around. Like a puppet I did so. I don’t know why I did, but I was suddenly sitting with my hands roped behind my back once more. Hank picked up the ball and motioned for me to open my mouth. I was not so willing for that to happen but he grabbed my nose and as my mouth opened he pushed the ball into my mouth. He took a short piece of rope and tied it around my head, keeping the ball in place. “Sit cross legged” he said. I complied, pulling my legs into place and sitting there. Hank used more rope to tie my ankles together in that position. He took a short piece of rope and tied a slipknot, which he put around my cock and balls. Pulling it tight, he pushed my bound ankles closer to my groin and using the free end of the short rope, he secured my feet to my cock and balls.

When I moved my legs I pulled on my jewels, it was uncomfortable. Using more rope, Hank wound a harness of sorts around my chest and arms finally pulling a free end of the rope down my back and looping it through the rope around my wrists. He pulled hard and forced my hands up a few inches. This put a lot of strain on my muscles and I grunted in discomfort through the gag. Finally, he looped rope around my neck and pulled the free end down to attach it to my ankles. I was now completely helpless again, bound into this sitting position by wicked ropes that cut deeply into my flesh. My head was pulled forward and the rope cut into the back of my neck when I tried to look up. My feet were attached to my cock and balls and my hands were pulled up behind my back in cruel discomfort. I couldn’t move to relieve the pressure. Every direction I tried to move would put strain on another part of my body. I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to be so completely bound again. It never occurred to me to resist or refuse Hank.

Hank reached for the bottle again and unscrewing the lid brought it towards me. “This is poppers” he said. “It will help you to handle the pain”. I mumbled through the gag as the bottle was brought under my nose. With my mouth filled with the rubber ball, I had no choice but breath in the fumes from the bottle once more. I groaned as the vapors made themselves felt. My blood was pumping in my ears and I felt hot and flushed. Hank reached towards my chest and slowly removed one of the clamps. I screamed with the pain and the bottle was quickly put under my nose again. I was feeling groggy and I became aware of my cock growing despite and or perhaps because of and the pain. Hank removed the second clamp and I screamed again. My cock throbbed and stood at full attention between my legs.

I was gasping at the sensations of pain that had racked me but I was pleased to have those damned clamps off. Hank started to massage my tits and I pulled every which way I could to try and avoid his touch. My nipples hurt like hell and Hank knew this would happen which is why he had tied me so completely. As the pain subsided, Hanks fingers began to feel good. I moaned through the gag and closed my eyes in pleasure.

Hank got up from the bed. “I’ve got to go home quickly to get some things” he said. I nodded okay and waited for him to untie me. He looked at me and I strained to look up at his face. “I’m leaving you like this while I’m gone” he said. “NO” I shook my head. You can’t leave me like this while you’re gone. I gurgled and chewed at the gag. The rope slipped a little and Hank reached for the athletic tape. He held the ball in place while removing the rope. I tried to push it out of my mouth but it was impossible. With the rope remove, he wound the tape around my head as he had done before. I shook with terror and rage. I tried to prevent him from sticking the tape in place but I was helpless. “I won’t be more than an hour” he said. “It’s uncomfortable like that, but not dangerous. I won’t be long”. With that he left the room, turning off the light and closing the door behind him. Minutes later I heard the apartment door close and I knew that I was alone. I screamed into the gag but only a muffled gurgling sound escaped from me.

I wriggled and squirmed in the darkness of my room. I felt vulnerable and helpless and it reminded me of the captivity I had just endured. Hank had not yet explained things but he had somehow managed get leave me tied and gagged in my own apartment while he went fuck knows where on some bullshit errand. I struggled and strained at the bonds and pulled in all sorts of directions. My cock remained hard and when I pulled the rope attached to it, waves of pleasure would shoot through my shaft. More than these rope bonds trapped me, I was trapped by my own desires and as much as this hurt, I knew that I wanted and needed to be tied and gagged. I shook my head at my own perverse needs. I strained and struggled for release and the more I struggled, the hornier I got. I felt pre-cum trickling down my erect shaft, I gurgled with lust through the big rubber ball stuffed inside my mouth.

I wanted desperately to take my engorged cock in my hands and whack it till I shot across the room. My bonds prevented that and I began to get frustrated. There was no way to make contact with my cock in this position. It was effectively isolated from my touch and I could only pull on the rope connecting it to my ankles as a means of stimulating myself. As I struggled, I began to feel light headed. The smell of Hanks poppers was somehow still getting to me. In the light of the clock on the bedside cabinet, I saw that Hank had left the bottle open. I groaned as the vapors began to work on me and the blood began to thump in my ears. I was flushed and my body was bathed in sweat. I couldn’t believe the way I felt. I couldn’t stand being so stimulated and being so helpless to do anything about it.

The smell was strong and I could only flex and strain at the bondage that held me. My muscles burned with the effort of trying to free myself. I ached and pleaded silently for release so that I could take my cock in my hand. I looked at the clock again and it was only half an hour since Hank had left. “Oh fuck” I thought and I can’t do this again. I felt like I was back in that infernal room at the hands of that perverted kidnapper. So much had happened to me recently. My life had changed so dramatically and so radically. It was impossible for me to truly comprehend the changes that had taken place. Why had these things happened? Why had things not returned to normal after the rescue?

The minutes passed slowly and the poppers continued to keep me aroused and hot. The pre-cum was flowing freely; I could feel it trickling slowly down my cock. My arms locked behind me; my legs held bent and tied to my balls; my back arched with the rope around my neck keeping me bent forward; my mouth full of rubber. I was in heaven yet I doubted my own sanity for enjoying this treatment. Half an hour had passed and Hank had not returned. I was getting worried. What if something had happened to him? No one knew I was here, like this. What would happen to me if Hank didn’t return? I began to panic and pulled mightily at all the bonds. They creaked, but nothing gave and there was no escape.

I sobbed with fear as the panic blanketed my mind. I was still aroused and the fear only made me more aroused. Something screamed in the back of my mind that this was wrong. I was a straight stud who enjoyed sex with women. Why was I so turned on by Hank? Why did I crave bondage at his hands? I couldn’t make sense of it, but yet here I was, bound and gagged and straining to have my cock touched by another man. No, that wasn’t quite true; my thoughts only went to Hank. Only he could satisfy my needs. Only he could do this to me. Only he dominated my thoughts and why?

I began to rock back and forth. Sitting in bondage, gagged and waiting for that man to return and set me free or do more of the same. The smell of poppers was strong and the feelings of sexual frustration continued to dominate my thoughts even though I strayed to thoughts of “why” and of “how”. Then I heard the front door and my heart jumped. I strained to see the door. It opened and I blinked in the glare of the light. “Hi”. Hank had returned and the sight of his smile was wonderful to me. I didn’t care “why” or “how” anymore. All I knew was that he was important to me and I would stay bound and gagged like this forever just to see his smile.

“How’re you doing?” he asked. I mumbled through the gag and tried to show that I wanted to be released. Hank wheeled a large trunk into the room and set it down out the way. He left the room and returned with another trunk that was the twin of the other. Straining to look up from my position, I looked quizzically at him. “Don’t worry Dan, all will be revealed”. He stopped to replace the cap on the bottle of poppers but took a mighty sniff before doing so. He started to undress, throwing his clothes onto the chair in the corner. I couldn’t take my eyes from his body as it was revealed bit by bit. He looked so very sexy with his tanned body covered in the dark hair.

My cock was still at attention, the cock strap making it difficult for it to lose the blood that engorged it. As Hank removed the last of his clothes, he turned to me and walked to the bed. Like me, his cock was rigid and pointing at me invitingly. I wriggled in the bonds and flexed my fingers. “I like it when you struggle” he said suddenly. I looked at him watching me and I put on a show for him by straining at the bonds, pulling the cord attached to my cock and balls and causing my own painful response. He climbed onto the bed and reached towards me. “Thank Christ” I thought, “He’s going to release me”. Hank touched my body and began to run over my straining muscular arms, shoulders and back. His hairy chest was pressed against my face and I rubbed myself against him as best I could. His touch was cool and wonderful to me. I took deep breaths through my nose, taking in his scent and musky, manly and masculine.

His hands continued their journey and found their way down to my raging cock. His fingers traced patterns in the oozing pre-cum and he ran the tips of his fingers lightly up and down the shaft. I groaned with passion and lust and I wanted relief; I needed relief. I pushed my cock against his fingers and he moved away. He was teasing me. He was playing with me and showing me who had control. Hank moved his hand to grasp my cock and began rubbing up and down in earnest. Again, I groaned, deep and husky. He continued to stroke and slide his hand up and down.

Slowly . . . so slowly. I heard strange sounds and realized they came from me. I was shuddering and gasping, I could feel the pent up passions welling up inside me. He continued to work on my cock and slowed when I neared a climax, he speeded up as I subsided and the cycle continued, over and over. I struggled and strained, pulling at the bonds and growling through the gag. The bastard knew exactly what he was doing and he could read me like a book. He was playing with me like a puppet. I was shouting and straining as I began to climb again; I couldn’t stand this much longer and I glared at Hank trying to make him finish this off. I’d been bound like this for more than two hours and my body hurt, I needed to cum and I had no control.

I begged and pleaded with Hank through the gag and he grinned at me, seeing how I begged for release. This time, his fist didn’t falter but continued to stroke my shaft. He reached for the poppers with his free hand, popped the lid and held the bottle under one nostril holding the other closed. I inhaled deeply and he changed sides allowing me to inhale again before putting the bottle to his own nose he inhaled deeply several times before putting the bottle away. My head was swimming and the blood was pounding in my temples. Hanks eyes glazed and his jaw set. He stared into my eyes and I he was suddenly not the Hank I’d known all these years and he was strange, distance and the look held strength and danger.

His grip tightened on my cock and as he slid his hand up, he twisted his fist around the crown. I jumped, involuntarily straining at all the bonds holding me. He repeated the twist and I jumped again. The feeling was like electricity coursing through my groin and I’d never felt such stimulation before and Hanks expert hands knew exactly where to touch. The blood was thumping in my head, my bounds limbs were jerking and twitching and I could feel spittle running from my gagged mouth. I was in hell, yet it was heaven. My cock surged in Hanks hand and ejected a stream to cum which splattered our two bodies and mine bound and helpless, his dark and hairy. I screamed through the gag as the orgasm ripped through my body. I didn’t think it would ever end – I just pumped and pumped. As the last drops flew from my cock I slumped in exhaustion and spent.

Hank hadn’t finished yet. He removed the tape from my face. Rivers of saliva ran from my mouth and flowed down my chin and over us both. Hank pulled the ball from my mouth, his hands now slick with cum and saliva. He rubbed his hands in my hair and I sighed with the relief of getting that gag out at last. He stood up on the floor and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He pushed his cock into my mouth and began pumping. My neck hurt with the effort of holding his cock with the rope still pulling me down. It was painful and uncomfortable but I guessed that Hank knew that. He pumped his rigid cock in and out of my mouth; he grabbed the back of my head and forced himself as far down my throat as he could. I gagged but he didn’t stop. I could hardly breath as he continued to pump inside my mouth. He flung his head back and roared as a stream of hot cum suddenly hit the back of my mouth. He flooded me and his white man juice escaped and flowed down my chin, mixing with the sweat and saliva. My mouth was like some whore hole, wet and open; used and abused. I felt humiliated but I knew that I would refuse him.

He pulled out of my mouth and my head dropped. I was exhausted and my body hurt. The ropes cut deep into my flesh but my muscles cried out for release from the restriction of this position. Hank looked down at me, he took my chin in his hand, bent down and kissed me and hard. I returned the kiss with a passion I didn’t realize I could have for another man. As we kissed, Hank released the ropes securing my legs to my cock. I could stretch for the first time in hours and the feeling was wonderful and my muscles ached. Hank ran his hands down each thigh as he continued to kiss me, deep and hard. He pushed me down on the bed onto my back. My bound arms were trapped beneath me.

He climbed on the bed next to me and continued to kiss me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I responded in kind, turned on to the fact that I was still bound. Our legs wound together and I gripped him tightly. I was stronger than Hank yet I was still controlled by him. One hand held my face while the other ran down my body. He reached under me and stroked my bound arms. He was turned on to my bondage and that pleased me. He then pulled me forward and reached behind me to remove the ropes from my arms. I was free of the bondage and was relieved and disappointed both at the same time. Hank brought my hands in front and rubbed his hands over the deep grooves the ropes had etched into my flesh. He looked into my eyes and he was concerned and gentle again. He wrapped his arms around me and I took him in my arms. He pulled me close and I lay my head against his chest. The warmth of our bodies touching was wonderful. A tear escaped the corner of my eye; I closed them holding Hank closer and burying my face against him; he stroked my head and made soothing noises and I was home at last.

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