Article – ‘#chained’ and how it came about (my first time in real bondage)

I’ve never been in real bondage before. For the majority of my life, I’ve practised and enjoyed (and become quite accomplished at) self-bondage. However, I’ve always fantasised after the real thing. Here’s the true story (from my point of view) of how ‘The Prisoner’ finally became the genuine article…


I lay face down on the cold, hard floor. I felt my right wrist grabbed firmly and a cuff locked in place around it. My other wrist was quickly pulled up behind me and cuffed in place. My wrists were now chained together and nestled in the small of my book.

I was taking a hell of a risk. If my judgment was bad, I was now heading into a tremendously dangerous situation. I had no back-up plan and no-one knew where I was.


I couldn’t see my captor. A thick neoprene hood had been placed over my head. It had only two small nose holes and a larger mouth hole which was the perfect size for the large red ballgag which was now firmly strapped into my mouth.

My ankles were pulled up towards my wrists and cuffs were placed around them. My wrists and ankles were now cuffed and chained together. I was hogchained. The chain connecting my wrists and ankles was longish…but not so long as I could fully straighten my body out.

The cuffs gripped my wrists and ankles. It wasn’t painful…but I could feel the metal gently cutting into my flesh.

I lay on my front contemplating my situation. I listened for any sound around me…any sign that my captor was still present. Nothing.

Basically, if I had made a bad choice in being here…I was now totally screwed. And yet, I was tremendously aroused. I realised that if I didn’t do something soon, I would cum, there and then, into by shiny black Umbro football shorts.

I rolled over onto my left side. The desire to cum was still there but it eased as my genitals were released from their crushed location between my body and the hard floor.


I began to explore the chains and cuffs behind my back. As I tugged on them, I quickly realised that I was also attached to a chain which was shackled to the wall. So any thoughts I had of possibly escaping by wriggling across the stone floor were firmly put to rest. I wasn’t going anywhere.

And yet, I had known all along that this exact set of restraints were going to be used on me. I had agreed it all online with my captor.

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