Bondagebait and 2000 Followers

In light of the fact that Bondagebait has now reached 2000 followers in Twitter, he has produced this short video to demonstrate his areas of expertise.

If anything in this video interests you, please go and give him a follow on Twitter where you’ll be able to find links to more examples of his work.

The Videos and Work of BondageBait

BondageBait is responsible for most of my bondage. Despite the recent purge, he still features videos on Twitter and Xtube which may interest people with ‘particular’ interests in video.

Go and take a look at his page on Twitter and give him a follow. You can find him at


I’ve started uploading my videos to XTube. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow direct embedding from the XTube wesbite. Nevertheless, I’m re-editing all the old video blogs and adding a link to the relevant video. This will have to do as I don’t have a better alternative.

I’ll blog links to the updated blogs as and when I do them. Here’s the first one. Click the photo to visit the blog post:-

Please comment and rate the videos directly on the Xtube site as well as in the blog!


‘Chains and Whips Excite Rihanna’

Have you seen the new Rihanna video ‘S&M’? Lots of tied up people, ballgags and other bondage themed imagery. Great fun!!

She obviously likes tight shiny PVC as well…

Do you think she’d like to keep Chris Brown chained up?

And in honour of the Rihanna video…here are some chains and gags!

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