Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 2

I’ll keep writing this as long as people keep showing an interest. Keep the comments coming. Cheers!

Tom Daley walked slowly through the pool changing room. He wore only a skintight black latex speedo. His tanned smooth skin was still wet from his recent swim. He had been given no towel and no opportunity to dry himself.

His wrists were locked behind his back with a pair of solid rigid handcuffs. A skintight black latex hood clung to his head. The outline of his features could be seen though the black rubber which hugged his face. He breathed through two small nostril holes and a larger mouth hole. His breathing had been made more difficult because of the oversize ballgag which had been forced into his mouth and strapped firmly around, over and under his head.

Tom took small tentative steps forward. He felt a firm grip on his arm. Someone was leading his way. Tom had no idea who this man was. He had only heard his voice. The voice continued…
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