Story – ‘Speedo Bound’ Part 3

I couldn’t determine if my captor was kidding about calling some friends, and he didn’t remove the gag so I could ask him. He went into a closet and pulled out a pillow, which was placed strategically underneath my back. Then the captor began to untie the ends of the rope that were secured to the pole, and slowly lowered me onto the pillow. I was flooded with relief when he loosened the overhead ropes from my limbs, and then he untied the cloth around my face and removed the gag from my mouth.

I said, “Whew, that was intense,” and I was waiting for him to begin untying each of my bound ankle/wrists. Instead, he stood up and chuckled, and asked “are you more comfortable?”

I said, “that’s better, now please untie these too.”

He chuckled again and said, “I wasn’t kidding about inviting over some of my friends. They will be really impressed by such a handsome man as yourself – although one of them really has a thing for what he calls “punishing beauty.” Why don’t you just relax down here for a while, and regain your strength for later on, because you’re likely to need it.”

I protested but he walked up the stairs, turned out the light and closed the door, leaving me bound in complete darkness. I kept yelling at him but the basement seemed well insulated, because I could hear nothing from above or from the outside. It was very creepy to be lying there in the blackness, tied up and helpless in such an exposed manner, and I could practically feel the air caressing my groin. Once again, I found it arousing: it seemed like I was there for ages, and I couldn’t help but feel excited by the danger. I felt incredibly vulnerable, and when I strained my muscles trying to break free of the bindings, the circumstances and the effort seemed to cause my dick to grow and throb, and before I knew it I was cumming again.

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