Bondage Photo Gallery 01/04/2017

In a world of rubbery darkness…

All of these images were found on the internet. Credit must be given to the creators of these images. If any of these images belong to you and you would like them removed then please contact me via this blog.

‘Alone II – Hogchained’ – a bondage interlude

Wearing only a skintight rubber t-shirt, rubber boxer shorts, rubber socks and football boots, ‘The Prisoner’ was locked into a tight chain hogtie and then strapped up. He was rubber hooded and ballgagged and then left on his own to ponder his predicament, life, the universe and everything…and the inside of the tight black rubber hood.

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Alone - Hogchained

Alone II – Hogchained from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

‘#thedelivery’ – a bondage movie – part 2 – photo gallery

‘The Prisoner’ finds himself rubbered up, tied up, wrapped up, parcelled up and then delivered to ‘The Captor’ for a period of tortuous bondage in ‘#thedelivery’ – a bondage movie.

In this second part, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself forced into a rubber sleepsack, strapped up and tied down and viewing the world from the inside of a rubber hood AND a gas mask. Meanwhile, ‘The Captor’ has plans to test out his new E-Stim electro-torture kit on the helpless, rubbered up captive.

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