Alone VI – ‘Meditation’

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A soccer kit clad Prisoner is chained up and then left on his own to contemplate his life as a bondage object…

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This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere. If you’ve enjoyed this video then please ‘like’ it and leave a comment.

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Video – #prisonerchained Part 2

‘The Prisoner’ is still in the bondage chair…and he’s still wildly out of his comfort zone.

His wrists are manacled behind him. His limbs and upper body are all chained uncomfortably tightly. He has a steel collar padlocked around his neck which is chained to the chair…and he’s been made to wear a rubber hood and he’s ballgagged.

All he can do now is try to deal with the discomfort and pain which are on the increase…and hope that he’s released sometime soon. He really wouldn’t want to be left all alone and chained up in an old abandoned garage, would he??

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Chained - Part 2

Video – Escape Challenge 13 ‘Black and Silver’

Escape Challenge 13 – Black and Silver from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

For this escape challenge, the failed escapologist wore soccer training kit – black socks and trainers, shiny black nylon Umbro soccer shorts and a Adidas Chile 62 sports jackets.
He was seated on a chair, his wrists were shackled behind him and his arms were chained to his upper body. His ankles and thighs were chained to the legs of the chair.
He was initially placed in a full enclosure neoprene hood with large red ballgag but, when he became too noisy, a black gas mask was placed over his neoprene hood and ballgag to quieten him down and increase his feeling of sensory deprivation.
The sports gear clad prisoner was then left to enjoy his restraints and try to escape.

Video – ‘Soccer Kit Spreadeagle’

Escape Challenge 7 – Soccer Spreadeagle from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

This would be soccer kit wearing escapologist ‘The Prisoner’ was stretched out like an X and chained in a tight standing spreadeagle. If he could escape from this particular challenge then he would be allowed to attend soccer training as normal 😉 A ballgag was used to silence him and firstly a tight rubber hood followed by a gas mask with blacked out eyes were used to provide partial sensory deprivation. ‘The Prisoner’ was then left to try and free himself from his captivity. IMPORTANT: This video is for entertainment. The subject of this video went into this situation willingly.

Story – ‘Soccer Practice’

Hank was a young new coach at his home town’s local high school. The blond 22 year old had grown up in a family of athletes and he had aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. He had worked hard growing up but a knee accident in his teen years caused him to rethink his career.

Hank was now working towards being a professional soccer coach and he had decided to take up coaching at his local high school as a training ground for his career.

Hank’s students were a group of 17 and 18 year olds. The students were amazed by their young coach who was only a few years apart from them but seemed to have a wealth of knowledge that was helping them to sharpen their game.

Within a short span of time, Hank’s students had shown a strong improvement in their game and had begun respecting and admiring their new coach.

Although every member of Hank’s soccer team was enthusiastic about the sport, two students – Cody and Tanner – looked to be budding soccer superstars. The two 18 year olds were motivated to do a lot more.

Cody looked a lot like Hank with blond hair and boyish good looks. Tanner had dark brown hair and a handsome face. The two boys were the school’s eye-catching studs. They knew they looked their best in their red soccer shirts and black soccer shorts and always hung out in their uniforms long after practice was over.

Cody and Tanner wanted to get to the next level in soccer and knew that they would need to spend more time with Hank than just at their after school practice sessions. They pleaded with Hank to let them practice on weekends.

Hank was impressed with their enthusiasm and agreed to set a few hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the two boys. Hank was like an older brother to the two boys and they were excited about their extra sessions.

Every weekend, the boys met Hank at their empty high school yard wearing their soccer uniforms and spent time practicing soccer moves. Within no time, both had quickly mastered the skillful moves needed to make quick goals.

“It is time to make it harder for you two”, Hank said one Saturday morning. “Both of you are past the normal soccer player’s skill level”.

“Bring it on”, Tanner said smiling as he passed the soccer ball to Cody. “Yeah”, Cody echoed.

“Be careful what you wish for”, Hank said opening his bag and showing a sly smile. Hank pulled out two cords of rope. “Let us see how well you play with your hands tied behind”, Hank said.
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