Story – ‘The Favour’

“Won’t you do it, just for me?” she begged.

“I would be too embarrassed,” he explained. “It’s just not something I can do.”

“But it’s nothing really. All you would do is model some clothes and toys. That’s it.”

“And the swim suit?”

“Oh, yes, you would wear your black suit. The one you wear when you race.”

“So,” he said, “you want me to parade around in front of a bunch of strange women wearing almost nothing. I don’t think so.”

“Only five or six women,” she said. “And Mistress Domina. It would mean so much to me. I don’t ask you to do much. What could it hurt?”
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Story – ‘Speedo Bound’ Part 3

I couldn’t determine if my captor was kidding about calling some friends, and he didn’t remove the gag so I could ask him. He went into a closet and pulled out a pillow, which was placed strategically underneath my back. Then the captor began to untie the ends of the rope that were secured to the pole, and slowly lowered me onto the pillow. I was flooded with relief when he loosened the overhead ropes from my limbs, and then he untied the cloth around my face and removed the gag from my mouth.

I said, “Whew, that was intense,” and I was waiting for him to begin untying each of my bound ankle/wrists. Instead, he stood up and chuckled, and asked “are you more comfortable?”

I said, “that’s better, now please untie these too.”

He chuckled again and said, “I wasn’t kidding about inviting over some of my friends. They will be really impressed by such a handsome man as yourself – although one of them really has a thing for what he calls “punishing beauty.” Why don’t you just relax down here for a while, and regain your strength for later on, because you’re likely to need it.”

I protested but he walked up the stairs, turned out the light and closed the door, leaving me bound in complete darkness. I kept yelling at him but the basement seemed well insulated, because I could hear nothing from above or from the outside. It was very creepy to be lying there in the blackness, tied up and helpless in such an exposed manner, and I could practically feel the air caressing my groin. Once again, I found it arousing: it seemed like I was there for ages, and I couldn’t help but feel excited by the danger. I felt incredibly vulnerable, and when I strained my muscles trying to break free of the bindings, the circumstances and the effort seemed to cause my dick to grow and throb, and before I knew it I was cumming again.

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Story – ‘Speedo Bound’ Part 2

I began to violently thrash about in an attempt to free myself, but it is such an obvious waste of time that I start to yell, “Would you PLEASE let me go IMMEDIATELY?” No sooner are the words uttered than the captor shoves a piece of cloth into my mouth and then quickly grabs another cloth, which he wraps around my face and head, securing the cloth ball in my mouth and effectively muffling my yells. Of course HE can hear me, but it is extremely doubtful that anyone else can, (not that it keeps me from trying to cry for help). But now that I am muffled and effectively incapable of resisting my captor in any way, he stands up and begins to pull on the opposite ends of the ropes that are looped through the hooks.

He pulls the ropes taught, and then with more effort he continues pulling on the ropes, which start to lift my bound limbs upwards. He strains to pull harder, and suddenly the ropes lift me off the ground just enough so that I begin to rock back and forth. Of course I am still struggling, which merely means that I keep rocking back and forth. He keeps pulling on the ends of the rope, and as I am lifted higher and closer to the hooks up above, the ropes slowly spread my legs further apart as well. When I am three or four feet off the ground my captor pulls the loose ends wrap each rope securely around a pole on the side of the room, stabilizing me in mid-air.

While my captor catches his breath I try to keep my senses about me, but it is of no use. I am bound and helpless, and I have been bound and disabled in a particularly diabolical manner. I am now hanging upside down from the ceiling, with ropes tied to my ankles that are keeping my legs spread apart. All I am wearing is a tight little Speedo, which I suddenly realize is almost worse than wearing nothing. The nylon is practically translucent and it seems to draw attention to the bulge that is barely contained underneath the tight sheerness of the Speedo. All I can do is emit muffled cries and wiggle helplessly, suspended in the air.

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Story – ‘Speedo Bound’ Part 1

I agree to play a game involving “a little bit of bondage” at the home of a guy I had met over the Internet, and since my host phrased his invitation by saying, “Let’s tie each other up,” it never even occurred to me to think that I should worry about anything. When I arrived he said that since he has done this before and is more familiar with bondage, I should go first – and I agree, thinking he means I will tie him up. But then he surprises me by suggesting that I get undressed. I respond that I would never let someone tie me up naked and I will let him tie me up only if I can wear clothing. I had mentioned earlier that I was going for a workout after we’ve done, so he suggests that I put on my workout clothes. I respond that I am actually going for a swim, and all I have in my bag is a swimsuit. He says “that will be fine,” and since I don’t want to offer too much resistance I agree to go first – in my swimsuit – and he leads me into a room in which I can change.

I change into a Speedo that, while my favorite workout suit, is made of sheer nylon and almost obscenely tight, which makes me suddenly very self-conscious. I leave my clothes in the other room, and then I follow him into what he calls his “play area.” I’m now feeling slightly funny about allowing some strange man tie me up while I am wearing nothing but a Speedo, but after we have tried several poses and he’s tied me up in several different ways I cease worrying. After a while I suggest that we switch roles, and he says, “Okay, just after one more quick position that I want you to try.”

He tells me to sit down in the middle of the room, which is empty of furniture (although it has some hooks on the walls and on the ceiling). Sitting upright on the floor, he tells me to pull my feet in towards my body, spread my legs and place my arms in between the parted knees. Then he tells me to reach my arms underneath my calves from the inside of my parted legs, and bending forward, to twist my hands around and grab the front of my ankles. At this point he binds my wrists to my ankles.

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