Video – The Prisoner in ‘Skinsuit, Chains and Handcuffs’

The Prisoner wore a skintight ‘Radical Speed’ cycling skinsuit whilst he was chained and handcuffed to a garden chair frame. His hands were cuffed above his head to the frame of the chair and then cuffed behind the back of the chair. His head was also tied to the frame of the chair. The combination of chains, handcuffs and rope provided almost complete immobility for his upper body. Chains were passed through his legs to increase his discomfort. The Prisoner was ballgagged and a tight rubber hood was placed over his head to increase his sense of sensory deprivation.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 15

This story is continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13’…

He enjoyed wearing his skintight, black, shiny Nike skinsuit because it made him feel almost naked as he ran around the track. He enjoyed the admiring glances he would get from other athletes – both female and male – as he trained hard and worked himself up into a sweat. He never wore underwear beneath the skinsuit, that was part of the fun.

But today, the thin lycra skinsuit offered him no protection as he lay face down, bound tightly in his hogtied position, his dick and balls grinding against the metal floor of the small white van in which he lay captive.

His ropes showed no mercy. They dug into his flesh as they gripped his body – his wrists, arms, thighs, knees and ankles all held in their firm, unrelenting grip.

He dared not move. The noose around his neck prevented that. Struggling would only serve to tighten the noose and add tension to the ropes passing between his legs either side his lycra clad package.

He lay very still and concentrated hard on maintaining control of his breathing. No air could enter his stuffed and duct taped mouth. He could breathe through his nose but the tight rubber gas mask which encased his entire head and his duct tape gag controlled very precisely the amount of air which passed into his body and lungs. Obviously, this was a deliberate move by his captors.

There was no way he could escape from his bondage. He waited…trying to listen to anything which might give away what was to happen next.

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Video – Prisoner 15 ‘Chains, Shorts and Skinsuits’

The prisoner was made to wear tight white PVC boxer shorts, a skintight cycle suit, tight black nylon 1980s style children’s size soccer shorts and a black PVC t-shirt. He was then placed into a garden chair and his hands were cuffed behind the chair. His upper body and neck were also chained to the chair frame and further lengths were chain were pulled tightly through his legs and either side his crotch. His legs were chained apart to the lower part of the chair. A handkerchief and ball gag were used to silence him and he was made to wear a tight zip-up rubber hood.
Towards the end of the recording chains were fed into his soccer shorts and tightly padlocked around something which caused him great discomfort as time passed.

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