‘Kitted Out, Tied Up, Stored Away’

Heavy Bondage should have known better than to think he could escape the clutches of rope master Private Andrews. Once again, he was captured, chair tied and locked away whilst Private Andrews thought of more devious ways of keeping him prisoner. Nearby, children played and families went about their everyday business…but no-one was aware of the restrained Heavy Bondage and his pathetic struggles for freedom.

This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere.

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Kitted Out, Tied Up, Stored Away! from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.


Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 85 (Short Shorts Special)

Some guys just know how to wear shorts…and some guys even know how to wear short shiny shorts, even though it’s not fashionably acceptable. They all should, of course, be tied up.

If you go on a train wearing short shorts like these, you absolutely shouldn’t be surprised if people take secret photos of you…

Guys 85a

…short white nylon shorts…watch out when they get wet…all could be revealed…

Guys 85b

This guy is already offering himself up to be tied. Quick…where are the ropes?

guys 85z

Selfie…is he trying to convince people he’s on holiday?

Guys 85c

Look at my balls…er…ball!

Guys 85d

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