When Does Bondage Become Non-Consensual?

“It isn’t bondage until you want out.”

At what point has bondage become real for you? When does bondage stop being ‘fun’? How many of you have stories of being kept in bondage longer than intended…either for better or for worse? Who has experienced a non-consensual situation?

Drop your stories into the comments section.

Vac Rack

TUP 05 Video Thumbnail

Dave Tie ‘Em Up felt that additional security was needed when rubber wearing Heavy Bondage was put inside the Vac Rack…so Dave chained him up as well!

This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere.

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‘Alone II – Hogchained’ – a bondage interlude

Wearing only a skintight rubber t-shirt, rubber boxer shorts, rubber socks and football boots, ‘The Prisoner’ was locked into a tight chain hogtie and then strapped up. He was rubber hooded and ballgagged and then left on his own to ponder his predicament, life, the universe and everything…and the inside of the tight black rubber hood.

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Alone - Hogchained

Alone II – Hogchained from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

‘#straightjacket’ – a bondage movie – part 2

‘The Prisoner’ remains in bondage and continues to enjoy the dubious hospitality of ‘The Captor’.

In Part 1 of ‘#straightjacket’, ‘The Prisoner’ faced heavy bondage involving a straight jacket, chains, a rubber hood and a ballgag.

In Part 2, ‘The Captor’ begins to remove the chains which are restraining ‘The Prisoner’ and, for a precious few seconds, ‘The Prisoner’ thinks that he’s going to be released.

Unfortunately, the chains go back on, out comes the pallet wrap and gas mask and ‘The Prisoner’ is, once again, all set to face even more extreme heavy bondage.

Watch Part 2 of ‘Straight Jacket’ at https://onlyfans.com/63052422/heavy_bondage


Part 1 of ‘#straightjacket – a bondage movie’ can be viewed at https://onlyfans.com/63010820/heavy_bondage

‘#straightjacket’ – a bondage movie – part 1

‘The Prisoner’ remains in bondage and continues to enjoy the dubious hospitality of ‘The Captor’.

In Part 1 of ‘#straightjacket’, ‘The Prisoner’ – whilst wearing a rubber t-shirt, rubber cycling shorts, rubber football socks and football boots – is placed in a PVC straight jacket and then heavily chained to a scaffold frame. A rubber hood and ballgag further add to his torment.

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Watch Part 1 of ‘Straight Jacket’ at https://onlyfans.com/63010820/heavy_bondage


Chained, Straight Jacketed and Alone…

I was given a bit of ‘alone time’ courtesy of bondagebaitTop recently. Wearing a skintight rubber t-shirt and rubber boxer shorts along with big shiny boots and black football socks, I was straight jacketed, rubber hooded and ballgagged and then chained to the wall with a BIG HEAVY chain…and then I was left there with no interaction with my captor whatsoever.

It was certainly an interesting way of having some ‘me time’ and experiencing some dark thoughts.

A video will follow eventually…