Helplessness and the Ballgag

“When combined with other physical restraints, the wearing of a gag can increase the wearer’s sense of helplessness and anxiety level by rendering them unable to speak…which some people enjoy.”

Rubber hood, gas mask and a big ballgag? How long would you last?

Chained Chastity II – A Bondage Movie – Coming Soon!

‘The Prisoner’ finds himself chained and restrained in all sorts of unpleasant ways by bondage expert ‘The Captor’…

Chained Chastity II – A Bondage Movie – Coming Soon!

Chained Chastity – A Bondage Movie – Part 2

BB21 Part 2 Video Thumbnail

‘The Prisoner’ has now been converted to a rubber bondage drone and continues to be the play thing of bondage expert ‘The Captor’. To enhance his captivity, ‘The Captor’ decides that metal chastity, a rebreather bag and electro stimulation should be used to further keep ‘The Prisoner’ entertained.

This video shows extended consensual bondage and captivity. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere.

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Story – ‘Jacketed’

My fascination with straight jackets stemmed right back to my childhood. Ever since I had stood, at the age of eleven, watching an escape artist in my local town square being strapped into one, I had found it impossible not to get excited when the word ‘straight jacket’ was mentioned.
The way the jacket trapped the artist, and all those buckles up the back. I was transfixed. Every now and again, the excitement would return as I caught glimpses of escape artists on TV, and reached a high when the film of Houdini was screened on TV. I researched as much as I could, reading about the use of straight jackets to secure ‘mentally disturbed’ and the life of Houdini himself. I longed to have the life of an escape artist, being strapped into the jacket day in day out. I even considered trying to convince my family that I was mad, so that I could be locked up in a padded room wearing my very own jacket twenty-four hours a day.
It was a dream, but nothing more than that. I never told anybody about my fascination. I didn’t think that anybody would understand. I just passed it off as one of those things in life that I would grow out of. I just got on with my life. I still collected as much information as I could, and even found myself collecting pictures of my other fascination, namely motorcycle clothing. This also gave me a great deal of satisfaction. Pictures of leather clad people, shiny wet weather wear all went in my scrapbook. I never tired of looking at them, and they always gave me a hard on every time I looked at them. Can’t explain why, but they just did.
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