Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 5

Marcus was angry. He struggled and writhed in his chair but the chains held him tightly in place. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. But he didn’t care. He needed to be free.

Lisa had broken the connection around twenty minutes ago. At least, that’s what it felt like. Marcus had lost all sense of time. He was guessing it was early morning. Last night, he’d been to the pub, had the conversation with Adam and Martin about his kidnapping, signed the contract, started to walk home, been abducted and lost consciousness somehow, and then woken up here chained to the chair. He couldn’t have been asleep long. He felt dehydrated and if he didn’t take a leak soon he was in serious danger of pissing in his rubber shorts. He briefly wondered what that would feel like.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 4

Lisa looked at her computer screen and laughed…hard. She suddenly stopped. She gazed at Marcus’s chained body. This seemed a little…extreme.

‘Wow…just…wow…’ she murmured. She had not quite known what to expect when Adam and Martin had rung her late last night and told her of their plans for Marcus. When they’d talked about kidnapping him, she’d thought they’d just grab him and tie him up for a few hours before letting him go when he’d sobered up. She’d seriously thought they were joking when they said they had somewhere where they could keep him hidden away for the next couple of weeks.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 3

Marcus screamed as he felt his rubber clad balls being squeezed and twisted.

‘MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!’ was all that came out of his ballgag filled mouth.

‘I said STOP! Calm down!’

Marcus felt the hand release his balls.


‘That’s better. Just calm down, bro. Breathe.’

Marcus took several deeps breaths. The rubber hood clung to his skin as he breathed in but he was able to take in enough air through the nostril holes. He could hear his heart beating. It was way too fast. The sound of his raspy breathing continued to fill his rubber hood.

‘That’s it. Just breathe. You’re perfectly safe’.

If Marcus hadn’t have been chained up, gagged and hooded he may have laughed. This was the strangest definition of safe he’d ever heard. Instead, he just pulled on his chains and cuffed hands and grunted.

‘Woah. Hold still. Those chains are padlocked on tight. They’re not going anywhere. Give it up.’
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 2

Time had passed. An hour? Hours? Or just minutes? Marcus wasn’t sure. He had struggled for a while. But he had given up quite quickly. The chains were painfully tight and had obviously been carefully placed to hold him firmly to the reclining chair. And of course, his wrists had been pulled behind the chair and handcuffed in place. There was a dull ache in his shoulders which was gradually becoming painful. The chair was broad and having his arms pulled behind it and cuffed was placing stress on his upper body. The cuffs dug into his skin. The chain between his cuffed wrists was at full stretch.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 1

It had been a bet. That’s all. Only a few hours ago Marcus had been joking around with a few of his mates in the pub. It now looked like he was going to spend the next two weeks in total bondage.

While they were drinking at the pub the topic of conversation had somehow changed from last night’s football match to talk of kidnapping and being kept prisoner.

It had come about because a couple of his mates were gay (he’d known them for years, it had never been a problem) and they were saying how they like to kidnap David Beckham and keep him prisoner for a few days. Marcus had said there was no way they could abduct Beckham without anyone seeing.

His two mates, Martin and Adam, had glanced at each other and said they’d got methods which would work.

Marcus, who’d had a couple too many drinks at this point, had challenged them and said they couldn’t do it.

Once again Martin glanced at Adam. Adam followed up Marcus’s challenge by saying maybe not but perhaps they’d be able to kidnap Marcus with little or no fuss and keep him prisoner for a while.

Marcus – drunk, obviously – had said okay. He was off work for the next couple of weeks. If they could kidnap him at any point in the next fortnight then they could keep him prisoner for any length of time up to the point he was due to go back to work.
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