Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 14

‘Jordan’s Tale’
(continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up and Gagged – Part 12’)

He knew that he had to calm himself quickly. His heart rate was too high. The beating of his heart was loud in his ears…only matched by the sound of his own rapid breathing. The tight rubber hood obscured all external sound, but amplified the sounds of his own body. He had to calm down and control his breathing. The tiny nose holes in his rubber hood only allowed a certain amount of air in. If he sucked in too quickly the rubber formed a vacuum against his skin and no life giving air would reach his nose. He couldn’t take in air through his mouth. It was stuffed with material and held in place by layers of duct tape wrapped around his head. The tape pulled painfully on the hairs on his neck.

The bastards had been clever. They’d used the rubber hood because it was as effective as a source of control as it was at removing his sight. He breathed slowly…the air came in…just enough…the sound of the air rushing through the noseholes obscuring any external sound…

He shifted the position of his body. He was in pain. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. They’d been locked on too tight. He could feel his thumbs going numb. There was risk of permanent nerve damage if they stayed on too long.

His ankles cuffs were also too tight. Again, he could feel a numbing down the side of each foot.

The chain between his handcuffs and ankles cuffs kept him in a reasonably tight hogtie. The stress of the hogtie added further tension and pain to the cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 12

They were the star athletes from Sacramento City College. They were due to represent their college in a national competition. This made them obvious targets for kidnap and ransom.

It was easy to collect and capture them. They were taken within minutes of each other. Each was taken from the changing rooms shortly after stripping down to their Sacramento City skintight lycra gear.

Each was grabbed behind by three strong pairs of hands. Wrists were quickly handcuffed behind their backs. An old jock strap was stuffed into each of their mouths and then duct tape wrapped firmly over their mouths and around their heads ten times.

A skintight rubber hood with only two small nose holes was then pulled over each of their heads and then each muscled athlete was dragged away to a white van with no windows which was parked nearby.

In the back of the van, ankle cuffs were quickly attached. They were laid firmly face down on the floor of the van where a short length of chain was used to connect the wrist and ankles cuffs locking each athlete into a tight metal hogtie. Each athlete was then be placed inside a heavy canvas sack and ropes were firmly tied around the opening preventing them from wriggling out.

Each athlete was taken and restrained in a matter of minutes. Each was unaware that the others had also been taken. Each of them was only aware of the tight metal cuffs digging painfully into their wrists and ankles, of being locked in a tight hogtie and the smothering dark embrace of the rubber hood which made breathing incredibly difficult. Each lay in fear wondering what the future would hold….

Prisoner returning soon…

The skintight lycra shorts are being worn, the ropes are tied tightly and the rubber hood and ball gag are strapped firmly and painfully in place. The prisoner videos will be returning soon. I just need to find a video editor which can cope with the HD files from my little Toshiba Camileo. My copy of Adobe Premiere CS4 crumbles and weeps when faced with the little handheld’s HD format. Looks like Windows Movie Maker may be the only answer!!

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Video – Prisoner 28 ‘Chair Tied and Tight Crotch Ropes’

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For this period of captivity the prisoner was made to wear only shiny silky Nike track suit bottoms and a PVC t-shirt. He was placed in a garden chair frame and his wrists were pulled behind the chair and roped together. His upper arms were also roped to the chair frame. Ropes were used to tie the prisoner to the chair frame at his waist, chest and neck. His thighs, knees and ankles were also tied to the metal frame. He was gagged with a cloth ball and several layers of duct tape were then wrapped over his mouth and around his head. The tight rubber zip-up hood was then placed over the prisoner’s head. To prevent any escape attempts a pair of handcuffs were then locked over his roped wrists. To stop the prisoner from relaxing and enjoying his bondage extremely tight and painful crotch ropes were passed between his legs and attached to the arm rests and the frame behind his lower back. The prisoner was then left for several hours with the crotch ropes gradually becoming more and more uncomfortable.

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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 7

Marcus couldn’t breathe. Adam was smothering him. He could feel Adam’s hard, muscled body weighing heavy on his own. He desperately tried to move his head but Adam was way too strong. He started to see stars. Time began to slow down…


Adam held Marcus’s head rock steady…gripped in his strong hands. He enjoyed this feeling of power. His dick was as hard as rock. He continued to stare straight into Marcus’s fear filled eyes. He released both his hands at the same time. Marcus sucked in great rasping breaths.

‘Now, we’re gonna try that again, bro. Don’t FUCK me around!’

He reached behind Marcus’s head and unfastened the straps. The ballgag and head harness came away from Marcus’s head in one piece. A great pool of saliva poured out of his mouth. Marcus closed his mouth and swallowed. His jaw ached badly.

This was a new side to Adam that Marcus had never seen before. Normally, he was so laid back he was nearly horizontal. Even when he was in the cage, fighting, he was a great mass of seething controlled power. But something about him, at the moment, was dangerous. Or maybe Marcus just felt more vulnerable because he was chained and helpless. No, Adam was definitely different. There was an uncontrolled anger showing which scared Marcus. Marcus had been on the edge of blacking out because of Adam. Would Adam really have let it go that far?

There was a ring tone. Skype. Adam looked at the contact name on the PC screen.


Adam turned and looked at Marcus. ‘Don’t you make a FUCKIN’ sound, bruv.’
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