Video – Prisoner 05 ‘Roped in PVC’

The prisoner was left to struggle in good, old fashioned rope bondage:- wrists, arms, ankles, knees and a couple of tight ropes though his crotch.
Handcuffs were locked tightly around his wrists to further prevent his escape. Plastic straps and a belt were also used to enhance his captivity.
Underneath the rubber hood his mouth was stuffed with cloth and then duct tape was wrapped round his head several times forming a very good seal.
The prisoner’s clothing for this period of captivity was a black PVC t-shirt and skintight black PVC cycling shorts.

Video – Prisoner 04 ‘Stress Position Chain Bondage’

A PVC t-shirt and tight black 1980’s style silky nylon soccer shorts were the prisoner’s clothing.
The prisoner was knelt at the base of the bed. His cuffed wrists were pulled out behind and chained to the top of the bed. Tight crotch chains were placed through the prisoner’s legs and padlocked to bed. A belt round his waist and bed frame also added further restraint. The prisoner’s knees were pulled wide apart and chained to the bed frame.
The prisoner’s mouth was plugged with a golf ball and then taped up. A skintight rubber hood provided further sensory deprivation.

Video – Prisoner 02 ‘Hogchained’

The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. His ankles were crossed and chained together. His wrists and ankles were connected with a short length of chain. A chain was padlocked around the prisoner’s neck, passed through his legs and fastened to the bed frame. The prisoner was made to wear a PVC top and skintight rubber cycling shorts.
The prisoner was gagged with a golf ball and several layers of duct tape. A skintight rubber hood caused further breathing difficulties…

Video – Prisoner 01 ‘Skintight Rubber Shorts and Chains’

The prisoner was made to wear a PVC top and a pair of painfully tight rubber cycling shorts.
This was a very stressful afternoon of restraint. The prisoner was unable to lie down because of the chain round his neck padlocked to the bottom of the bed and he couldn’t sit up properly because his wrists were cuffed behind his back and then chained to the top of the bed. The prisoner’s ankles were split wide apart and chained individually to the metal frame at the bottom of the bed.
Underneath the tight rubber hood the prisoner had a golf ball in his mouth and then several layers of duct tape over his mouth and round his head. This made breathing very hard….

Video – Prisoner 00 ‘Extreme Chain Captivity’

Perfect restraint if a kidnap victim is to be locked into a small cage, cupboard, locker or cell, or even nailed into a crate for storage or transport.
The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. He was placed sitting in a cross legged position and his ankles were chained together. A chain was then padlocked around his neck and pulled forwards until it could be fastened to his ankle restraints. Shortening the length of chain between his neck and his ankles produced a very simple but powerful form of captivity.
The prisoner was made to wear a PVC top and loose fitting silver Nike soccer shorts.
A golf ball was duct taped into place in his mouth and the usual skintight rubber hood was applied.