Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 17

They had been collected. They’d been taken from a variety of places:- swimming pools, the local beach, a party on a luxury yacht. The request had been clear. Five swimmers were required. Their bodies had to be taut, toned, muscular, no excess body fat. And they had to be clad in speedos, tight revealing speedos. No other items of clothing were allowed. And all had to have a certain arrogance…that certain self confidence that comes from knowing that they look good when wearing only a pair of tight, wet speedos.


The process had been simple. Wait for them to separate from everyone else, grab them, strap on the ballgag and then duct tape the mouth, duct tape the eyes, stuff them into the tight leather sleepsack and fasten the straps as tightly as possible and then slide them into the tiny metal chamber hidden below the floor off the van. The chamber was just wide enough and long enough to contain a six foot body, there was no wriggle room…and once the chamber was closed and the carpet placed back onto the van floor, there was no sign that the chamber existed. And any noises or grunts which each speedo clad swimmer would make would be totally obscured by the solid walls of the metal coffin.

The van would then drive to the abandoned factory. For one lucky captured swimmer the drive had only been a matter of minutes. The final swimmer – a young, black diving instructor – had endured three hours locked into his own personal bondage hell before he’d arrived at his destination.

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Video – Prisoner 30 ‘Ropes, Cuffs, Chains and Tight Blue Jeans’

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For this period of captivity the Prisoner was made to wear a blue Adidas sports hoodie and a pair of tight blue jeans. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back and the cuffs were attached to a length of chain which was passed around his waist and then between his legs through his crotch several times before being pulled uncomfortably tight and then once again padlocked to his cuffs. The Prisoner’s arms were then bound tightly to his upper body with a long length of nylon rope. He was then placed in a black office chair where his ankles were pulled together and roped to the base of the chair. A further length of chain was then attached to his crotch chains and pulled down and attached to his ankle bindings thus adding further tension to his crotch area. His thighs were then pulled apart and roped to the chair arms. A length of rope was used to rope his knees together and balance the tension which had been placed on his thighs. More rope was fastened around the Prisoner’s chest, through his cuffed wrists, up over his shoulders and then to the arms of the chair and across his waist preventing him from standing up. The Prisoner’s cuffed and roped wrists were placed between his body and the back of the chair preventing him from leaning back without placing his body weight on his bound wrists and causing discomfort. The Prisoner was blindfolded with a soccer sock. His mouth was stuffed with cloth and layers of duct tape were then wrapped around his head several times creating a very effective gag. A white Nike baseball cap was placed over his head. The Prisoner remained bare foot for this period of captivity. The Prisoner was then left to experience hours of growing discomfort due to the fact that he was unable to relax and also because his crotch chains were digging painfully into his tight jeans and crotch area. After an extended period of time the Prisoner’s crotch, thigh and knees restraints were removed and his jeans were pulled down revealing a pair of small black silky nylon soccer shorts. The Prisoner’s ankles and upper body remained in bondage and he was left in the chair to endure the remains of his captivity.

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Video – Prisoner 27 ‘Rope Spreadeagle and Skintight White Lycra Shorts’

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For the recent F.A. Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea the Prisoner was persuaded to spend the duration of the match restrained and bound to a king size bed in a tight rope spreadeagle. He was told that no blindfold or hood would be used and he would be allowed to watch the match as long as he was gagged. He was made to wear a nylon Nike sports top, Adidas football boots and socks and Adidas shin guards. He was also made to wear a pair of skintight white lycra athletic shorts. He was placed on a bed, his wrists and ankles were tied to the bed frame, a ball gag was strapped around his head and several layers of duct tape were also used to seal his mouth. He was allowed to watch the first half of the game. At half time the zip-up rubber hood was placed over his head and he was told it would be removed for the second half. The Prisoner lay waiting for the second half to begin. He could hear the television in the background so knew when the second half was to begin. He should have known better. The rubber hood was left in place and the prisoner was forced to spend the rest of the match (including extra time and penalties) bound to the bed, gagged and hooded. This video starts shortly before the second half is to begin and shows the Prisoner’s realisation and reaction to the fact that the rubber hood was not coming off and that he would be unable to watch the match.

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Prisoner 26 Part 8 – ‘No Release’

Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 8 – ‘No Release’

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This video follows directly on from ‘Prisoner 26 Football Player In Bondage Part 7’. The prisoner was released from his chain hogtie and his wrists were tightly handcuffed behind his back. He was placed back in the door frame where his initial period of captivity had taken place. A long length of chain was padlocked around his neck, attached to the frame behind him and then down to his wrists where it was padlocked to his handcuffs. A set of arm weights was placed between his legs and connected to each knee with a length of chain and a padlock, his ankles were also loosely chained together. A short length of chain was attached to the prisoner’s neck chains, passed down the front of his body and between his legs and up his back where it was connected to his handcuffs. Prior to this period of captivity the prisoner was allowed to change out of the tight white PVC shorts and into a small pair of 80s style child size black silky nylon soccer shorts. The duct tape and skin cap was removed from his head, the head harness and ballgag was locked into place and the tight black zip-up rubber hood was again placed over the prisoner’s head. The rest of the prisoner’s soccer gear remained in place. The prisoner was then left to contemplate his continued imprisonment. This video features footage from this session as well as highlights from all the previous sessions leading up to this point.

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