How To Get 10 Guys Into Straight Jackets

Although some of them knew the routine all too well and were used to it, most of the guys felt uneasy. A few were secretly aroused at the idea and a couple of them were hell bent on not going through with it.

All ten guys had been chosen to be placed into strait jackets.

The selection process was part of the new TSA – Transit Security Authority – program. Rising fuel costs and the growth of the federal debt meant there was decreasing amounts of money left over for airport security. Low tech options were introduced more and more throughout the recent years. Under the low-tech restraint program, airlines retained licensed medical practitioners to prescribe strait jackets to flight passengers that were deemed most likely to be responsible for flight disturbances. Full fledged doctors were expensive, so most of the medical practitioners were advanced medical students or interns on retainer with TSA. Whether anyone, much less college students and interns, could accurately identify plane hijackers or not was debatable. But, putting a few people in to strait jackets for the duration of a flight presented the illusion of aviation safety. If the people felt comfortable enough to purchase their tickets, the airlines were happy.

Daniel or Danny for short was actually a full fledged medical doctor. He agreed to work for Delta Airlines on the side for much less than he could have been making by putting in more hours at his own practice. He was not after more money. Danny liked the thrill of being able to personally select who would be placed in to restraints for a flight. And, he got off on the power of personally over-seeing each guy’s fall in to submission as the jackets went on one by one. As an industry, women were almost always excluded from the program. Danny himself only ordered men, mostly young, to be put in to strait jackets. Issues of political correctness and gender bias were matters that fell outside the realm of “public safety.” They were things one might consider if the nation were not at war with terror.

Of the sixty passengers to board Flight 309, Danny had ordered that ten men be placed in to regulation Posey strait jackets. From the initial TSA security check points, the chosen men were led in to a large back room. Their luggage and shoes were confiscated and they were allowed to sit on comfortable black leather airport chairs. The chairs were the kind with seat buckets that reclined down towards the rear so that one was forced to slouch. A few of the guys that had been wearing sandals sat barefoot. The others were in either black dress or white athletic socks. At the far end of the room, there were two tables filled with white canvas jackets, each with a multitude of heavy canvas straps dangling off all directions of the garments.

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