Pornhub (Xtube) Chaos and My Social Media Links

In light of all the self destructive behaviour from the Pornhub groups of websites, I just want to remind everyone of my social links to you can keep up my all my bondage adventures.

You’ll find most activity on my Twitter account so following me there is a good starting point:

Twitter –

Facebook (very muted activity so I don’t fall foul of their deletion tactics) –

Recon (rarely used) –

Fetlife (very rarely used) –

And my current home for my videos is at

OnlyFans isn’t popular with some people because you need to give it payment card details even if you don’t intend to pay for anything. However, my OnlyFans page has been set to free to subscribe and I am currently uploading all of my old content and setting it as free to view. No payments required.

It does have the advantage of allowing me to upload in full 1080p at a decent (low compression rate) quality. My videos will look as good there as opposed to having to comply to restrictive uploads limits on porn sites. And you don’t get those annoying pop ups or adverts at the start of every video.

If OnlyFans should fail, I have a back up account created on JustFor.Fans at

It’s ridiculous that I’ve had to keep jumping from one platform to another but so far I’ve been let down by Youtube, Blip.TV, Vimeo, Xtube, Pornhub, ThisVid and another platform which I’ve completely forgotten the name of. I’ve tried Xvideos and Xhamster and there’s always something dubious or restrictive about the way in which their platform works. So, for the time being, it’s OnlyFans. And, even there, I find it really frustrating that you can’t bring up a detailed thumbnail view of all the posts. That’s why I’m creating one under the ‘My Videos’ tab at the top of this blog.

Perhaps something better will emerge from all this chaos and censorship at some point in the future.

The Great Pornhub Purge

Seems like Pornhub and all its subsidiary websites are purging any content which they deem unsuitable. This has resulted in the majority of xtube videos being deleted. Some of these videos are some of my earliest efforts plus the most recent Heavy Bondage videos.

For some weeks now, I have been re-uploading all of my videos to an OnlyFans page exactly because of this kind of behaviour. To visit this page, click on

It is free to subscribe and all of the videos are free to watch. There are several benefits to the OnlyFans platform. There are no annoying porn pop ups, the videos are all in a good 1080p format (mostly) and all of my videos will hopefully be found in one place rather than scattered around various porn sites.

You can see links to the individual videos by clicking on the ‘My Videos’ menu item at the top of this page.

All of my videos will appear there eventually. However, it will take a while to get around to the newer ones as I’m currently posting at a rate of one of two a week.

Once again, my OnlyFans page can be found at

Go and take a look!