Story – ‘Abduction’

A 19 year old college freshman is taught a lesson for his fraternity pranks when he is abuducted by a mysterious and sadistic stranger who puts the poor boy through a weekend of bondage, dildo play, and orgasm denial in “Abuduction”.

The Abduction
by Rob

I don’t really remember how I got here. I know that I was at a party with a few friends. I know that I had probably too much to drink, but that’s all I remember of the night before. I went to move, feeling as if I was floating on air, but something kept me from going anywhere. I tried to open my eyes, but everything was dark, black almost.
I went to say something, I don’t know, anything, but I couldn’t even do that. Something was keeping me from talking. Something was in my mouth and I couldn’t spit it out. I started to force myself up from my position, but I got nothing. Frustration led to yelling, but it did me no good.

“Ah, you’re awake,” were the first words I heard.

“hleht he gho,” I managed from my gag.

“Oh, no,” he replied, “I can’t do that until I’m done with you.”

“hhat doh hu hant,” I asked.

I felt him get closer to me, stroking my back with his hands and leaning closer to my ear.

“I want you to relax and enjoy every moment of this adventure we’re going to share together,” he replied. He ran his hands all over my body. It then dawned on me that the floating sensation was caused by being suspended in the air by a series of ropes and leather braces. His hands were touching my skin, I was bare-assed naked. With some conscious thought, I was able to “feel” my position. I was suspended in the air, leaning forward, and held spread-eagle. I could feel the leather on my skin and smell it in the air. I could feel the cold air against my cock and balls as much as the air on my back. I began to wonder my lot in this situation. Was my unseen tormentor going to maim me or kill me? Was I ever going to get free from this place–wherever I was? I think my nervousness showed on my face because he began to talk again.

“What’s wrong, Robert,” he asked. “Are you afraid of what I’m going to do? Or are you afraid of how much you want me to do it?”

His questions cut through me as did his voice. I wasn’t your average 19 year old college freshman. I had an average build, nice features, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing, or so I thought.

“I thought it would be nice to see how you respond to some intimate touching,” he said, waking me from my own thoughts. “But before we get started, I want you to know why you’re here. I know about your little misunderstanding with one of the sororities. I know that you didn’t do anything that any drunk and horny guy wouldn’t do. BUT I do know that your practical joke has terribly upset one young lady that I admire.”

What did he mean, I thought. The joke wasn’t that bad. If he meant the date with Shannon, every guy in the fraternity had been given a girl that was not to be dated, but asked out and then stood-up. It was supposed to be a harmless prank that reinforced the frat’s superiority over women. I didn’t think that she had taken it to heart so much. Maybe she hadn’t, but this guy did. “I know for a fact that Shannon was very embarrassed by your joke,” he continued. “She was so crushed, she felt totally rejected.” He put his hand on my chest and trailed circles around my tits. “And this will make you remember to NEVER do it again.” I felt a hard slap on my balls. I yelped in pain, but I couldn’t go anywhere or say much through the gag.

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