The Exchange & Other Stories (Robert Payne Collection Book 1)

This is worth a look if you have an interest in leather BDSM erotica.


Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer Magazine, a publication that brought gay leather culture to a new level of prominence in the 1970s. This magazine was the first publication to feature Aaron Travis, John Preston, and many other classic writers of leather bdsm erotica. But Robert Payne’s fiction has long been out of print. The new Robert Payne Collection will make many of the author’s most memorable stories available for the first time in decades.

It also features an intro by my good online friend MetalBond. You can visit his blog at

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Metalbond’s website has been in existence for many years and is ‘dedicated to the physically restrained male’.

If heavy metal bondage, caging, imprisonment and chastity is of interest to you then you simply MUST visit his website.

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