Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 78 (Shorts Special 2)

Guys who can wear shorts properly (especially skintight little lycra shorts) deserve to be kidnapped, restrained and then have their shorts clad bodies displayed for all to see…

…when this guy was pulling on his shorts that morning he must have noticed how he looked…and he must have realised that everyone else was going to notice as well…


…in the 80s, everyone wore these little shorts without the slightest hint of shame…they were called ‘nutcrunchers’…can you see why?…


…the express on this guy’s face is clearly saying, ‘Yep, I know I look good in these shorts…and you know I look good as well…’


…I suggest a football kit redesign…boots, socks and shin pads as normal…no shirt and much tighter shorts…something like this…


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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 77 (Shorts Special)

It takes a special talent to wear a pair of shorts correctly…especially if they’re skintight. These guys have that ability. They should definitely be kidnapped and displayed for all to gaze upon their wonder…

…good camera angle…suggests the photo taker was more interested in the shorts rather than the sporting prowess…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


…’looking down at my bulge’…


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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 15

This story is continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13’…

He enjoyed wearing his skintight, black, shiny Nike skinsuit because it made him feel almost naked as he ran around the track. He enjoyed the admiring glances he would get from other athletes – both female and male – as he trained hard and worked himself up into a sweat. He never wore underwear beneath the skinsuit, that was part of the fun.

But today, the thin lycra skinsuit offered him no protection as he lay face down, bound tightly in his hogtied position, his dick and balls grinding against the metal floor of the small white van in which he lay captive.

His ropes showed no mercy. They dug into his flesh as they gripped his body – his wrists, arms, thighs, knees and ankles all held in their firm, unrelenting grip.

He dared not move. The noose around his neck prevented that. Struggling would only serve to tighten the noose and add tension to the ropes passing between his legs either side his lycra clad package.

He lay very still and concentrated hard on maintaining control of his breathing. No air could enter his stuffed and duct taped mouth. He could breathe through his nose but the tight rubber gas mask which encased his entire head and his duct tape gag controlled very precisely the amount of air which passed into his body and lungs. Obviously, this was a deliberate move by his captors.

There was no way he could escape from his bondage. He waited…trying to listen to anything which might give away what was to happen next.

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Video – Prisoner 27 ‘Rope Spreadeagle and Skintight White Lycra Shorts’

Click the link below to see the xtube:-

For the recent F.A. Cup Final between Manchester United and Chelsea the Prisoner was persuaded to spend the duration of the match restrained and bound to a king size bed in a tight rope spreadeagle. He was told that no blindfold or hood would be used and he would be allowed to watch the match as long as he was gagged. He was made to wear a nylon Nike sports top, Adidas football boots and socks and Adidas shin guards. He was also made to wear a pair of skintight white lycra athletic shorts. He was placed on a bed, his wrists and ankles were tied to the bed frame, a ball gag was strapped around his head and several layers of duct tape were also used to seal his mouth. He was allowed to watch the first half of the game. At half time the zip-up rubber hood was placed over his head and he was told it would be removed for the second half. The Prisoner lay waiting for the second half to begin. He could hear the television in the background so knew when the second half was to begin. He should have known better. The rubber hood was left in place and the prisoner was forced to spend the rest of the match (including extra time and penalties) bound to the bed, gagged and hooded. This video starts shortly before the second half is to begin and shows the Prisoner’s realisation and reaction to the fact that the rubber hood was not coming off and that he would be unable to watch the match.

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